Top 10 Moments from Tangled (2010)

Still continuing with this list series as we know move on the top moments from the 50th Animated Disney movie produced by The Walt Disney Animation Studio Tangled based on the fairy tail story of Rapunzel with a Disney twist.
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1 I See the Light, Lanterns Scene

It almost made me cry

After arriving at the kingdom Flynn and Rapunzel take part in the festival which culminates in the too taking part in releasing of the lanterns while on a boat as the other lanterns are released

because that's all she ever wanted.

2 Rapunzel Realizes She's the Long Lost Princess

After returning to the tower with Mother Gothel Rapunzel recognizes the symbol of the kingdom which she had subconsciously incorporated into her paintings over the years as she begins remembering and realizes that she is the long lost princess as she confronts Gothel.

This scene was amazing

3 I've Got a Dream

After leaving the tower Flynn takes Rapunzel to the Snuggly Duckling which is a pub filled with countless thugs who begin to attack Flynn to claim the reward on him as Rapunzel calls on them to stop and goes on about her dream of seeing the lanterns and needs Flynn to take her there as the thugs then break out into song about their dreams.

4 Rapunzel Meets Her Parents

After Mother Gothel's defeat and Flynn/Eugene is saved the two return to the kingdom where Rapunzel is reunited with her parents the king and queen as they embrace her as Eugene is also dragged in as well, what makes this scene work so well is not a single word is uttered and is all shown through the characters expressions and actions.

This was so beautifull and touching

5 Mother Gothel's Death

After Gothel stabs Flynn Rapunzel makes a bargain with her in exchange for letting her save Flynn's life she will go with her without a fight, Gothel agrees to this but makes the careless mistake of not tying up Flynn for as Rapunzel goes to heal him he cuts off her hair with a glass shard which as Rapunzel stated once her hair is cut it losses its magic and by doing this Mother Gothel loses the only thing that was keeping her young and alive as she starts to age rapidly as she falls out of the tower as she literally turns to dust long before she even hits the ground.

she deserved to die she is evil

6 Rapunzel Interrogates Flynn Ryder

After Flynn takes refuge in the tower while escaping the guards Rapunzel knocks him out with a frying pan and uses her hair to tie him up as she attempts to interrogates him.

7 Flynn Escapes Imprisonment

After being captured Flynn is set for execution but is helped to escape by the thugs from the Snuggly Duckling who are only doing it so he can rescue Rapunzel.

well ya, we didn't want flynn to die.

8 Mother Knows Best

This song was amazing

9 Mother Gotherl Tricks Rapunzel into Thinking He Abandoned Her

During the lantern ceremony Flynn and Rapunzel begin to realize that they are in love with one another and just as they are about to kiss Flynn notices the Stabbington brothers from earlier in the movie and leaves Rapunzel just so he can give them the crown but things don't pan out for him as the Stabbington brothers tie him to a boat and send it sailing as the two approach Rapunzel before Mother Gothel shows up and takes them out and comforts her and convincing her that Flynn had left her.

10 Rapunzel Escapes The Tower

After making a deal with Flynn for him to take her to see the lanterns the two make their way down the tower as Rapunzel uses her really long hair to slide down to the bottom passing Flynn as she becomes over excited of finally being able to leave her tower as she has a mix of emotions being happy one moment and feeling regret the next.

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11 Flynn Saves Rapunzel's Life by Cutting Her Hair Off.

so sweet how much he loves her, I wish I could find a man like that.

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