American Football


The evident lack of open play in the sport and the fact that the players can't even play 15 straight minutes without a break makes this one of the, if not the most boring sport. If you want to see 80 minutes of a truly physical sport then Rugby Union or even rugby league are much better bets. No pads, only one break and almost constant open play. Tell me American football is better than that.

So when there is a "scrum" in rugby, that's considered open play to you? - roflcash4

Throw ball to man, throw ball fail. Second down. Stop clock. Is now five minute later. Try run the ball 10 yard, 10 yard fail. Third down. Stop clock. Five minute later, etc...

Half the time the players are just standing around. The players have like 200 breaks between the beginning of the game until the end. There is a play then a break, a play and a break. Once those fat asses along the line take more than a few step they run out of breath, huffing and puffing after one play. The game is "60 minutes long" but they actually only play like 10 minutes

The fans ruin the game. Going insane over a play or some bad call is ridiculous. What did you expect, one of the two teams are always going to win. Why is anyone so surprised when a team of 11 guys beats another team of 11 guys.

Every game is random, yet people are determined to be flabbergasted when their team loses. They put too much faith in their teams and individual players/coaches. The entire culture is annoying.

This is against most sports in general, however, football lasts several hours and is the premier boring sport.

Most overrated sport. America you are wasting your fat time watching a truly boring sport. Its not even a sport, its an advertising platform where companies like Mcdonalds sells food to fat Americans with nothing better to do. I literally fell asleep when I caught a glimpse of a match. The Rules are hard to follow, Play only lasts for about 10 seconds before it's a foul and its just unnecessary because rugby is already there. PLEASE

"I don't know why this amazing sport is on this list of boring sports. Its not just throwing and tackling, it's a game of precision, skill, strength, and strategy. The coaches have to call the right play every single time and the players have to execute the plays to perfection. It's a very exciting sport and should never be looked upon as one of the most boring ones. Rugby should be way further up the list. I'd like to see you try and play football and see how boring it is then."

I'm sorry, buddy, it IS boring. All the tactics and precision in the world can't make up for the fact that it's only 10 minutes of action over 4 hours. That's the definition of boring! - Livinglegend7

This is rugby football for people that are weak and have no stamina. They should rename it to break football, as a tribute to all the breaks the players take after every run, throw, block or foul. And the full body protection that would put knights and samurais to shame. Also, I don't like the American concept of having separate teams for offense and defense in football and basketball, and similarly, separate groups for pitching and batting, in baseball. - jimmy12lee

Technically it's not football is it? Where's the footwork involved in American Football? The Americans have just taken rugby and pumped it up on steroids. And while I don't watch much, the Superbowl is hilarious in how people are more interested in the commercials than the game most of the time. - Mrveteran

Any game that has 11 or so actual minutes of play in a whole game should really be at the top of this list. If I wanted to be bored by seeing endless advertising and for most of the time, men standing around scratching themselves, I could just go hang out at the mall; it would be literally the same, but with a bit less spandex.

It's boring to watch the huddles, play reviews, commercial breaks, etc. There were a total of 12:06 minutes of actual gameplay during the Super Bowl in 2015. To put that in perspective the halftime show was 12:41 long, and commercials accounted for 1:00:29! Basically, that means Katy Perry was the hardest worker in the 2015 Super Bowl game.

3 seconds of action per play, but don't take my word for it. Look it up, that is the actual average "play time" per down. Then its 20 to 30 seconds of camera cuts to players, coaches, and unfortunately so rarely the cheerleaders. Oh hold on... 3 more seconds of action, then two different replay angles, a huddle of guys waiting for one guy to tell them what to do. Make it a real game and only have a 10 second play clock. The whole of the offensive and defensive lines would be running then! There's just too little action time for me to enjoy it.

Yes I know I can't judge football that much because I've never PLAYED IT but I have my taste in sports and football isn't one, I don't like watching it, I think it's a bit boring unlike my family that loves football and like all those other fans that love it, I just dislike it, not very entertaining in my opinion

Gotta hand it to the American's, this is the worst sport ever created and is a joke. It's boring, it's soft (acres of padding and what's the story with wearing helmets! Have a look at Rugby League if you want to see Man vs Man in a contact sport)). And it can't be called football, you've only got one player who's foot the ball ever sees! And having a defensive and offensive team, only half the total team ever has the chance to really touch the ball! That's like an MBL club having two teams, a fielding team and a batting team. It's a joke.

With all that equipment it's still one of the most dangerous sports.

God, I'm pretty sure 3/4th of Americans watch the Super Bowl because of the COMMERCIALS. The game is just advertising for 10 minutes, a game of throwing a ball back and forth. Touchdown. Foul. More advertising. It bores me as much as school - kaitlynrad11

Surprises me that people love watching football so much, and some have so much knowledge about each NFL player. I only really watch football on the night of the Super Bowl. Otherwise, I prefer to do something more entertaining or useful with my life.

NO I love American Football! There was once a game in 1992 (a playoff game Bills vs Oilers which are now the Titans my brother's team) where the Oilers lead halftime 3? -3 and the game ended with the Bills scoring 41-38. That is crazy. And the most recent super bowl I was for the Falcons but still the Patriots come back was crazy. Sometimes it gets boring like the time the Steelers won against the dolphins (was for the Steelers) with a score of 3-0 by a game winning field goal but still.

I honestly find curling more exciting, the plays last longer! Each player is 2 to 6 seconds and tends to be a repeat of the last, mindnumbingly frustratingly boring! And there's only like 10 minutes of actual play in a 3 hour game! Plus you've got to sit through literally hours of commercials that are supposedly "good' ever wonder why it's not an Olympic sport? Because no one but Americans want to play or watch it!

American Football is so dull that, if I am unlucky enough to be somewhere it is on T.V., I immediately fall into a stupor. Watching a slug crawl up a wall is more interesting than that watching American Football.

One hour of game play crammed into a 3 hour game. One hour of commercials and the rest being fat guys standing around trying to get their breath back from that last 10 yard run they made.

Five second plays and five minutes of guys just standing around in between them. Yeah I don't get how anyone could enjoy watching this sport

I believe that American Football is just commercial things and why do I want to waste my time watching hours of commercial. Where is the quality of sports and the principle of it?

It's like as if football is all people ever depend upon in our society. How are people able to understand the game so well and care about it so much. At least in baseball it's easier to tell what's going on.

American Football is a bunch people tackling a bunch of other people and then wait an hour for another play. People say it takes an hour but in reality it takes forever in between timeouts, flags and a bunch of other crap.

I've never understood why people love this so much. And I live in the south. I can't even walk into Walmart without hearing someone talk about it. Wow! Someone hit another person again! Incredible.

Only seen it once. Hell it was boring, no wonder there's so much going on around the game, it's designed to distract you from the banality of American football.