Top 10 Moments from A Bug's Life (1998)

The Top Ten Moments from A Bug's Life (1998)

1 Flick Stands Up to Hopper

Flik was willing to expose Hopper's plan to kill the queen to the whole colony, even if doing that was going to get himself killed.

After the bird crashes Flick stands up to Hopper revealing the whole bird idea was his as Hopper has Thumper attack him as Flick counties to stand against him even revealing that he was planning to kill the queen and also states that the grasshoppers are the ones who need them. - egnomac

2 Flaming Death Fail

Desperate to keep the customers from leaving P.T. Flea invents the Flaming Death a stunt that involves Tuck and Roll being shot out of a cannon onto flypaper sprayed with fire fluid with a path of matchsticks that will be lit while Rosie attempts to save the duo all while everyone is blindfolded things of course go wrong and P.T. Flea ends up getting stuck on the flypaper while the trail of matchsticks comes closer Flea manages to escape in time until the flypaper lands on him setting him on fair as he fires the circus bugs. - egnomac

3 Bird Attack

While trying to stop the circus bugs from leaving the group comes across the bird as they try to get away Frances saves Dot as the two fall into the crack as Flick and the circus bugs come to their rescue. - egnomac

4 Hopper's Death

After Atta saves Flick from Hopper he convinces her to make a detour near the birds nest as Hopper follows and falls for Flick's trick as the bird grabs a hold of him and plans to feed him to its babies as Hopper screams out in horror as he dangles over the baby chicks before he is feed to them as Flick and Atta look away. - egnomac

5 Hopper's Speech

After Molt questions why they should go back to Ant Island considering they have more then enough food Hopper speaks to all the grasshoppers telling them that they're all staying but then brings up about how Flick stood up to him as one of the grasshoppers say to forget about him as he's just one little ant as Hopper then demonstrates using a piece of grain which he throws at them of course none of them feel anything until Hopper removes the top as all the grain goes spewing onto the grasshoppers as Hopper delivers a speech that if they let one of them stand up to them then they might all stand up to them as they outnumber them 100 to 1 and if they ever figure it out then they will eventually rebel against them and all that time it was never about food but about keeping the ants in line as all the grasshoppers follow him as they fly off to Ant Island. - egnomac

6 Flick's Lie is Reveled

While celebrating on completing the bird to scare off Hopper and his gang P.T. Flea shows up out of the blue and exposes Flick's lie revealing that the warrior bugs are actually circus bugs and though Flick tries to explain things the damage is already done as everyone is angry at him not just because he lied but because according to the Queen he put himself before the colony trying to cover up his mistake and as a result he is banished along with the circus bugs. - egnomac

I HATE Atta and the Queen 👸 in this part.

7 Hopper and the Grass Hoppers Break Underground

After Flick's accident the grasshoppers are furious when they arrive to find no food for the offering stone so they break underground to confront the ants to see where the food is at - egnomac

8 Flick Deploys The Bird

While the circus bugs finish distracting Hopper and the gang Flick along with Dot and the other blueberry scouts pilot the fake bird as they scare off the grasshoppers until P.T. Flea ruins everything lighting the bird of fire revealing the bird to be a fake. - egnomac

9 Hopper Takes Over the Ant Island

After Flick's banishment the ants attempt to collect what little food is left on the island as Hopper and the rest of his gang show up unhappy with the amount of food they gathered he takes over commanding that not one ant sleeps until they've gathered every scrap of food on the island. - egnomac

10 The Ants Revolt Against Hopper

Following Flick's speech Atta saves Flick from being squashed by Hopper as the rest of the ants look on in anger as they charge Hopper and the grasshoppers. - egnomac

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11 "I'm a Beautiful Butterfly"


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