Top Ten Most Disappointing Video Games of 2011

This includes the games you were all crazy about and pre-ordered and wasted money but when it comes out it disappoints you... I'm ranking the top ten most disappointing video games of last year which included a big amount of disappointing games.

The Top Ten

1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

It's something different. The graphic is good, but the feeling, when you play it... Not that, what you expected from a Modern Warfare game... They show a lot of different weapons, but just once, you don't get that classic Modern Warfare feeling, what you got from the first two games. And in the top of that, Soap dies. He was a hero in the series, with him Modern Warfare died to. This game is just a requiem.

Believe it or not.. Call of Duty always brings something new to every game. But in MW3 I didn't see any improvements or new gameplay. It's much alike an Combination of Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 the multiplayer always reigns supreme but anyway the game it's not even new.

What's this, A Call of Duty that is the EXACT same as the previous 3, who would have thought that?
Call of Duty has not had any innovation since Call of Duty 4, they haven't even upgraded the engine!
It is the most overrated game series ever!

Worst game I ever played!

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2 Duke Nukem Forever

We waited YEARS for this game to come out, and this is the result? It feels dated, disjointed, broken, and not the Duke that people wanted. More time and effort and passion could've come into this game instead of having the ability to throw human feces around a bathroom endlessly. - BloodyThunderX

3 Rage

It was fun but NOT fun enough. It was an psychopath game and out of control. Dissapointing indeed.

4 Brink

Another Wrong game this time it's WORSE

5 Dragon Age 2

Do I need to explain anything here or not? The game is the worst RPG I've played, period.

Such a pity that this worthless piece of crap is the sequel of the legendary RPG Dragon Age: Origins. It neither has a mindblowing story nor the better darkspawn models from origins

6 Bulletstorm

Damn... The game seemed as such an success but it turned out WRONG.

7 Homefront

Wrong... Wrong wrong wrong.. Just WRONG.

8 Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Crap, I've already wasted more than 100$ on the ultimate bundle! When I played the game itself I couldn't bear to break it in that instant I passed the game to see the ending (which also did dissapoint, and it was confusing) after that I sold it because of all of the money I wasted in it it completely was NOT worth it, now I just play the other Assasins creed games and thinking what Revelations needed for it to be an success.

Alex Amancio came into Ubisoft and stuffed up revelations. Then he came 3 years later to eff up Unity until at last Ubisoft fired him

9 Fight Night Champion

No offense but this game dissapointed me...

10 Kinect Sports Season Two

I wasted like 50$ bucks for it now I would like to get those 50$ back

The Contenders

11 Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Lord of the rings is one of the most historic movie (book) franchise in history... But it's games always suck. LOTR:WITN dissapointed the most.

12 Cave Story 3D
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