Top 10 Moments from Toy Story 3 (2010)

Now time to look back at the top moments from Toy Story 3 the first animated Disney movie released in the 2010 decade.

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1 The Incinerator

The most intense and frighting scenes in a Pixar movie after Lotso leaves Woody and the others they find themselves in a completely hopeless situation as they are in the incinerator and with no way out they have not other choice then to accept their cruel fate and without saying a word to each other all hold hands and wait for the inevitable before they are saved by the alien toys ironically using the claw to save them. - egnomac

2 So Long Partner, Andy's Goodbye

Very emotional scene after Andy gives the toys including Woody to Bonnie and plays with them one last time as he drives away Woody bids goodbye to Andy with "So Long Partner" marking the end of a perfect trilogy until Toy Story 4 was announced. - egnomac

3 Andy Says Goodbye to His Mom

Underrated scene after Woody and the gang return home as Andy and his mom have a very emotional goodbye as Woody looks on from the box as Andy's mom tells him she wishes she could always be there for him as Andy replies she will always be there as Woody has a revelation as he looks of the photo of Andy from childhood realizing that he could still be there for Andy without having to leave Buzz and the others. - egnomac

4 Lotso's Backstory

While at Bonnie's Woody learns the sad backstory of Lotso who was loved by a little girls named Daisy after being left behind he along with Big Baby and Chuckles arrive home only for Lotso to find that he'd been replaced with another Lotso toy which leaves him devastated as he tells them that she replaced them even though only he was replaced as Lotso drags the two with him until they end up at Sunny Side day Care where Lotso took over and rigged the system. - egnomac

5 Opening Western Battle

Really amazing opening scene with so much going on you would think your watching a different movie as we find out all of this was in Andy's imagination as they cut back to reality as his mom video tapes him form afar. - egnomac

6 Arriving At Sunny Side Daycare

The group arrive at Sunny Side Daycare and are welcomed as they are greeted by Lotso who runs the place as he shows them the place as they watch on in amazement unaware of the what really goes on once everyone leaves for the day. - egnomac

7 Woody Confronts Lotso

Just when it seems that Woody and the gang are safe they are confronted by Lotso and his followers who broke the toy phone from earlier into telling them everything and is gives them an ultimatum either stay and follow their ways or be thrown into the dumpster as Woody confronts Lotso about Daisy exposing everything to everyone of how she lost him and after being replaced he decided that if he couldn't have her then now one could have her as Woody shows Big Baby the heart with Daisy's name on it from when Lotso tore it off of him the night he dragged them away from home as Lotso yells at them demanding they follow his orders while going on about how their all trash waiting to be thrown away before Big Baby grabs Lotso and throws him in the dumpster. - egnomac

8 Spanish Buzz

Woody returns as after dealing with the monkey he and the others strap down Buzz in order to reset him but instead of returning him to normal Buzz goes into Spanish mode as he speaks in Spanish while reverting to the way he was in the first movie where he really thought he was a space ranger. - egnomac

9 Playtime of Doom

After Woody leaves the rest of the gang get ready for playtime but Buzz notices how the other toys are cowering and hiding in fear as he realizes that things are about to go wrong as the door busts open and Rex is sent flying as the kids rush in and begin roughly tearing apart the toys as everyone find themselves at the mercy of these kids, Buzz gets knocked into the window where he sees all the other toys including Lotso being handled a lot better. - egnomac

10 The Gang Get Put in Prison

After the gang confront Lotso about the chaotic day they have and wishing to leave he sends in Buzz who was reset by him to lock them up and tells them how things are going to work around here. - egnomac

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11 We Belong Together Finale
12 How to Get Rid of That Monkey
13 Ken's Introduction
14 Woody and Jessie's Dance
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