Most Annoying Things About Facebook

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81 People Expect You to Have an Account

My Friends were trying to convince me to have an account and I didn't want one and people think I'm lame. - CartoonsGirl

82 Stuff On People's Profiles Which Isn't True

Sometimes they might say they are far older than they actually are, sometimes they might say they live in a certain place when they actually don't live there anymore, they might say they studied at some made-up school etc. - Rorywilbren

83 Facebook Stalking Agenda
84 People With More Than 1000 Friends

How in the hell do you have over 1000 friends when you only know, talk to and hang out with only between 5 and 20 in real life? Seriously? It's not some stupid popularity competition! Just go outside and just be happy with your REAL friends. It's beyond ridiculous and just angers me how some people add almost the whole of Earth's population. Why? Why should you add that many friends without who the vast majority of them even are or even if it's someone you met once like 10 years ago and haven't spoken to them in that time? It doesn't matter at all!

This usually happens to teens even those below 11. In my country for those who are aged 11 already get popular and have over 300 friends.

I seriously don't even know how people can have that many friends. It's ridiculous!

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85 Rude People
86 When the Session Expires Then They Log You Off
87 Posts Like "Like for ___ Ignore for ___"
88 That Guy Who Makes 30 Accounts

Remember your password retard - Ziffe

89 Lil Wayne Wannabes
90 People that say on their profile they work at manchester united when they actually don't and they're 12 years old
91 Like this picture or your grandma will die
92 Your profile picture getting reported to no reason
93 Getting Tagged In Horrible Photos

You have to jump through hoops to get untagged from the bad photos.

94 Share This or Else You'll Die Tonight Posts

It's so creepy! Thank god my friend stopped doing this. That is why I never checked Facebook for a month.

95 People tagging you in over 100 useless photos, filling your wall with their photos
96 Racist Political Facebook Posts

Thankfully, they can get fired for that.

97 "I bet this wont get one share"

It shouldn't get one share its just a picture of a starving child with no links on how to help.

98 Family Stalking You
99 "I Bet 99% of You Won't Repost/Reshare This" Statuses
100 People tagging their dumb friends
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