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41 Standing Up for Beliefs

As long as your beliefs are not irrational. It was better if you just had said ; standing up for your rights.

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights! ( Bob Marley )

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42 A Healthy Planet
43 The Internet

You wouldn't be reading this had it not been invented. It is a good thing to have but certainly not the most important thing in life. - Britgirl

This list would not exist without the Internet. - Turkeyasylum

So, if we would no have a internet connection during a month we're all gonna die? Get real!

All of us can live without Internet, Internet is like 0.01% of our lives and we can live without it

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44 Freedom

Freedom is not a absolute thing but relative. When you say freedom and if you want to analyse this notion, you will think of it's opposite state captivity or prisoner. To be free is not to be in captivity. It's to be in deliverance of something. But deliverance of what or who? Absolute freedom is impossible and it's objectivity does not exist. And if you're talking about freedom in a subjective matter you have to define your own situation that is something more to do about your own opinion than freedom itself. In other words, many people will define freedom because of their own situation and therefore relative.

Something that you only value when you don't have it?

Very little in life can be enjoyed without the freedom and liberty to make one's own decisions and act on our own behalf.

Everyone needs freedom! - GirlyAnimeLover

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45 Church

I experience the living god he is there he hears you he understands you and by your side whatever you do whatever you go through. I find real joy and peace inside the temple of god called church. Praise you lord. Thank you lord bless all in your care and love amen

It is not wasting time sitting at church

Not every single person prays to Jesus!? A place to pray is better!

A waste if time?

46 Technology

The world is becoming a global one and is full of technology so technology is very important

I didn't mean to vote for this. But heck, technology is important. - RiverClanRocks

Technology is most important your life. And with out technology we can't live.

*most - GirlyAnimeLover

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47 Art

EARTh without ART is just eh

Shouldn't this be in the top 20?

Art is a form of expression. Whatever you think or feel is put into a artform ( whatever art you choose to express yourself ). But if you should have said " expression " is the most important thing in life for you it would be the same. Also what artform is important to you? Music, painting, sculpture, books...? I think it's not precise enough as a word because artforms can be so many things.

Art can show your personality,
Bright paintings will show your Joyce and happiness. Art shows culture, too.
If you have the american culture, you have the american art style. Art is an expressipon.It shows who you are. When you think about it,
Everyting is art, either God's or the human's.
You will not be alive without art.

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48 A Soul

I don't get it? Are you not supposed to have a soul? Or is it something that you have to buy or getting somewhere?

Soul? What is that? A thing? A piece of fire in your heart or something? Who knows? But what we do know is that it represents ourselves.

Scientists can't explain Soul, because it is Spiritual. Science dies not believe in that... - GirlyAnimeLover


49 Ability to do things
50 Guru

Without guru life is like body without breath. Whatever our needs in life that should be under control guru is only one who tells us what is important and what is not. In life every thing must be safe and in hand of guru everyone is safe.

For us Christians, the Guru is God and He teaches us through His word and his word lives on in our hearts.

51 Equality

Absolute equality are the basics of communism. History has proven that this attempt for equality doesn't work in practice. A nice theory ( or speculative knowledge ) but not realistic. I agree on the other hand that some social issues and problems can be solved with social equality but ( equality for all things ) can't be done. Why? Because absolute equality means that different values of things will lose their meaning.

It's the differences in life that makes things worth. If everything should be equal it would become very boring after a while. If you mean equality between men and women you're ignoring the facts of nature ( men are stronger than women etc... exept for some but exeptions do not make a rule ) and you're in fact talking about conditions between women and men ( work, rights etc... ). And that's more to do with socio-economic problems than equality itself. Equality for all. But in what? Music, art, politics, life? Wouldn't that be boring? Equal rights? In civilized countries we're very close to have equal rights. In some countries not because of corrupted politics, theocraties ( it's strange to see god number one on this list when you see that most countries based on god's laws are the most unequal countries when it comes to rights between men and women ). Accept it or not, this world is made with differences and some are better not to be touched.

Everything should be equal. If not, then "Men is better than women! ", "Women is better than men! ", "Teen have their own right to do everything they wanted! "... I hate those - GirlyAnimeLover

All 50 states have Lgbt equality soon!... Then all world!... Healthcare too!... For ALL!

52 Sleep

Sleep is very important. Not enough and you won't be at your best. So get a good sleep tonight.

I have Insomnia... and I am Nocturnal... - GirlyAnimeLover

I don't get enough of it

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54 Good Use of Time

Most important


55 Self Confidence

Most people does not have self confidence... - GirlyAnimeLover

Its all about expressing how u feel..and don't listen to all the negative things people say about u

Self confidence is a key role in anyone's life 😃🎭

56 Linkin Park

Most of their albums suck.

Well there are more important things, such as air and stuff, but some of us REALLY love this band

Um dude.. Music isn't important - Mumbizz01

More than the best band ever! They're the meaning of life!

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57 Fitness

Stupid! Go say that in Ethiopia where people are starving to death. Do you really think that those people are interested in fitness because it will them make attractive towards everyone?

It is one of the most important thing in life. It keeps our life happy and healthy. It also helps attracting a person towards everyone

Can fitness save you from death? - GirlyAnimeLover

Live in Reality. O K.

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58 Faith In God

The most wars in history were religious wars. Just because we put faith in a made up fantasy!

I hate god and I hate stupid religious bigots just shut up don't shove your god crap in my face

Posting it on here isn't shoving our God in your face. You're just getting unreasonably offended. - LordDovahkiin

That comes in faith

Ahaha nope

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59 Power

Power gives or leads to corruption. It's a common fact.

That is true...America is the most powerful country = it's the most corrupted country but doesn't mean its not important it is but medium... - JohnPierre88

This is stupid. People who are given too many power could've destroy humanity... - GirlyAnimeLover


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60 Marijuana

It's a drug in America because they told you so! In most of the countries of Europe it's legal to sell and buy it ( Holland ) or legal to smoke it ( Belgium, Luxembourg... ).

That's a Psychoactive drug and medicines... wow... - GirlyAnimeLover

The guy who does this list must have an addiction to marijuana.

This should not be here. - LordDovahkiin

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