Top 10 Misconceptions About Iowa


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1 There are few to no cities in Iowa There are few to no cities in Iowa

Is it bad that I'm guilty to believing some of these conceptions? Although where I live isn't much better in terms of conceptions and misconceptions. - Anonymousxcxc

Not true, we have over 947 incorporated and unincorporated cities. - JakePlaid

2 Iowa is flat Iowa is flat

Nope, actually Illinois, Florida, Delaware, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Louisiana are the 6 flattest states in America. Also, RAGBRAI would like to disagree about flatness. - JakePlaid

3 There are no lakes or rivers in Iowa

Actually, rivers cover most of Iowa, and there are lakes, 20 to be exact. - JakePlaid

4 There are no beaches in Iowa

Nope, by a few of the lakes I mentioned, there are beaches there. - JakePlaid

5 Most people in Iowa live on farms

Nope, there are over three million people and very few actually live on farms. Most people live in cities. - JakePlaid

6 Iowa is boring

Trust me, it isn't. It's only boring if you're lazy. - JakePlaid

Iowa gave the world Slipknot. which is an awesome band. They even have an album named after the state.

7 Iowa grows potatoes

I've never heard of this misconception. It's always Idaho with potatoes lol

8 There are no forests in Iowa

Actually, there are forests. Look on google earth and street view for that. There are 10 state forests (I went to Holst State Forest by the way). - JakePlaid

9 Iowa has bad technology

Why do people think this? - TwilightKitsune

How am I on here then? - JakePlaid

10 Iowa is in the middle of nowhere

There are millions of people here, it can't be classified as the middle of nowhere. - JakePlaid

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11 Iowa is racist
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