Top 10 Moments from The Emperors New Groove (2000)

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1 Pull The Lever, Kronk!, Wrong Lever

Why do they even have that lever? - PositronWildhawk

Yzma is one of the best - LightningStrike

It's later repeated with Kuzco and Pacha.

2 Kuzco and Pacha Get Stuck in the Ravine

While trying to cross the bridge Pacha ends up falling though as it breaks as he pleads for Kuzco's help which he refuses going back on the promise he made for them to work together and not soon after he breaks through the bridge as well as Pacha punches him for going back on his promise as the two scuffle until they eventually fall down but manage to avoid falling into the water with crocodiles waiting for them to fall in and eat them by pressing against one another back to back as they are forced to work together as they try to get back up and also have to deal with scorpions and bats that get in their way they do manage to get out of their tricky situation through dumb luck. - egnomac

3 Yzma and Kronk Go to the Secret Lab

One of the most entertaining moments in the movie after yzma pulls on the right lever as they ride down to the secret lab on a roller coaster like ride as Kronk enjoys the ride down with Yzma still trying to look serious. - egnomac

4 Kuzco Turns Into a Llama

In an attempt to kill off Kuzco and take over the empire Yzma plots to poison him by mixing his drink with one of her potions however instead of killing him it turns him into a llama instead as Yzma signals to Kronk to knock him out which takes him a while to get the memo as Kronk knocks out Kuzco as Yzma is outraged only to find the potion she used was a llama potion. - egnomac

A llama, he's suppose to be dead.

5 Going Over the Waterfall

After Pacha rescues Kuzco the two get tied up around the giant tree branch that breaks and falls in the river and even more bad timing they are about to go over a waterfall and even though Kuzco can't actually see it he just knew based off Pacha's reaction that they are about to go over it as Kuzco shouts "BOO-YA-HA-HA-HAA WOOO-HO-HO" - egnomac

6 Yzma's Plan

This was hilarious - 2storm

After getting into the lab Yzma's first plan is to turn Kuzko into a flea then put him in a box in with another box then mail it to herself so she can smash him with a hammer. - egnomac

7 Yzma Turns Into a Cat

In the climax of the film Kuzco and Pacha attempt to get back the potion that will turn Kuzko human - egnomac

8 Kuzco Alone

After Kuzco parts with Pacha only to find out that he was right about Yzma and Kuzco wanting to get rid of him as he is left all alone wallowing in his own self pity just like Pacha had said would happen as he argues with himself who's also narrating the story. - egnomac

9 Pacha Comes to Kuzco's Rescue

Despite the fact that Kuzko still plots to build his new summer hotel Pacha still comes to his rescue from the black panthers via swinging on a vine but ends up missing but eventually comes back and saves him until they get wrapped around a giant tree branch that eventually breaks sending them into the river. - egnomac

10 Yzma and Kronk somehow get to Yzma's secret lab first

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11 Yzma Becomes Empress

After Kuzko is out of the picture Yzma proclaims herself as the new empress as she celebrates until Kronk lets it slip out that he failed to kill of Kuzko angering her. - egnomac

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