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Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.


Super boring watching a bunch of whimps swing a stick at a ball and then run to a piece of cloth in the dirt. Probably the only sport besides golf with no athletes. I can take away the skill to hit the ball or to pitch hundred mile an hour balls but I'm not impressed I've never seen a baseball play that made me jump out my seat and loose it. And I'm not just a baseball basher I'm from queens new york and I've been to my fair share of games and watched plenty games and I understand the rules and strategies and I can still say I would honestly prefer to go to church than to sit and watch an almost endless baseball game. And don't even mention the players and the ridiculous injuries. Plus as soon as there's a little drizzle they run back to the lockers. Just can't respect it.

Very very boring. You want to know why they play 162 games, because they don't do anything. They swing a bat at a ball and hit it as hard as they can. So many better sports out there.

I have tried many times to watch baseball. I just can't do it! I remember one time being at a game and watching a bird on the field. It was far more interesting than the game. I would rather have 10 root canals than have to sit through another baseball game. Most of the game, the players are either sitting, or standing.

I hate baseball it's the most boring sport to watch and when I watch it I kinda want to kill myself if I'm forced to watch it. But sometimes when I watch it while eating popcorn I feel as if I just threw it all up. I want that sport to be banned and all who agree with me can take their useless opinions elsewhere

Visiting New York so took the family to a Yankees game. Three hours of pure tedium. Most of the crowd spent the game yawning, playing with their smart phones and left well before the end. Never again!

Utterly tedious, with ridiculous mannerisms such as the batsman unfastening and then refastening each glove after every pitch. Americans even manage to make movies about it! So boring it can bring you to tears.

No skill involved in baseball. Athletes are not really athletes, they only sprint short distances and then rest for like half an hour. Most of these guys are pudgy and slow. Its more of a tradition than it is an exciting, appealing sport.

Baseball is an amazing sport. Tests hand-eye coordination, throwing, fielding, running, and hitting. A lot more things happen in baseball than other typical sports which is simply score the ball/puck in the net for a goal which is actually the boring sports.

Okay no way! If you actually have ever played baseball/softball I believe it's very entertaining to watch and play! And we train and stretch for so long EVERY DAY. I cannot believe this is in top ten much top three

It's boring to play since you have to wait for an eternity before you bat. It's boring to watch because it takes way too long.

Nothing happens. You sit around for 4 hours and if your lucky might see 3 plays that don't make you fall asleep. Guys play at a very high level into their 40s. Must not be to demanding

Base ball has no talent all you do is hit a ball with a stick in football you run you tackle you can dance you have fun all the team works with each other. So let make football the 29th most boring sport. - footballislife

Dude you only get to watch your favorite football team play once a week

Rather go to dentist and get a tooth pulled. you could put me in outfield, I would never see any action and team could still win the game.

Great Guys offense, Now we wait 30 minutes for your turn to swing a stick at ball. Get real this sport is the worst.

Baseball is so boring because no one ever even hits the ball and it is a cheat sport because everybody fielding wears a glove. The umpire and umpire look weird and the batters don't even wear helmets that cover their face properly.

Like cricket brought T20 with new rules to make the game interesting, I feel that baseball too should develop a modern version of the game, to make it less tedious.
Here are some suggestions: Giving 1 point for each successful run to another base, 2 points for running two bases, 6 points for a home run, allowing two "balls" before the batter gets to walk, making the foul lines wider, and finally, not making running mandatory after hitting the ball; the batter can choose to stay if he doesn't think he can make it. - jimmy12lee

Bowls is more exciting and cricket is over the top on the excitement comparison chart with baseball. Of course, there is always the opportunity to wager which team spits the most during camera pan time.

I agree with the four boys from South Park, this is boring except eating their fancy hot dogs! Their games should always ended with Randy Marsh fighting against a guy in the field!

Very monotonic this game is for freak people tactically game is very weak and teach this game is very easy individual technic is just ridiculous and this game is for women very ship game no organized fans like other team sports games very weak

I go to baseball games all summer and on the week ends for my brothers team and I hate it. You sit there and watch people run and hit a ball with a stick.

Baseball is the best sport in the world when playing it is so fun it beats all the other sports like football and basketball because there no point to those sports

Advertisers exploited the patriotic connection in the 1970s with the commercial jingle "baseball, hot dogs, apple pie... We are in the USA if you've a problem move back to whatever third world country you come from..

It's a subtle skills game, with almost invisible size ball, that is not able to capture the attention of people sitting in stadiums. Very little excitement due to low level of visible skill and drama that most audience wants to see.

Wow you can hit a ball and run, congrats. That is baseball, it is like waiting for someone to wake up right when they go to sleep.

I'd rather watch women's curling. The most boring sport on the planet! I want to say that I would watch it to put me to sleep, but it would be hard enough even to do that!