Darth Malgus

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I think that since he did try to save his "slave" but than realized what she was to him and killed her without even a tear. Even though they loved each other. The fact that He fought for what he believed, unlike other Sith who just wanted power, makes him stronger in the way of the force in my mind.

Look at star wars the old republic, this guy is more badass than vader

He deserves the be number 1 sith ever born, oh and he also survived the most powerful force push that could tear any face apart, and cause of that got a cool face mask.

Darth Malgus should definitely be number one because he killed so many Jedi in the mini movie he was leader of the old Empire and even killed his own master Darth Revan

I think the Fact that He knew what his weakness was and Personally eliminated it while crying afterwards Shows he is both caring and powerful. - Jblood

Malgus was a tank and was responsible for the sacking of the Jedi temple is there anything else to be said about him

Darth Malgus basically surfed a spacecraft into the Jedi temple and destroyed it and everything in it... head on. No politics. No tricks.

Sure Revan was able to hold of the emperor for some time but Malgus was able to bring the REPUBLIC to its KNEES! How is he not #1 - Jblood

While Vitiate was beaten by a single Jedi, Malgus had to be killed by a grand total of FOUR major heroes, including that same jedi. He started a rebelion that caused both republic and empire to quake in fear and, even though the best heroes of the time were sent to kill him, he still survived.

Darth Malgus kill his 1 true love Elina in order to become more powerful What devotion to the Dark Side No one beats Malgus A true Sith by word and deeds unlike Vader Hail Malgus No:16 WHAT AN INSULT

I think Darth malgus is second top sith raven is third best now star killer is the top one sith or Jedi in history

He took down the Jedi Temple and killed a lot of jedi

Darth Malgus destroyed the jedi temple

He should be in the top 5 with darth maul

Honestly I think a sith as powerful as darth malgus should be even with vader.

Darth malgus is like vader tuff but not strong in the force at all

Raahul says Malgus is the best because he can defeat anyone including masters like darth bane. He was the best sith Lord ever

If Vader is on the top ten then so should Malgus.

Darth malgus would have been able to kill a lot of the siths that are a higher rating then him

Should be way higher than almost every one on this list other than vader and sideous he was like the first vader

I cannot top the argument made by someone else about Malgus (the longest comment) but I will say he is much more skilled in every way than Sith like exar Kun, Galen Marek, Vader, plagueis and sidious and bane.

Darth Malgas's journel was used to shape Darth Vader! Not to mention his Force Powers were far greater than Darth Mauls and he held that rank for a short time before his defeat!

Darth malgus became pretty much one with the force and was so powerful his aura destroyed his surroundings, his lightning was known to able to burn the flesh off of multiple jedi at a time a can overwhelm many jedi even when they use lightsabers to block, he was only killed by a skrike team consiting of beings that were all as powerful as the hero of tython who killed emperor vitiate

He is cool but not that powerful. Then again he is a tank and he dueled many high ranking Jedi and his master, who should be on this list. I do think that Tyranus is better than him,but he good

He should be in the top 5. He dafeated some jedi high council members simultaneously. That is sidous level.