Top 10 Moments from Brave (2012)

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1 Merida Shoots for Her Own Hand

During the archery contest to determine which Lords sons will win Merida's hand in marriage, Merida finds a loophole declaring herself as her own clan's firstborn and is eligible to shoot for her own hand as she defies her mother's wishes and shoots three perfect bulls eyes winning her own hand as her mother looks on in anger.

This scene was awesome

2 Bear Fight

After Merida saves her mother from the others Mo'rdu arrives and attacks the clan warriors and targets Merida before Elinor jumps in and the two fight with one another.

3 The Lords Fight Scene

After the lords get into a disagreement and insults are thrown at Lord Dingwall he sends his son to attack Lord Macintosh which then leads to a brawl between the clans all while King Fergus laughs and cheers at the situation but looks at Elinor who's not amused as he calls a haul to the fighting until the triplets restart the brawl as King Fergus joins in, the brawl is finally ended when Queen Elinor steps in and ends the fight herself.

4 Merida Rides Through the Forest Shooting Her Arrows

After finally having a day where she dosne't have to try to act like a proper princess Merida rushes down the stable and rides on her horse as she freely roams the forest while firing arrows with her bow at the targets.

I loved this scene

5 Elinor Turns Into a Bear

Merida gives the cake she got from the witch to her mother in hopes it will change her fate however things don't go the way she was expecting it to as Elinor transforms into a bear to Merida's shock and surprise.

6 Elinor Takes Away Merida's Bow and Tosses it The Fire

After Merida tells her she would rather die then be like her as she cuts the tapestry Elinor in a fit of rage takes Merida's bow and arrow while scolding her that she's a princess and she expects her to act like one as she throws her bow in the fireplace resulting in Merida running off crying as Elinor shocked by what she did grabs the bow out of the fireplace realizing the mistake she made.

7 Merida Stops Her Father from Killing Her Mother

Merida's father and the others track down Elinor as a bear not knowing its her and as they restrain her and King Fergus is preparing to kill her with the sword as Merida shows up in the nick of time and stops them from trying to kill her mother.

8 I'll Never Be Like You

Merida and her mother get into a heated argument with Elinor furious with what Merida did and Merida furious with her trying to mold her into what she wants her to be not allowing her to decide for herself what she wants the argument intensify as Merida tells her she dosen't want to be anything like her mother then picks up a sword and shouts "I WOULD RATHER DIE THEN BE LIKE YOU" and cuts the tapestry of their family.

9 The Lords Arrive

The allied clan chieftains along with the rest of their clans and first born sons arrive to compete in the highland games for Merida's hand in marriage.

10 Merida Meets The Witch

After running away from her mother Merida comes across the wisps that lead her to the cottage of a witch who she asks for a spell to change her fate the old woman hesitates at first but agrees to help her and gives her an enchanted cake.

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11 Mor'du's Death
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