Top 10 Moments from Frankenweenie (2012)

The top moments from the Tim Burton 2012 movie Frankenweenie which is a remake of 1984 short film of the same name and a parody and homage to the classic monster movie Frankenstein.
The Top Ten
1 Victor Brings Sparky Back to Life

After being inspired by Mr. Rzykuski's demonstration Victor digs up Sparky's dead body and successfully reanimated him in his makeshift lab/

2 Windmill Scene

After Mr. Whiskers grabs Elsa's poodle Persephone and she chases it all the way to the windmill as everyone else chases after Sparky and the mill catches fire as Victor and Sparky come to Elsa and Persephone's rescue Victor ends up getting trapped inside and is saved by Sparky until Whiskers drags him back in as a showdown ensues as Whiskers gets impaled with a broken piece of wood as the whole windmill collapses killing Sparky again.

3 Monsters On the Loose

Victor's classmates bring the dead animals to life with Edgar turning a dead rat into a wererat, Nassor reviving his mummified hamster Colossus, Toshiaki's turtle Shelly turns into a giant Gamera-like monster after being covered in Miracle Gro, Weird Girl's cat turning into a vampire cat, and Bob's sea monkey's turn into humanoid monsters as they wreck havoc at the fair.

4 Mr. Whiskers Turns into a Vampire Cat

All the other classmates were able to bring their pets to life via lightning however Weird Girl's cat Mr. Whiskers gets fused with the bat transforming it into a vampire cat as it tears the place apart and flies out the window.

5 Mr. Whiskers Dream

One of Victor's classmates known only as Weird Girl shows up and shows him an actually piece of poo in the shape of a V she got from her cat Mr. Whiskers claiming it to be an omen and how Mr. Whiskers had dreams about their other classes and bad things happened to most of them of course Victor doesn't think much of it.

6 Victors Classmates Bring Dead Animals to Life

After Edgar tells and shows the other classmates about Victor's experiment and bringing Sparky back to life they all get the idea to do the same and bring their pets to life in the same manner as Victor did with disastrous results.

7 Lighting

In this scene the school's teacher Mr. Kzykuski goes over with the class about Lightning in a very unique way.

8 Sparky Dies

Victor's dad persuades him to take up baseball and during his first game he hits a home run as Sparky gets loose and chases after the ball and is hit and killed by car leaving Victor horrified as the Weird Girls cat Mr. Whiskers

9 Reviving Sparky

Following Sparky's bravery the townsfolk's attempt to revive Sparky with their car batteries reviving him for a second time.

10 Edgar Knows

One of Victor's classmates Edgar who resembles Egor from the Frankenstein movies finds out about Victor bringing Sparky back from the dead and comes over to confront him about it and wants to know how he did it.

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