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1 TheOdd1sout Comic

I live in AZ as well, and I went to his elementary school, middle school, and one of the high schools he went to (not the preparatory one) and I was in the "dogs program" (not the real name, he's clever) and is funny and relatable, also I was in the class he went to to talk and it was boring and we were well behaved, it was really cool and I got his autograph at school!

Please tell me why on this website, he's not a top 100 youtuber ever? I can't think of many channels more entertaining and funny. I also can't think of many channels that where the person has to actually take a huge effort to make his videos. Which is why I like animator channels on youtube. I think him and Jaiden Animations go well together by the way

Theodd1sout =10/10 He has interesting stories to tell and he is a funny person. The animation and color is great and he sometimes feels free to have a detailed person. Also love his marshmallow style.

I really thought that TheOdd1sout would be first, because, like, I looked up Eddsworld on YouTube, and Eddsworld only has 1.9 mill subs, while TheOdd1sout has over 10 mill more subs that Eddsworld.

2 Jaiden Animations

Very awkward and timid, but the same time, is one of the kindest and most genuine people on YouTube. Her soft spoken and warm demeanor adds to her already whimsical and entertaining content. Though she isn't very outspoken, she has a natural entertainer's voice and a knack for humor that (most of the time) is very family-friendly without being pandering or bland. She pours her heart and soul into every project and genuinely enjoys what she does.

Assuming her stories are true to her character, she's a very sweet young lady full of spunk and adventure...even if she is a bit on the shy, introverted side. She's relatable and has a knack for creative storytelling. Not to mention that her voice is right on par with her animations. She inspired me to carry out an old dream of mine. Mikaylah Moments owes its existence to Jaiden Animations.

She's an incredibly talented animator with a clever and relatable way of story telling! The way she tells her stories, presents her opinions and talks about herself is just very down-to-earth and relatable. She's just a normal girl with an amazing talent! 10/10, she's great.

I first got introduced to this channel by my cousin, and after watching a few videos, I was hooked. She is now my favorite YouTube animator, and one of my favorite YouTubers in general. She is just so relatable, and funny, and I also like her art style. Definitely recommended for tweens and teens.

3 EddsWorld Eddsworld is a British adult animated comedic web series of flash animations, comics, and flash games created by Edd Gould.

Oh my god, Eddsworld is at the TOP! I am amazed! Edd was an awesome animator, and so is Paul. But the fandom was the worst part of everything. When I joined the fandom in 2007 when I was only 6, Eddsworld was the only thing I would watch. It was a very peaceful time, when nothing went on with shipping, bad fanart, or anything a bad fandom had. Everything went a bit downhill when Tord left. Only a bit of arguments, a bit of harassment, nothing really bad happened. But since Edd died, practically everything went so far down that it practically jumped off of a cliff. Annoying 5 year old Canfield came, and ships became a thing. Harassment was very serious. It was a main reason why Eddsworld had to end. Edd didn't die for this! Oh I will always look back to those days. But I will always look on the bright side: Edd as there to make us smile. He started everything. Edd died in a process of an upcoming animation! His animations would always cheer me up. We all knew it had to come to an end. ...more

Edd Gould, his show and his story inspired me and encouraged me to throw myself into cartoon animation. Whether my own adventure will become successful or not, I'll always be thankful to him for that. He will be regretted forever.

Edds World was my childhood. He's inspired so many people to make comedic videos and/or animations. My greatest inspiration for drawing and animation.
Sad to imagine what YouTube would be like still with him. I'm glad to see he is number one animator.

They have had a bad start but over the years the show has evolved into the best animations on YouTube. Unlike animators like Egoraptor, Eddsworld ACTUALLY feels like a cartoon and always makes me laugh.

4 Domics

Domics has my vote. His animations tell stories of his life (mostly) and they are insanely funny. It doesn't have to be so realistic for it to be entertaining, this proves in his work. I just started watching his videos and I already love them.
His work is so original, as a young person, Dominick's Comics inspired me to go in the path of animation. Great use of talent, Domics.

Very from the heart storytelling, with a clean simple presentation and lots of visual humour. I like how he shows how he got where he is, shares his knowledge of his art, and has a lot of outlets full of content on various other websites.

Domics is an adorable human being. I love his content. He's funny and is a great animator, with funny and vibrant facial expressions and some of the best lip syncing this side of Jaiden Animations. He's just... the best.

His videos are really amazing and I've learned to be much more open minded thanks to him. His videos are relatable and easy to connect with. He's all time one of my favorite youtubers. Hope he continues to make his amazing content.

5 SomeThingElseYT

What I like most about Adam is his constant progress. I mean, watch his first animation then watch one of the latest 2020 ones. The improvement is REAL. Also he's an awesome rapper and I think he watches Daftpina's critique videos of him and then improves afterwards. (which makes him cooler)

He's so down to earth and he isn't afraid to speak his mind. He also makes jokes and punchlines at the right time which makes his videos even better. I love to watch his videos and hope he goes even further with this career!

He is the best...
He like that choccy milk.
Adam really was an inspiration for me to create my own character and his jokes helped me be more funny. He taught me many things in life without it being boring.

He is honestly my favorite! He isn't afraid to speak his mind and is very relatable, and his drawing style is great!

6 Oneyng

He has animations that are funny... And they also make you question his sanity...

I just found out about him, and well let's just say his videos are short and sweet. (Sweet being funny)

Eddsworld, Phsycicpebbles and Egoraptor are all very good but OneyNG Is the funniest and most creative out of them all.

Always original and funny... Deserves a higher place..

7 Egoraptor

Basically the King of animation. Almost single handedly kickstarted YouTube animation. Also has a very great animation style, and does most of the voices himself. His signature is even Snake from one of his most popular animations, Metal Gear Awesome 2. If there's not something to love here, there's no hope for you.

He has been doing animation for so long and something that I think shows how good he is is that he's gotten better over time, like if you stayed the same overtime and just the quality got better because of newer equipment and technology, that wouldn't mean much.

He's amazingly talented and his comedy is varied to all audiences, whether they be younger or older, and is, as well as a a great animator--a great artist, voice actor, and knowledgeable about video games.

He is easily one of the best animators on YouTube, because he works hard, and is funny and cares about his fans. His animation is beautiful with its amazing flow and detail in his frame-by-frame work.

8 Let Me Explain Studios

She is one of the BEST youtubers on my, list sure it takes her a little bit to post but lets thank about if we were her. Me my self and I hope that we NEVER switch lives because I would NEVER be as good as here. Also think about why it takes her A long time to post... her videos are GREAT! (I have always wanted to meet her! ) #1

She would be my favorite story time animator if she just posted a bit more. I know animation takes time, but compared to most story time animators, she takes too long to post. I still love her videos, though.

I love watching her videos and I will never stop watching them. I watch her videos over and over again and they always make me laugh. I found out today that she was born December 4 just like me! She is my favorite YouTuber ever!

She is super funny and has bunches of life stories! That's what I like form an animator! Funny comedy to take my mind off of the day.

9 TomSka Thomas James Ridgewell, known online as TomSka, is a British YouTube celebrity, actor, writer, producer, director, voice actor and filmmaker, as well as founder of the Turbopunch Ltd.

He makes the funniest videos I have ever seen in my life. And I so "hugging" love his work. Tom, if you are ever to see this then I love you, I love your work, and you have the best animations ever. ASDFmovies are hilariously stupid, but that's what I love about them. People just find it funny.

His channel is a really great laugh no matter what video and crash zoom is nice too and he inspired me to possibly become a comedian.

Tom ska has such good animations. Even though there simple they are EPIC. There also SUPER funny.

He's not an animator, he has friends and other animators that make the animations. He's a comedian.

10 Shoocharu
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11 Harry Partridge

I have no idea why people say Eddsworld and Egoraptor above this. They're poorly animated, not funny in the slightest, and just bad in general. Oney's alright for comedy, but the animation is often kinda too adobe flash-esque. HP at least does the actual animations in a traditional style & while he does take forever to make anything, it's quality is unmatched by the people above him.

Harry should at least be second on this list. He might be the best animator on the internet. It is disgraceful to put him below Egoraptor who not only is an inferior animator, but doesn't even animate anymore.

Gorgeous frame-by-frame animation, great humor... He produces commercial quality videos on a regular basis. He's truly inspirational!

Easily the greatest, most talented animator on youtube. Really influenced me the most.

12 SlamacowCreations

I can't BELIVE SLAMACOW IS NOT #1! He I definitely the best YouTube animator there is. He is obviously the Minecraft animator though. Not only is he awesome at animating, he comes up with such creative stories to go along with his well known characters, Slamacow (himself), Dave and Bart. He is truly worth checking out if you haven't seen his animations already. You will fall in love with them.

Actually slamacow isn't as impressive to me as Handdrawn or Drawn animators. They animate with a software where you just choose a minecraft skin and can move it similar to stopmotion but Digital, basically just use Mineimator or something

Slamacow is awesome. But, you can't forget Abraham animations. there both probably the best animators I've ever seen.

13 Horror Shorts Party
14 Tobuscus

An obvious OG YouTuber as well as an OG animator. He deserves more recognition, even after all the court cases and accusations. It happens to everyone, and sometimes you have to forgive and forget.

He is not JUST an animator but he has great animation and he is very talented VOTE UP

15 Burdie
16 The Duck
17 sWooZie

The first animator I have ever watched and is the best one I've ever watched. He never fails to make me laugh, and to be honest I laugh so hard until I cry at his animations. Hilarious and amazing!

He's the best out of all the animator/storytellers I've watched. He should number 1! He's amazing!

Very first animation vlog to watch and so many of his stories never left me disappointed!

Great stories. Love the ones about being a Disney employee.

18 Be Amazed

I personally think they are my favorite top 10 channel.

19 psychicpebbles

WOW. He Probaly has the most creative, histaricul, mind out of all of the animators (besides Edd). He's so hilarious!

20 ItsAlexClark

Really funny and he also grew up in the same state as me, and we both have the same favorite places in Boston!

Him and TheOdd1sOut are my favorite YouTube story time animators. He introduced me to the YouTube storytime animation community.

He is the first animator and probably one of the best ones I have ever watched!
I think he should be higher up on the list

He is a AWESOME animator and is really underrated compared to other animators.

21 Saberspark
22 Calobi Productions
23 Alan Becker

Alan becker is one of the best animators of stick figures his animator vs. animation is really entertaining to watch, his tutorials are also really helpful to beginning animators such as me. So if you would want to you could subscribe to him and watch one of his animations or more

Alan Becker is fantastic! His Animator vs. Animation series is really good, and he's SUCH a talented animator. As well, his tutorials are really, really helpful. They're taught me run cycles, how to use Adobe Flash, animation tips, the 12 Principles of Animation, and more. I'd totally subscribe to him but I'm not allowed to. :P Go watch Alan Becker!

His animations have great flow and lovely stories to go along with them (some of his episodes even have captions to go along with them! ) He has taught me a few things and is very entertaining to watch!

One of the best! (10/10)

Alan Becker is one of the best stick figure animators of all time and nothing has or will make me change my mind. Animator vs animation is the best. Stick figure. Animation. Series. EVER!

24 Wolfychu

Even if she is faking her voice, so what? She has good content & an adorable personality! Also inspiring how she continues uploading even with all the hate.

She's kind and keeps going even after she reads mean comments. She is usually joyful in her videos. What people sound like doesn't matter!

I hate how Wolfychu gets so many hate comments, even here were it tell you to EXPLAIN WHY YOU VOTED FOR WOLFYCHU. You shouldn't be bringing people down on this website, you should be saying what you like about them, giving them advice, or not commenting about them at all. Rude comments can really affect someone. I personally like Wolfychu, she's so happy and kind. She has great videos and a good drawing style

The first storytime animator I watched. A friend introduced me to her channel, and I don't regret subscribing. She has such a cute art style and an amazing voice!

25 Jordan5616
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