Top Ten Mortal Kombat Matchups

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1 Sub-Zero vs. Scorpion

100% agree with that. I love the way this match is so balancing, you can't guess who will win until the last minute. Ice vs Fire, Ice Sword vs Kunai, Blue vs Yellow, Lin Kuei vs Shirai Ryu. But my money is still on Sub-Zero.

Hmmm tricky but honestly I would have to say Sub-Zero (Kuai-Liang). Because of the whole MK 9 and MKX events they are pretty much tied at 1 one apiece. With Sub-Zero beating Scorpion at the tournament back when he was a revenant of Quan Chi and Scorpion has a win back when they were fighting at the Lin Kuei temple however. Sub-Zero wasn't TRYING to fight back. So I think that out of the 2 Sub-Zero is better

Ice VS Fire. The perfect and most popular matchup.

2 Raiden vs. Shinnok

Shinnok is the best mk character.
These two put up a great fight

3 Liu Kang vs. Shang Tsung
4 Kitana vs. Mileena

Kitana would win I mean its katana shes the daughter of the strongest character in the series and has the most experience out of the two all and all its katana.

5 Blaze vs. Onaga
6 Scorpion vs. Reptile

I think this would be a great match and my vote goes to Scorpion because this amazing fatality he used it was so good and bloody.

7 Shao Kahn vs. Deadly Alliance
8 Reptile vs. Ermac

I'm surprised that no one else voted for this. They were both hidden characters in the first MK game.

9 Reptile vs. Sub-Zero
10 Goro vs. Motaro
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11 Goro vs. Kintaro

The two "tanks", the two four armed sub-bosses combined, enough said

12 Baraka vs. Quan Chi

The both have something to stab them with and it hard to to say its not a good matchup

13 Quan Chi vs. Shang Tsung

In serial MK Conquest is Quan Chi vs Shang Tsung be werry match magie, speel, good Kung Fu and shadow match.

14 Taven vs. Daegon
15 Liu Kang vs. Kung Lao

Kung Lao will win and you know that this will be an epic matchup. Just imagine Liu Kang becoming too powerful and Kung Lao is the only one who could stop him.

Liu Kang has already been declared the dominant and more skilled of the two. There's a reason the Shaolin choose Liu Kang over Kung Lao to represent them and Earthrealm.

16 Rain vs. Sub-Zero
17 Kabal vs. Nightwolf
18 Kenshi vs. Ermac
19 Jade vs. Mileena
20 Sub-Zero vs. Raiden

Don't know why but I always loved this match-up for some reason.

21 Kano vs. Sonya
22 Johnny Cage vs. Jax
23 Jax vs. Kano
24 Sonya Blade vs. Mileena
25 Jade vs. Tanya
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