Top Ten Treatment Programs for Adolescents

Top Ten Treatment Programs in the world for Adolescents struggling with Mental Health, Addiction and Eating Disorders.
The Top Ten
1 Paradigm Malibu

Our 13-year-old daughter completed treatment at Paradigm Malibu for self-harming (cutting with razors and anything else sharp she could get her hands on). We didn't know what to do. It was the most hopeless feeling for us. She hasn't harmed herself in a little over four months. We are so, so thankful for the staff there. Anytime I see her falling into depression, I call Paradigm and they are always so helpful. We have even gone back for a couple of family sessions. I love those guys. So grateful they exist.

2 Mayo Clinic

The world-renowned Mayo Clinic has locations in Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota. If you lean more toward a hospital setting, this program may be what you're looking for.

3 Silver Hill Hospital

This facility is located in New Canaan, Connecticut. They provide treatment for both chemical dependency and mental health issues. They are best known for their ability to detox and stabilize youth. They rely heavily on group therapy versus frequent individual therapy.

4 Menninger Clinic

The Menninger Clinic is located in Houston, Texas. It stabilizes acute symptoms and conducts neuropsych testing. Ranked among the best psychiatric hospitals by US News and World Report and one of the best places to work by The Houston Chronicle.

5 McLean Hospital

This hospital program is affiliated with Harvard University. They have a good reputation for working with youth who have mental health issues. It's more clinical than warm or nurturing - a good fit for seriously compromised teens.

6 UCLA NPI Neuro-Psychiatric Unit

State-of-the-art diagnostic work is provided by the University of California, Los Angeles Hospital. This program is heavy on research. It can be difficult to navigate but is largely worth the effort.

7 Hillcrest Adolescent Treatment Center
8 The Priory

Europe's best treatment option for youth dealing with chemical dependency issues. Located in North London, this program offers free initial assessments, family support groups, and 12 months of free aftercare.

9 Vita Novus

Vita Novus is the only Canadian treatment program slated to have sober coaches work with clients in aftercare.

They also provide interventions and do biochemical restoration in conjunction with talk therapy. The best option for those who seek treatment north of the border.

10 Rogers Memorial Hospital

Rogers Memorial Hospital provides a "unique combination of psychiatric care and adventure-based treatment." Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this program enjoys the respect of a wide range of treatment professionals in the region.

The Contenders
11 Monte Fenix

Wonderful Spanish Language Treatment Program located in Mexico City. In addition to talk therapy, clients are exposed to 12-step work. Unlike many programs south of the border, this program has an excellent reputation. They host a comprehensive family week, provide detox and aftercare services.

12 Polaris Teen Center
13 Centered Health Malibu
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