Nico Di Angelo

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Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan.He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trails of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting more.


Nico is surely the most powerful. He has some of the most powers. While Jason and Percy may have better domains, Nico can control ghosts, shadows(shadow travel) and even the dead aka zombies and skeletons. True, Percy may be able to control the water, and Jason the skies, but they are also much older and experiences, as Jason has been at Camp Jupiter since he was like 3, and Percy was already at Camp when Nico arrived. Plus, in a fight, Nico has loads of servants, and can shadow travel away, which would be the exact same as Jason flying away, or Percy using the seas to his advantage. Nico also spends most of his time in the Underworld, hanging out with the dead, which proves he could easily just walk out of the Underworld. That makes him practically immortal. So, he's technically immortal without a curse of Achilles, which makes him much stronger and more powerful than Percy.

Nico is Awesome. Let's be real. A fight between Percy and Nico. Percy swings Nico dodges. Then Percy hits Nico with water but Nico shadow travels behind him, then Nico makes a fixture in the ground Percy was standing on and Percy falls into the underworld. The End. I can think of many scenarios but Nico would win in all as the aim in the fight is to kill and he is the child of the God of the underworld. Also, Nico's personality is amazing. He does not get enough credit. I mean he was not in the HoO prophecy, he could have just left them and not helped but instead he transported a 40 foot statue around half the globe and helped find the doors of death and had to confront Cupid. Let's not forget that he went to Tarturus ALONE. He is always forgotten in camp even after miraculous deeds. Nico is #1 and should be #1. Vote for Nico.

He can control the dead, he can control shadows (meaning shadow travel), he can control rocks, make caves and tunnels, he can put himself in a death trance (meaning he can't die), he can create an army of skeletons and he has the best sword ever that has been dippedinto the river styx GO NICO

Nico is the son of Hades, who rules the entire underworld. In a sense, Poseidon rules the Earths surface, while Zeus rules the sky and the heavens. So in a sense the Big Three rule the three tiers of the world: the underworld, the surface, and the heavens. I am glad he is at number two, as Percy would be able to defeat him in a direct fight. But, due to Percy's loyalty flaw, Nico could capture someone close to Percy like Grover, and get Percy to do whatever he wanted.

Regarding physical combat, Nico is obviously not the strongest. He's not the most experienced fighter, but he is the most independent. The most he was mentored was through Minos, and that only lasted a year. Other than that, Nico trained on his own, which is why he's the most fluid with his powers. I understand that Percy can regenerate his strength in water, but Nico can do the same with shadows (albeit to a lesser extent). I know some of you guys are talking about how drained he gets when he shadow-travels, but he went from passing out by traveling once to transporting a 2400 lb, 40 foot-tall statue, and two other people 300 miles. Yes, he was in a coma afterward, but since then, traveling a few feet at a time in a fight won't do anything to him. Additionally, if he ever tires out, then he can put up a shadow barricade and heal himself while Percy dips his own head in a bucket of water. Or chill inside a shadow and wait.

Okay, I may be biased, but hello? Nico is definitely the most powerful. He can raise the dead, control the Earth (limited), manipulate shadows, and even has divine authority over creatures of the Underworld. Basically, it's a huge arsenal of powers. Even more incredible is his strength of will. He made it through TARTARUS alive while seeing his true face the whole time. Even Percy was nearly driven insane after seeing Tartarus' actual form for a short period of time. And while I think Percy is the main character of the book and hence we've seen more stunts from him than anyone else, keep in mind that Nico is way younger and already rivalling the likes of Jason, son of Jupiter. Just think of how he's going to be like as he ages. Plus, he has extensive training with his power since he trained with the dead constantly ever since he was, what, ten? He definitely has the most potential out of all the others.

In the Son of Poseidon, Hazel said that Jason was the strongest demigod she ever knew... Besides Nico, then that later changed to Percy being #1. Then in later books, Jason himself said that "an angry Nico would be too much to handle" or something along those lines. And since this is Nico, he is always angry. So Percy is #1, but Nico a close 2nd followed by Jason.

Nico, far and away. He turned a boy into a ghost, and sent him to the underworld, by talking, he can rip a chasm into the ground, he can create armies, he can teleport, he can phase, he is almost undoubtedly immortal (as he can probably remember his past life, like Hazel can, and just walk out of the underworld), he also can put himself in a death trance, and EVERYONE is scared of him

He is definitely the most powerful demi-god

Just think about it he started using his powers when he was 10. Even before Percy knew he was a demi-god. This means he is better. Also he is the son of one of the big three. He is definitely very powerful and strong-willed and could, if he tried hard defeat Percy. He is definitely very independent too.

So vote for Nico Di Angelo!

Cause he is the best

Nico is insanely good for being 4 years younger! He can bring people back to life, can turn people into shadows and he can manipulate shadows. He is also a very good fighter and he has gone threw so much he deserves to be number two, Percy could fight him but Nico could outsmart him due to Percy's fatal flaw!

All of this is true. Percy found out he had powers at the age of ten, and has had no family die. (at least not yes, I'm on book five of the heros of olympus, NO SPOILERS! ) But Nico uses and finds out his powers at ten, has his mom die when he was super young, live 70 years at a weird hotel, have his sister die, and have heartache his entire life. Sure, Percy went through tarturouse, but Nico did it voluntarily and got out ALONE. No questions asked, he is the MOST powerful.

I mean seriously, which ten year old can lose their sister, raise skeletons, meet ghosts and stuff? Which eleven year old can fight in the Labyrinth? Which twelve year old can convince his father, the Lord of the Dead, to fight in the Second Titanomachy with him? Which thirteen year old can successfully bring someone from the dead? Which fourteen year old can survive TARTARUS, get captured by giants and put into a jar, and let someone he doesn't fully trust know a secret that, even now, can still be judged? The Angel of the Dead deserves the No. 1 spot on here! TEAM NICO, I say!

When Death was captured, he was controlled the flow of spirits between worlds. The Gods did nothing to prevent him knowing of both camps at once, and even then, he kept it a secret. Reyna shared only a small portion of the pain Nico feels and she could barely take it. His title as 'King of Ghost' means after his farther and maybe the god of death, Nico is the most powerful in the underworld. Give him immortality and he would a formidable god.

Jason said Nico is more than he could handle in house of hades. Nico said Percy is the strongest of them all. Nico is a great option for number 2

At the age of ten, Nico almost killed Percy Jackson! He can raise the dead,
Turn people into mania, shadow travel and change peoples dreams.
Whilst Percy has an fatal weakness: he will do anything to help his friends, Nico has no such flaw. Nico could simply capture someone close to
Percy and tell him to commit suicide or that person will die, and he will it.
However, Percy is powerful and who would win in a direct fight would depend on where they were fighting.

Nico just transforms into shadows during a fight, and then throws shadow attacks at his rival. Plus, his stygian iron packs a heck of a lot more power in it than any celestial bronze or imperial gold. Maybe he can make your shadow attack you.

Can we just appreciate for a second that 10 year old Nico was about to tell the manticore to shove his army up his arse

Nico is definitely the most powerful demigod, I am be a tiny bit bias because he's also I favorite character but I don't think so. I do admit that he may not be the best with his sword skills though he survived Tartarus ALONE and that's kinda amazing. He survived through a lot and didn't lose his sanity. He may not be the best at "physical" but he is definitely the strongest mentally.

In such a short time, he managed to master a lot of abilities. That includes even some of those that aren't completely within his father's control, like hypnokinesis. He gives of this really intimidating aura, and Leo, Frank and even Jason admitted to being scared of him. He also managed to contain a lot of physical and mental pain that stunned even Reyna. I think Nico is just under-appreciated because he isn't necessarily a demigod from any major prophecy, but he is certainly the strongest and most powerful one.

Nico is the most experienced with his powers,and possesses some that are totally out of his father's realm of control, such as hypnokinesis and to a lesser degree, cryokinesis. Aside from that, he trains in the underworld with the dead, with deceased generals and famous fighters and such. There's a lot I can still say to justify this, but what probably convinced me the most is the fact that he managed to survive the true form and horrors of Tartarus alone. Percy and Annabeth had seen a washed down version of it, and even with them together it still unnerved them to a certain effect. Percy had seen only its true form when he was about to lose his consciousness and is in quite a critical condition, and even then he was horrified by it and wondered how Nico was able to survive it. Add that to the fact that Nico even took the time to convince Bob to help Annabeth and Percy when he was there. Nico di Angelo is exceptionally strong, but his will even more so. He braved the massive pain and ...more

Percy is powerful, but Nico's more powerful! Death is way more cooler than water. I mean, you'll die if you get it by a bunch of zombies, skeletons, ghosts, demons, etc. , but what happens if you get hit by a few gallons if water? Probably get drenched.

I think we all underestimate how scary Nico is because he is so adorable & we wanna give him a hug. Look past all that, & there is a really terrifying power that anyone should fear.

Is there Anything Nico can't do? He is awesome with a sword, he bends the shadows to his will, he can raise an army of the UNDEAD! He is in the perfect spot at # 2

For me, Nico is the most powerful demigod (Percy is powerful too) because he can control the dead and can control rocks and the earth. He can open up fissures that can swallow up creatures straight to the Underworld. He can also cause very powerful earth tremors. He can raise the dead, control and manipulate dreams, he can send out fear waves and... ugh! there's just too much to mention! He also has very strong will power allowing him to survive Tartarus ALONE! Team Nico!

I actually think Nico is better than Percy or Jason, but who knows. His character develop so well thorough out the series and very powerful too not to mention, which is his extra point