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241 Irritating Background Music and Typing On How-to Videos

Almost, if not all modern computers have a port for a microphone! Laptops/Ipads have them built in!

Some of us don't want to waste 10 minuets of our lives watching you type at 10 words per minute.

You have a voice borrow you little sister's karaoke microphone and use it!

Some of us don't want to hear crappy overused soundtracks! Either speak through the video or strip the audio altogether.

242 Real Not Fake!
243 People who use notepad to communicate in the video and type really slowly

And most of these can't spell right, record in 0.1fps or have rock-Backgroundmusic

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244 Beauty Channels
245 AR12 Army
246 Kidz Bop Fans

These kids who listen to Kidz Bop always have to get angry if you don't like Kidz Bop.

247 Kidz Bop Kids

It can take any fool to just grab a camera, learn the lyrics to a popular song, and sing those lyrics to that song at the top of some roller coaster or in clothing store. Plus, some of the songs they play are inappropriate, and have sexual refrences in them, and they don't even get bleeped out.

Kidz Bop are awful. They take already annoying over-played songs and sing the wrong lyrics to them

248 SevenSuperGirls
249 When Audio Is Replaced With Bad Music In Gameplay Videos
250 Bronies Commenting Pony Stuff In Videos That Aren't MLP Related

I keep my comments on those videos only - Neonco31

Can you talk about ponies somewhere else? Instead of an avgn video?

These Anti-Bronies Need To Stop Bullying - JPK

251 Having to have an account to comment

There's nothing wrong with that.

Well there is nothing bad.
If you let people comment with no accounts, the comment sections are gonna get even worse, just like how ROBLOX got worse with Guests - HakPlayer7

I want to comment, but why do I need an account for it? Can't it just put guest? I don't even have time to get an account. Damn! Why do you need to login for every website?

U fell 4 the b8?


These heartless comments are bound to appear on animal videos, and seem to be more common on angry cat/dog videos. For example, a lot of Chihuahua videos have comments hoping that the dog(s) get(s) hurt or killed. People who say stuff like "I'd smash that cat's head against the wall! " or "Kill the stupid rats known as chihuahuas! " should get banned from YouTube. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

253 Ironic Comments
254 This video is not available on your device V 1 Comment
255 Scary Video's
256 Those Who Reply to Commenters In a Rude Way

I can't really think of a reason people do this other than to look tough on the Internet. If these stupid twelve-year-olds don't have the balls to say something rude in person, what makes them think there is no consequence in putting rude comments online?

It always ends with a "you idiot" for no reason - jbella9000

All YouTube comment sections in a nutshell.

Say that Undertale is bad? You'll get hundreds of comments saying that you're hating it for no reasons and they start calling you dumb.

Watch a YouTuber play a game? All the comments will say that the YouTuber copied Pewdiepie.

A YouTuber ACCIDENTALLY says that RomanAtWood is married? 100% of the comments will talk about nothing but : '' ROMAN AND BRITTANY ARE NOT MARRIED JUST DATING YOU DUMB ''

Refer to someone as black? Get hundreds of comments saying that you are racist. - HakPlayer7

"I like this song"

" Kill yourself "

w hat? - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

257 Commenters Preaching Atheism

I hate it when atheists whine about religion being shoved down their throats, but they always try to convert people to atheism on the comments section. I don't have a problem with atheists, but I hate the close-minded ones who bash religion for no good reason.

This is a good thing. - Ziffe

258 Scary Videos With a Funny Name

Like JEFF the Killer. It HAD to be Jeff.

259 People who argue about something that has nothing to do with the video!

This happens sometimes. But it annoys me.

260 People who can't take the fact that not everybody agrees with them!

Again, YouTube comment sections in a nutshell - HakPlayer7

Ya this title deserves to be in a museum

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