Worst Types Of People On Facebook

Hi guys. I noticed I hadn’t made a post in a long time, so here’s one now.

We’ve all, at least once in our lives, come across an idiot on Facebook. It’s really easy to do so because Facebook is full of idiots. I’m counting down my least favourite type of Facebookers here:

#1: Gamers

Gamers are people who mostly or only use Facebook for the sake of playing games on it. They are mostly 6-60 year old people who have nothing else to do with their time. Most of the games they play are Criminal Case, Clash Of Clans, Monster Legends, Dragon Island and other crap like that. The most irritating things about these guys is that they spam up your notification list with useless requests for stuff like ‘The puppies are in trouble! Save them from drowning!’. Okay look. I don’t give a fudge about non-existent virtual puppies. I am not playing your stupid cashgrabbing game. Not only that, since these games are desperate for more players, they offer gamers stuff like free energy and sparkly diamonds or whatever is the main currency of the game in exchange for sending join requests to people sane enough to hate that game. Seriously, if you ever have a friend like this on Facebook, just block them before they screw up your notification box.

You know what’s more annoying than a gamer on Facebook? When you LIVE with one. My brother is one of these guys, and he begs me to play Clash of Clans so he can do some stupid Clash Of Clans stuff. And what’s even more annoying is when you share a DEVICE with one. If I’m on the iPad my brother starts begging like a female dog for it because someone might be raiding his village or something. Why do these dumbass gamers think anyone actually cares whether their village is being raided or not? It’s just a crappy Facebook game. And if you want to play a real game, play something on a Wii or X-Box or something.

#2: Weaboos

Yes people. Weaboos have found Facebook. Run for your lives!
Weaboos are in general stupid, but they’re even scarier with the power of social media. EXAMPLE:
(Someone posts a picture of their pet cat wrapped in a scarf)

Normal Person: Aww, this really made my day! :3

Weaboo: desu kawaii! Desu desu kawaii neko!

Normal Person: Stop talking like your Japanese, dumbass weeb


Or go to any hate page of an anime and look at what posts weebs leave on them –

“You are a bitch for hating this anime I like. I SHALL USE CAPS LOCK JUTSU ON YOU! THEN I WILL DO MY REPORT PAGE JUTSU NEXT!”
“i hope natsu kills you for making this page’

Poor, stupid weaboos. Can’t take one itty bitty comment about their favourite anime. But the weaboos with weaboo levels up to 1337% do the 1337 weeb thing: They make Facebook accounts of anime characters. Not pages (that’s okay) but ACCOUNTS, in where they pretend to be one of those characters and make other fake accounts of the rest of the characters on the show and friend them to make it look realistic. They regularly update Facebook statuses like ‘just destroyed my mortal enemy with my future diary’ and post pictures of themselves drawn as anime characters on that account as well just to make their own accounts more popular. It irritates the fudging fudge outta me when they do this! YOU ARE NOT A FREAKING ANIME CHARACTER, YOU ARE NOT JAPANESE, YOU ARE JUST A DUMB WHITE KID BEING STUPID! If I ever come across these accounts on Facebook, I’d report them. And I advise you to do so too. End the weebs.

#3: Perverts

Perverts are mostly middle age men stalking teenagers on Facebook. I encountered lots of them before. There was this one guy that was so annoying, he kept sending me friend requests. Every time I blocked him, he would just make a new account and try to friend me from there. Eventually he gave up after I kept blocking him again and again. I even got a creepy message from some other one : I’m not trying to be your enemy I just want to be your friend dear. Note: If anyone older than you who’s not a family member calls you ‘dear’ on Facebook, it’s a pedo. And who calls someone ‘dear’ nowadays anyway? Are you some grandma from an Enid Blyton book or something? Eh, let’s just get to number 4.

#4: Baby Picture Posters

Baby Picture Posters (AKA Adult Attention Whores) are people who always tag you and force you to like pictures of their babies.


1. Take a picture of your baby
2. Post it on Facebook
3. Take picture no. 1 and crop/rotate it
4. Post it on Facebook
5. Take picture no. 1 and crop/rotate it and add a sticker in the corner
6. Post it on Facebook
7. Take picture no. 1 and crop/rotate it and add a sticker in the corner and add glitter on it
8. Post it on Facebook

Then spam message EVERYONE on your friends list about it.

Okay, this isn’t just exploiting children for likes and popularity, it’s also putting your kids at THREAT. By posting pictures of your kids on Facebook, you give out their location, which makes it easy for pedophiles to find them. Whenever my mom asks if she can put my pictures on Facebook, I’m like HELL NO. I don’t want a pedo after me. I’ve already met way too many when I was a kid. So if you’re a parent and you’ve done this, don’t complain when Freddy comes home crying because the mean man in the dark jacket made him feel uncomfortable in his rear end.

#5: Cyberbullies

Let me tell you a true story about a girl named Amanda Todds. She was a normal, pretty, nice girl who lived in the US. Amanda usually posted pictures of herself on Facebook and got lots of compliments. One day this guy asked for her nudes and she gave them in. That guy made a page about it and put her nudes there. Amanda was humiliated and bullied and had to change schools. But it was still constant and she kept changing schools.

One summer, she met a guy via internet, and he asked to meet her in real life. He slept with her and when his girlfriend found out, she and her friends gang-beat up Amanda. Amanda attempted suicide by drinking Bleach but her dad took her to the hospital to get her stomach pumped. Then she was harassed on internet even more by her new school friends. She successfully committed suicide by cutting herself a few months later. Her parents made a foundation to end bullying named after her but the guy who made the nudes page is still not found.

RIP Amanda. You were really brave and beautiful and you didn’t deserve all that. Rest in peace.

#6: Trolls

Usually I have no problem with trolls. They’re funny and can make anyone’s day. But there are different types of trolls out there. The worst types are the ones that pick one person and constantly harass that poor person. They make hate pages of them, they make rude comments on their posts, they dedicate their whole accounts to hating that person. Most people confuse trolls and cyberbullies, but there is a difference between them –

· Trolls usually just annoy for fun, whereas cyberbullies actually want to hurt that person
· Trolls usually don’t know who they are trolling and usually pick a random audience. Cyberbullies pick a specific group
· Trolls regret actual damage they’ve done to someone, bullies don’t

Most trolls are cyberbullies but don’t realize it. For example BarneyTheDinosaurRocks is a troll and not a cyberbully, but the people who attacked Amanda Todds are cyberbullies and not trolls. The main difference is Trolls only troll for humour.

But yeah, I’m generally against trolls. They look funny but could morph into cyberbullies pretty quickly.

Okay people, that’s all I could list. I know there are other bad groups as well but these 6 are the worst in my opinion. Honorable mentions include:

- Jelsa Fans
- Homophobes
- Idiots who think metal is satanic
- Child Attention Whores
- Sympathy Beggars
- Wall Spammers
- Twelvies
- Hypersensitive brats
- One Direction Fans
- Foxy The Pirate Fans
- Dub Haters
- Lolicons

Thanks for reading this absolutely useless post. Stay tuned for more ~


Nice. Your best post to date - ProPanda

Thanks m8 - TwilightKitsune

Other honorable mention: Crazy Cancerous Fangirls who has obnoxious obsession to their favorite boy cartoon characters. Their comments are like this:


And if we said we don't like them:

Lol - TwilightKitsune

Forgot this:


Nice use of Danteem's grammar. - purpleyoshi98

Very inaccurate! It's more like this:
@WSNHT$#@QA M<˘¿
}+_&^! Z M<)(*&^%$#DEFVGBJMKL:P_)(*&^%$#@WS ¿"
}+_)(&^%$#EDFVGBKLOP{}+_^%$#EDFVBG(^%$VBNVBNM<>? :P)_(*&^%$#@! QAZXCVBNM<>? :"
|})_(*&^%RFV BM%$$$! - RoseWeasley

I used to be on Facebook a lot but not much anymore. I'm more into YouTube - Neonco31

Yeah, me too - TwilightKitsune

It's because of users like that and more that I rarely use Facebook anymore. Don't even get me started on the music groups... their awful. Honestly I'll stop using by it April. - visitor

Good - TwilightKitsune

There's one more type I can't stand: The Free Trump/Clinton shills who post whatever fake news they can find to make the other candidate look bad.

Anyways, you sure the guy who called you "dear" is only in his 40s? That's something I'd expect from someone in their 80s. - visitor

OH MY GOD, yes. Those people act like they worship Trump/Clinton - TwilightKitsune

Who uses Facebook anyway? haha - TristGamer

Dunno why it's so popular - TwilightKitsune


Hi, There's a Certain Issue Where a Sarah McLachlan Issue Has Replaced TheTopTens Logo on Certain Images. Can You Please Tell Admin About It? - kcianciulli

Ok, I'll look into it kcianciulli - TwilightKitsune

"Album" - kcianciulli

I deactivated my account right at the peak of the election. Was getting tired of seeing nothing but political crap on my feed. I was planning on reactivating it after the whole thing blew over but that's when I realized, what do I even use Facebook for? I have a twitter which I use to catch up on the latest music from my favorite bands, I have a YouTube account so I'm able to have my entertainment and I have the TopTens, which essentially is like Facebook just way smaller, much better and much much more fun.
So it was at that moment where I decided to never use Facebook again. My account has remained deactivated since. - cjWriter1997

I still have my account but I rarely, barely use it. It's just mostly about MLP, anime, Sonic, Steven Universe and most of the boring stuff all over my wall. I don't put anything major in my life there. I'd rather do it here - TwilightKitsune

Feminists? - CrimsonShark

Oh no! The feminists have immigrated from Tumblr to Facebook! There's WAY too many of them, it's an overload! WE MUST BUILD A WALL AND MAKE THE FEMINISTS PAY FOR IT! - TwilightKitsune

Yeah. They should be banned - TwilightKitsune

Ugh, most fangirls in Facebook are CAPSLOCK basher. So, that's why I like AminoApp. No one in AminoApp used Capslock basher. Amino users only used capslock to express something, but onky barely used it. - visitor

(sigh) Don't I just love "X is filled with Y, that's why I use W. W doesn't use Y" stuff? - Swellow

Facebook's OK, I've never been on it, though. However, when it ever comes to my mind to explore the site, I see some pretty idiotic stuff.
For example, I can't stand "mommy memes". We get it, you're a middle-aged stay-at-home housewife with nothing better to do than belittle the things you disdain about the modern era. Please write that in your personal diary, not on the internet.
Weeaboos are definitely annoying, but not as much as dubstep fans or the "yaoi hetalia clan". The first one consists of people who remix EVERYTHING. Think of any song from any year. I bet there's an Elvis or Marilyn Monroe dubstep remix out there. What's even worse, if you bash their genre, they'll call you out as some Justin Bieber worshiper.
Yaoi Hetalia fans, which are pretty much a clan, watch Hetalia for their headcanons. They'll enforce their shippings onto any male character they think of as being a "babe". It's gotten to a point you have to question the people who decided to mock someone for making a heterosexual couple. - Swellow

Never watched Hetalia, but what? - TwilightKitsune

I don't like facebook. I'm afraid if there is a pedophile or something bad happened to me. - visitor

You can just block them - TwilightKitsune

How Can I Add a Topic on TheTopTens? - kcianciulli

Topic? - TwilightKitsune

That's why I never use Facebook. - visitor

How about SelfShippers (if you don't know Selfshippers, they're the fangirls/fanboys who draws theyself dating their favorite fictional characters)? - visitor

IKR - TwilightKitsune

UPDATE: Guys, I have officially deactivated my Facebook account.

I made a new one but I don't use it much - TwilightKitsune

How about Butthurt People who can't take a joke? - AlphaQ

I meet those a lot.. - TwilightKitsune

I meet them a lot, too. - visitor

#3 is hilarious.

Hi dear
I would like to have friendship
Can you send me nudes dear?
I want to sleep with you at night.
I love you dear

- typical indian pervert lmao - visitor

Referencing FreeKeyWorld/MANISHMAHAPATRA? - TwilightKitsune

Referencing a typical indian stalker lol - visitor

Amanda Todd is the reason why Clorox claims to kill 99.9% of germs instead of 100% - visitor

Stop pretending to be like Puga. You're not funny. - TwilightKitsune

HAHAA doesn't matter. Your reaction is hilarious af - visitor

2cool4u laughs at everything, don't take him seriously because he takes nothing seriously. - Skullkid755

He even said last year that if you bully someone and cause them to attempt suicide it's okay because it was there choice. It was on my school rant from last year. I don't agree with it anymore much cause I liked 7th grade more than 6th. - Skullkid755

Their both equally bad. Be balanced with seriousness and unseriousness, 2cool4u doesn't have that balance. - Skullkid755

Poor Amanda Todd ☹ - MLPFan

I know :( - TwilightKitsune

I believe Amanda's stalker was already caught. I'll send you the link of her prepertrator - visitor

SJWs & Alt-rights. - RoseWeasley