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81 Silly videos

Some adventure time fan videos on YouTube are way worse than suicide mouse!

I hate nasty fan videos...expecially those that ruin adventure time!

82 Nerds

people who just won't give up on a fight, etc

Not giving up on a fight doesn't make you a nerd. In fact, I never give up on fights. I keep going till I win, or the other person just stops replying. - LordDovahkiin

83 You can never easily find the video you want to see

That's more frustrating than it is annoying. There aren't too many of these videos that are like that, but it's absolutely maddening trying to find them.

84 Constant demands for likes/subscribes

You're supposed to earn them, not request people to do it.

I get that some people make Youtube videos for a living but them constantly begging for likes and subscribers makes viewers less likely want to follow them. - Mochi

Not everybody will subscribe to you or like your videos. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!

It is annoying to waste first minute or two of a video, just self advertising.

Yeah. If you are going to advertise, then save it for the end of the video. - LordDovahkiin

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85 ExplodingTNT

Children. They love games and childish humor.

The most retarded channel

I love this YouTuber!

Exactly my friend has an obsession with purple shep 😾

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86 Fake prank videos

God, these people, thinking that it's worth it paying actors to kiss them, it's sad. And if I thought my faith in humanity was harsh enough, they STILL GET PAID BY Google! FOR MAKING DAMN FAKE VIDEOS ON YouTube! Wow, and people support these kinds of YouTubers. I hope these horror pranks like from DmPranksProductions and TheRoyalStampede aren't fake, because making people run just for the producers to give them money would be stupid.

87 3 yr old guitarist and drummers

This doesn't bother me because I can pla really good and I'm ten, until I see 2 year olds that can play metallica

88 Videos with a lot of loud music

Nothing ruins a video more than having to be subjected to some idiot's vile musical tastes.

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89 Comment bots

I mean like what just get a real job or something annoying freaks

Bots which say things such as "yeah that's what everyones been saying ALSO! You would probably enjoy this online game --> bit. Blablabla" They also use like bots just to get themselves seen!

90 StampyLongHead

And the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate...

He is the most annoying YouTuber on earth. He has the mind of a 7 year old and he plays Minecraft.

Guys, he makes videos directed towards kids. So what?

Hey I saw that I like is videos 😾

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91 Excessive Profanity

there are lots of profanity made by haters and trolls in youtube - ronluna

It's just plain rude to swear. It gets VERY ANNOYING AND OBNOXIOUS!

I absolutley HATE when people curse in videos too much in their videos! It is so annoying to watch a video where every sentence that comes out of their mouth has a curse word

Excessive cursing can be annoying, but normal amounts of cursing I don't mind. - LordDovahkiin

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92 1991Arielfan
93 Harambe memes

Thankfully these seem to be dying down now. They won't make YouTube annoying in the long run. - Entranced98

LordDovahkiin they're not bad. They just get annoying after hearing them everywhere you go.

What's so bad about Harambe memes? - LordDovahkiin

94 There's a bunch of copycats
95 You may accidentally play a porn video
96 There's piracy
97 You get roasted in the comments

This is basically the Meme fanbase

Well if that happens it's your own fault for posting dumb comments. - Entranced98

98 Subscription videos showing up even after you watched the video.
99 Miley Cyrus Videos

She came in like a wrecking ball AND DESTROYED YouTube!


100 Persons who only see bad things about the band, artist, song, etc

Great input man... send this to Axl and perhaps he will turn it into a song and call it... " I still have One fan out there".
Don't expect any money from axl though because he is a greedy self obsessed hack.

look at the above comment he only says bad things about axl rose - ronluna

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