Top Ten Ways to Remove Stress

The Top Ten
1 Dance to Your Heart's Content While Listening to Your Favorite Music
2 Keep Your Mind Blank for Some Time

Amazingly helpful. You know you're not forced to put everything at the front of your mind, so just store it. - PositronWildhawk

This works wonders for me. - Kiteretsunu

Laugh out loud this is why I'm. In Turks & Caicos right now! - Curti2594

3 Chat With Your Friends

With your CLOSEST friends! - higgsboson2142

4 Meditate
5 Masturbate

Haha this was funny.

6 Roam Outside In a Park While Inhaling Fresh Air
7 Indulge Yourself In a Time-Wasting Work
8 Surf the Internet
9 Watch a Movie
10 Eat Your Favorite Food
The Contenders
11 Go Jogging
12 Play Video Games

Can be very chill.

13 Play the Drums Really Loud

I wish!

14 Read a Book

Especially if it's a Wodehouse! I really liked the fresh-air item... So true, people use it a lot. I love doing it. Reafreshing list, Ksunu! - HezarioSeth

15 Play a Destruction Simulator
16 Sleep
17 Listen to Music
18 Watch Youtube
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