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81 Fake prank videos

God, these people, thinking that it's worth it paying actors to kiss them, it's sad. And if I thought my faith in humanity was harsh enough, they STILL GET PAID BY Google! FOR MAKING DAMN FAKE VIDEOS ON YouTube! Wow, and people support these kinds of YouTubers. I hope these horror pranks like from DmPranksProductions and TheRoyalStampede aren't fake, because making people run just for the producers to give them money would be stupid.

82 3 yr old guitarist and drummers

This doesn't bother me because I can pla really good and I'm ten, until I see 2 year olds that can play metallica

83 Videos with a lot of loud music

Nothing ruins a video more than having to be subjected to some idiot's vile musical tastes.

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84 Buffering

With all the advanced technology we've created we couldn't make it to where YouTube videos don't have a second loading bar that makes the video buffer and pause if the red bar goes past it? Like why can't the video start and already be fully loaded? It's even more frustrating when the video buffers for like 20 seconds and then says "Loading Error, Tap to retry". It's super annoyingf

To be honest I stopped watching YouTube last year because of all the errors that the videos and my computer had with it. - Anonymousxcxc

I agree, they must be #1or 2 because they were there longer than ads! Eversince youtube came out!

85 Comment bots

I mean like what just get a real job or something annoying freaks

Bots which say things such as "yeah that's what everyones been saying ALSO! You would probably enjoy this online game --> bit. Blablabla" They also use like bots just to get themselves seen!

86 StampyLongHead

And the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate...

He is the most annoying YouTuber on earth. He has the mind of a 7 year old and he plays Minecraft.

Guys, he makes videos directed towards kids. So what?

Hey I saw that I like is videos 😾

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87 Excessive Profanity

there are lots of profanity made by haters and trolls in youtube - ronluna

It's just plain rude to swear. It gets VERY ANNOYING AND OBNOXIOUS!

I absolutley HATE when people curse in videos too much in their videos! It is so annoying to watch a video where every sentence that comes out of their mouth has a curse word

This is on rants. At 0:0000001 the first f bomb on the video.

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88 1991Arielfan
89 Videos You Don't Like Are Recommended for You

Even if you accidentally click on a bad video just once, similar stuff floods your recommendations all of a sudden. So annoying! - Entranced98

Yeah, this bugs me so much, that I had to close my browser and restart over again.

This should be on #4 or #3. It's bugs me too. - LapisBob

90 There's a bunch of copycats
91 You may accidentally play a porn video
92 There's piracy
93 You get roasted in the comments
94 Subscription videos showing up even after you watched the video.
95 Miley Cyrus Videos

She came in like a wrecking ball AND DESTROYED YouTube!


96 Persons who only see bad things about the band, artist, song, etc

Great input man... send this to Axl and perhaps he will turn it into a song and call it... " I still have One fan out there".
Don't expect any money from axl though because he is a greedy self obsessed hack.

look at the above comment he only says bad things about axl rose - ronluna

97 Rebecca Black Rebecca Black Rebecca Black is "well known" for her "hit" single, "Friday", which has the second most dislikes on YouTube .

Rebecca Black improved now so I don't think we should complain about it like how we complain about Miley.

Rebecca Black (Friday) - 80 million views

Radiohead (Paranoid Android) - 3 million views - Ziffe

Friday is the best song EvER!

98 Gangnam Style

The Latest fad of the internet scoring a billion hits. One hit wonders have never been this popular. Is this video even that good?

I thought it was good at first, but I didn't replay the song like 20 times like all those other idiots did. I can see, and so can the others too. This song is absolute garbage.

I don't hate it, but frankly speaking, one third of the world knows this song.

I'm so sick of seeing this song everywhere. Sure, it may be catchy, but it spawned so many dumb parodies. I am surprised that The Lion Guard's Jackal Style wasn't based on this song, or else Reirei would be twerking into my face!

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99 Videos not available for mobile

Oh god please! Take this off of YouTube now! Like please! - ArpstaAmy333

A 44 video list of Rise Against songs and only 15 are available on the mobile device

What if we don't have a computer? Well, we're screwed. - Mumbizz01

This is annoying like I mostly watch youtube on my phone and I click on mcjuggernuggets older videos tonight and 5 videos said this video is not available it made me mad, it's annoying that when I want to watch a video and I'm not on my ps3 and it says that, I don't feel like turning my ps3 on sometimes just to watch that video, and once my subscribers posted something that was unavailable on moble I had to wait 2 hours to watch it became I didn't turn on my ps3 until 2 hours, at least my ps3 can play videos unavailable on mobile because I would not be able to watch 2 grad videos from school because their unavailable on moble I can only watch them on my ps3

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100 Terrible/Medicore channels hogging all of the attention while their vastly superior alternatives are ignored

Look at someone like I Hate Everything, Spacehamster, and Caddicurus, look at their content and look at their subscribers. Now look at Smosh, Pewdiepie, and soulless channels made by huge companies, they inferior content to those who actually try and what do they get, Millions upon millions of subscribers that are just mindless drones that just jump on bandwagons of what is popular instead of looking for better channels

Perfectly explains WatchMojo. by the way don't watch them their top ten lists are horrible. They do that channel for money

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