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141 Band Banners
142 Needing to type a message assuring you're not a bot all the freaking time

this pisses the hell of me and sometimes I can't see what it says!

143 You can never easily find the video you want to see

That's more frustrating than it is annoying. There aren't too many of these videos that are like that, but it's absolutely maddening trying to find them.

144 Videos made into different parts, but not having all of them

One time I wanted to see the Rugrats wizard of oz episode, and parts 1 and 2 were on there, but not part three. And part 3 was most of the episode.

What's the point in uploading it when your not gonna upload all of it

There was a tutorial on how to upgrade a CPU, broke up into over 3,000 parts, with a total time of 4 minutes. Every other part was missing.

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145 CopperCab

An annoying, unfunny troll that has been screaming in front of a camera since 2010.

This dude's Ginger Rage was all just an act to sell T-Shirts. - IgnoreThis

146 Stupid updates
147 Return of Christ comments

Jesus does not like you! This is so annoying! YouTube dose not do a thing about these! These are useless spams!

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148 People taking credit for what they didn't create

I just watched a montage, switching between two videos of Beyonce's Naughty Girl, with the song playing as the soundtrack. The person who uploaded this felt the need to watermark his name in the center of the video and in the corner of it, all the way through. I came to watch Beyonce dance and hear Beyonce sing. Whoever your are I don't care about the 'amazing' talent and effort required to upload a video, or what you're name is.

One idiot on legit took a video from my old channel and published it to theirs without asking. They even copied the DESCRIPTION. The only thing different about the video was a watermark of sorts at the top stating the video's title. - RoleplayerR

You know this is so wrong.

PointlessBlog is always doing this to AmazingPhil it's horrible

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149 Removed Videos Still Listed

If it is removed why hasn't been removed from the list of videos. Seriously it doesn't exist on YouTube anymore if it's been removed.

This just makes it harder to find videos you can watch. What benefit are we getting from it? If you can't watch a video, why list it?

I went to my watch later only to find that some videos I wanted to watch are gone. And I don't know what they even were

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150 Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian West is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model.

Kim Kardashian must be sent to hell.

I don't like her, though I believe that hell is about as fictional as Fire Lord Ozai. - Anonymousxcxc

Ya I don't like her either

151 Over-long video intros

A 3 minute video with the uploader's animated username or 'production company' (laugh out loud) logo taking up the first minute. Complete and utter waste of time.

A 15 minute video with a 14:59 intro. Should just be 0:01.

No,I don't need to see video game cutscenes... - DapperPickle

152 Stupid annotations that cover the whole video

My attempt to do an annotation failed. Sorry.

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153 Reply girls
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156 You never know if there's going to be something inappropriate

I know the bloc password at my school so I watch youtube at school. And my teacher will go "watch appropriate things".

Here's something that no one has ever thought of before: DON'T WATCH PORN! JUST STOP! IT'S GROSS, IT'S STUPID AND IT'S IMMATURE. SO STOP WATCHING PORN AND ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE! Don't just say "Ever heard of headphones? " And STOP WATCHING PORN!

There is no porn on YouTube. Well maybe there is, but it was flagged. Videos with swearing are fine as long as you are wearing headphones.

Guys if a video has swearing in it you can use headphones.

Videos for toddlers are age restricted, but porn isn't

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157 KidsTV123
158 Too many Harlem Shake videos

Filthy Frank was a meme that hates memes.

159 Unboxing videos

Hey I like unboxing videos

Got an Xbox for gift?

160 People editing a video by going crazy with the settings on their video maker and calling it a video.

I know, right?

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