Top 10 Moments from The Good Dinosaur (2014)

Next up, it's the top moments from the second Disney Pixar movie of 2014, The Good Dinosaur. I have to admit it was just not that good and though not as bad as Cars 2, but definitely one of Pixar's weakest efforts. Trying to come up with 10 top moments from the movie is going to be a bit tricky.
The Top Ten
1 Spot and Arlo's Goodbye

My mistake the movie is actually from 2015 not 2014, I failed to catch that before submitting the list. - egnomac

While making their way home Arlo and Spot come across a cave family and upon seeing how happy Spot is with them Arlo pushes him to stay with them as the two share a tearful goodbye. - egnomac

This is actually a 2015 movie but ok - darthvadern

So sad ;w;

2 I Miss My Family (Arlo and Spot)

As Arlo and Spot are settling in for the night Arlo really misses his family thinking that Spot doesn't understand he shows him with a pair of sticks each representing his family including himself, his brother Buck, his sister Libby, his mom and his deceased father, Spot slowly begins to understand and does the same using sticks to represents his family but goes further explaining that both of his parents are dead as he buries the larger twigs as Arlo does the same for the twig representing his father while also burying it in the sand - egnomac

3 Arlo Returns Home and Leaves His Mark on the Silo

After leaving Spot with the cave family Arlo finally returns home to his family and is finally able to leave his mark on the silo along with them between his mother and father. - egnomac

4 Glow Night Scene

Arlo and his dad have father son moment as his dad takes him to a field of fireflies and get them to light up. - egnomac

5 Arlo and Spot Get Drunk

While traveling the two come across some fruit on the ground and begin eating it, Spot however starts to notice that something is not right about the fruit their eating as the fruit has apparently spoiled and the two begin to hallucinate as they laugh uncontrollably as their bodies become deform they eventually wake up from this trippy nightmare almost like they're waking up from a hangover. - egnomac

6 Arlo's Father Dies

Well, now he's with Mufasa and all the other dead Disney dads. - Vancedapurpleguy

While chasing after Spot they end up at a ravine after Arlo injuries himself they decide to head back home but a massive flood approaches as Arlo's father gets him to safety before getting swept away and dies. - egnomac

7 Arlo Frees Spot

After he and his father set up the trap to stop any possible intruders from getting into their silo, the trap captures a little cave boy who Arlo later calls Spot and Arlo is faced with the difficult task of killing him off unable to do so he frees him instead which upsets his father and forces to come along with him to finish the job. - egnomac

8 Arlo and the T-Rex's Attack the Rustlers

Arlo and Spot come across a trio of T-Rex's Butch, Ramsey and Nash and agree to help them get back their herd of longhorns from a group of cattle rustlers who are a pack of velociraptor's, Arlo is used to lure them out to draw out the rustlers so Butch and the others can attack them. - egnomac

9 Arlo and His Siblings Hatche from Their Eggs
10 Spot Fights the Snake

While following Spot to get more of the fruit located in a cliff side a snake attacks him as the group fall down cliff and land on the ground as Spot fights off the snake. - egnomac

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