Top 10 Moments from Treasure Planet (2002)

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1 I'm Still Here, Jim's Theme

One of my favorite scenes in the movie, Mr. Silver gives his duties which include washing the deck, cleaning the dishes, scraping the barnacles off the ship among other things as Jim reflects on his past of how his father neglected him before leaving him and his mom while also developing a deep bond with Mr. Silver who despite being the villain becomes the father figure Jim needed in his life.

2 Escaping From Treasure Planet

Really intense scene as Jim and the crew attempt to escape the planet before it explodes with Jim using an old rocket sailboard to change the portal all while the planet is literally seconds away from exploding.

3 Silver's Speech to Jim

After escaping the supernova and Mr. Arrow dying thanks to Scroops Jim becomes incredibly upset believing he failed to secure Mr. Arrows lifeline as Mr. Silver gives him a heart to heart talk with him telling him he has greatness in him and needs to chart his own course.

4 The Map

After escaping the inn which gets destroyed Jim discovers the sphere he got from the stranger Billy Bones is actually a holographic map that leads to Treasure Planet the place where Captain Flint stashed his treasure as Jim desperately wants to go on this trip to Treasure Planet along with Delbert Doppler and possibly redeem himself in the eyes of his mom and get the money to rebuild the inn.

5 Solar Surfing

After the opening prologue Jim is seen solar surfing as he surfs into a restricted area and stopped by two police robots.

6 Jim and Silver's Goodbeye

After escaping the planet's destruction Jim sees Silver attempting to escape and helps him get the lifeboat ready as Silver asks him to look after Morph and gives him some of the treasure to rebuild the Benbow Inn as they embrace with a hug as Silver leaves.

7 Jim Returns Home

After returning home Jim's mom awaits for his return as Jim appears and embraces her with a hug as she too follows suit as they then use the money he got from Silver to rebuilt the Inn and have the grand reopen.

8 Mr Arrow gets sucked into the black hole.

Sometimes in outer space, you can see the ghost of Mr. Arrow.

Mr. Arrow was Captain Amelia’s most trusted sailor and also her dear close friend. We will always remember how brave he was

The Darkest moment in the film.

9 Silver Sacrifices the Treasure to Saves Jim

After stepping into the portal to Captain Flint's treasure the group set off his big booby trap that is set for the planet to explode as Silver is determine to not leave without the treasure as he grabs onto a ship loaded with treasure as Jim finds himself in a bad spot faced with a tough decision Silver lets go of the treasure and saves Jim from falling to his death as them and the remaining crew members escape the portal.

10 Arriving at The RLS Legacy

Both Jim and Delbert arrive at the RLS legacy ship to take them to Treasure Planet and meet with the Captain Amelia and Mr. Arrow and the motley crew of misfits, also worth noting the RLS Legacy's initials for Robert Louis Stevenson the author of Treasure Island.

The Contenders
11 Jim vs Scroops

Jim goes back to the ship to recover the map and runs into Silver's other henchmen Scroops as the two scuffle as the gravity on the ship is turned on as Jim avoids be sent flying into space as Scroops himself is sent floating aimlessly into space and dies.

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