Top 10 Moments from Meet the Robinsons (2007)

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1 Lewis Meets His Future Self

After fixing the past Lewis returns with the Robinson's as he ends up meeting his future self Cornelius who's wonder what happened with the time machines as Franny busts Wilbur as the cause for the whole mess, Lewis gets some very helpful advice from his future self who explains to him how the memory scanner started their successful career which convinces Lewis to go back to the science fair and fix the memory scanner as well as telling him that not everything is set in stone and that he still has to make the right decisions as well as Franny also giving Lewis some advice about how she's always right and even when she's wrong she's right as Cornelius backs her up on this. - egnomac

2 Lewis Gets Adopted

After fixing the time machine and gets it to work impressing everyone including one of the judges Lucille who adopts him along with Bud who nicknames him Cornelius who me meet both in the future who become his new parents as they welcome to his new home and immediately begins work on his new inventions. - egnomac

3 You Failed!

During dinner Carl prepares everyone for PB and J sandwiches using a invention similar to the one Lewis invented earlier in the movie that sprays peanut butter and jelly but the thing gets jammed and Wilbur tires to get Lewis to try and fix it as everyone tells him how uncle Joe gets when he doesn't get his PB and J Lewis tries to fix it but the invention explodes everywhere and just when Lewis begins feeling ashamed for messing up everyone rejoice in his failure as they go on to say that you actually learn more from failure then you do from success and also as the family motto goes Keep Moving Forward. - egnomac

4 Lewis Gets Rejected

After failing to get adopted again Lewis is fed up and gives up all hope of ever being adopted as tells Mildred that no one wants him and even says his own mother didn't even want him before Mildred stops him by saying he doesn't know that for sure and that she probably wanted to keep him but couldn't as Lewis realizes the only person who would ever want him now is his own mother which sets off the events as Lewis begins work on his memory scanner in hopes of finding more about her. - egnomac

5 Wilbur Takes Lewis to the Future

After Lewis's memory scanner fails he gives up all hope until Wilbur who had been following him earlier tells him he needs to go back and fix the memory scanner but Lewis refuses to listen or believe he's actually from the future so to prove it to him Wilbur takes Lewis in his time machine to the future in order to convince him and get him to go back and fix the scanner and things don't go as planned as they crash the time machine. - egnomac

6 T-Rex Attack

During dinner the Boweler Hat Guy steals a T-Rex from the past under control of one of the mini Dory hats as it attacks the family in an attempt to seize Lewis as the Robertson family fight off against the T-Rex and not surprisingly Bowler Hats guy's plan fails miserably especially when Lewis is cornered in a tight spot and the T-Rex is unable to grab him due to its tiny arms as Bowler Hat Guy asks him why he isn't seizing the boy and the T-Rex replies to him about how he has a big head and tiny arms and even it realizes that his plan wasn't well thought out. - egnomac

7 Lewis Meets Wilbur's Family

While Wilbur is out getting the blue prints for fixing the time machine he orders Lewis to stay in the garage but of course Lewis gets sucked up a tube pipe and ends up outside as he meets with Wilbur's crazy family. - egnomac

8 Lewis Finds Out That He is Wilbur's Robinson's Father
9 Dark Future

Bowler Hat Steals the memory scanner and travels to the past to pass it off as his own which drastically changes the future for the worst as Wilbur disappears from existence and Doris Lewis's invention that went rouge has turned everyone into mindless slaves and Lewis has no other option but to fix the time machine all while the Robinson family under Doris's mind control attempt to destroy him. - egnomac

10 Bowler Hat Guy Attempts to Pass Off Lewis's Invention as His Own

After sabotaging Lewis's Memory Scanner project Bowler Hat Guy steals it and attempts to pass it off as his invention in order to ruin Lewis's future only problem he doesn't actually know how make it work as he gets rejected by the board and tosses outside. - egnomac

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