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Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes from a range of 80 to 600 yards on a course in as few strokes as possible.


Golf... Where do I begin

It's the weekend! I truly don't know what to do, so I will just spend my time on a giant golf course searching the ENTIRE DAY for a little ball! I mean, it's so exciting when I FINALLY get the ball in the hole! It might take an hour but who cares! It's the most pointless, stupid sport ever, but it's so fun playing it! Oh, and watching it! Oh the joy! As if it wasn't enough fun PLAYING it, now let me WATCH other people chase some little golf balls everywhere! Excitement plus!

The only thing I DO like about golf is golf CARTS. Now THOSE are awesome. - Minecraftcrazy530

Golf is joke, it should not be consider a sport but a game. Your opponents do not prevent you for achieving a goal. It's your ability and only your ability and the winner is the person who has the best score. Don't get me wrong I golf on the weekends and I love it because of the concentration aspect of the game but there is nothing physical about it. My passion is boxing which was deemed the most difficult sport by ESPN. This is sport, it takes guts to do, many years to perfect and only a few make it. Many boxers start learning the sport at an early age of 6 or younger and even with all those dedications and years of practicing only a few can make it in the pro.

Alright, folks! Before he swings, he's checking wind speed... Checking grass length... Checking...
10 minutes later
He's checking the alignment of the moon and the sun...

How do I define golf? Well, it is a game of hitting golf balls. Now imagine hitting a golf 15 times, and every time you hit it, you ride in a golf cart to the ball. You spend more time in a golf cart than you do playing the game.

You play video games in your spare time I suppose... That's just pressing buttons. you can say that about any sport... Soccer is just kicking a ball and running after it... Tennis is just hitting a ball over and over again.. come on

You're hitting a ball off into the unknown and you might not even find it anymore. Do all golf balls have trackers on them?! What if you hit the ball onto some squirrel or bird, and what if the ball ends up in a fishpond? And golf is a solitary sport that's quiet. It doesn't give you as much exercise as other sports, for all I know.

I really don't think a comment is needed. But, should this really be considered a sport? It is a competitive activity like billiard and darts but not quite a sport, in my opinion.

It doesn't get any more boring than golf. It is barely a sport since only the fat guys get sweaty and even then it's only when they play in 100 degree humidity. And don't give me the "oh you try to make a put from 40 feet" Well, guess what, I also can't fly but that doesn't make flying a sport.

Golf is so boring. There is no point in whacking a ball and then spending bourse to look for a little white ball. Everything golf related is a waste of time and money

It's a rich persons game. They have to have fun too. Starting with a Bloody Mary at 6:00AM and ending up on the 9th hole with a Rob Roy. Then Lunch at the Buffet. laugh out loud..

They should change the rule and put a goalie in front of that hole. That should make it a bit interesting. Perhaps, a goalie dressed like one of them NHL goalies. And an announcer screaming "GOAL! "

I don't get it. It's insanely boring. I've tried it on several course with my husband, who is begging for me to fall in love with it, but I can't stand it. He insists it's great to get out in the fresh air and walk the greens. If I wanna get fresh air and see some greenery I'd rather go hiking and actually build up a sweat. Golf is for those that hate cardio, or the elderly. Sorry.

Dull, unathletic, fat people in bad jumpers. The sports knows it's dull as the trailers try & try to make it more exciting. We all know it's the most boring, pointless spectacle.

How can I watch a sport if the ball is too small for me to see? I squint my hardest to see the ball but it still seems as if the golfers are swinging at nothing... Is it because I'm Asian? I mean come on, even my ball is bigger than some lousy golf ball...

Golf is so annoying all you have to do is hit the ball then hope it goes into a hole. And watching is a new level of boring. Nothing exciting happens except when he pelts the ball with a stick and makes it into a hole.

Yes, it is so boring. I would rather to hear my mom complaining than watching golf. I never heard Tiger Woods make a joke or say something funny. Golfers are pretty arrogant. It is not a sport, it is just a game.

When golf is on espn I get offended because it's not a sport. If old people can do something it's not a sport.

Most boring sport is this! Only excitement is the claps after they hit the golf ball in the hole. Even the announcers are bored. 2 much concentration - shack88fan

So BORING! Sometimes I have to go with my dad to play golf and all you do is walk around a course and occassionally hit a ball. It would be ok if you had a golf buggy and drove it about but no one actually uses them. Playing golf is really really boring and watching it is really really really boring

Wow. I so agree with you. But I never really thought of it the way you described it. They should wipe out the whole golf so called "sport" and replace it with mini golf.

I believe it was Mark Twain who said that "Golf is a good walk spoiled". Definitely the most boring game/sport ever devised. - megabreath

You drive a cart and pay someone to carry the clubs, find the ball and calculate the distance for you. The "athletic" part of "sport" is missing. It's like watching paint dry.

What's the point? Golf is just purely pathetic, I mean, you have to wait 20 minutes watching someone drive in a kart before some one attempts to hit it into a hole, would be better if it was faster

Golf's a game, not a sport. If they had to run from hole to hole or do something athletic than it would be a sport, but still a boring sport.

It's like watching the grass grow with people in the mix. OH LOOK! HE HIT THE BALL! Now he's WALKING to the ball! Riveting.

The most exciting thing about golf is watching the flipping grass on the course grow. There is so many better uses for that land.