Top Ten Ways to Remove Stress

The Top Ten
1 Dance to Your Heart's Content While Listening to Your Favorite Music
2 Keep Your Mind Blank for Some Time

Amazingly helpful. You know you're not forced to put everything at the front of your mind, so just store it.

This works wonders for me.

3 Chat With Your Friends

With your CLOSEST friends!

4 Meditate
5 Masturbate

Haha this was funny.

6 Roam Outside In a Park While Inhaling Fresh Air
7 Indulge Yourself In a Time-Wasting Work
8 Surf the Internet
9 Watch a Movie
10 Eat Your Favorite Food
The Contenders
11 Go Jogging
12 Play Video Games

Can be very chill.

13 Play the Drums Really Loud
14 Sleep
15 Read a Book

Especially if it's a Wodehouse! I really liked the fresh-air item... So true, people use it a lot. I love doing it. Reafreshing list, Ksunu!

16 Play a Destruction Simulator
17 Listen to Music
18 Watch Youtube
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