Darth Revan

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darth revan was also the killer of his best friend malek otherwise known as alek malek was revan apprentice which tried to kill darth revan but failed *phew*

The Jedi turned Sith turned neutral. This man, no, this GOD OF DESTRUCTION, was defeated only through the cowardly betrayal of a Sith named Scourge, a coward out only to save his only life. He brought the Emperor to his knees before betrayal destroyed him. He was all consuming, calling upon the Light, as well as the Dark in a way of Gray. He fed his power of the Dark Side with the emotions of the Light side, compassion and loyalty and love, so as to create power never before used or known. Unlike the Emperor, who stole his power and immortality from a world and so had power that was not truly his, Revan CREATED his power from himself. He himself was powerful enough to destroy the power of the world forced into one man, only to be brought down by a traitor. So he may have been defeated, but the only man capable of doing so used power that was not truly his, and that is why Revan is the stronger of the two. Revan influenced Bane, who is also incredibly powerful, in the Rule Of Two. ...more - Thanatos5460

He was powerful and verry smart thats wy he is the best sith lord.

Darth Revan was able to deflect lighting and turn the caster to ash. He was able to unleash both sides of the force, which sent Vitiate flying back (who knows what would have happened to any adept force user.) He was able to survive a ship blast, to torture for 3 years, then more torture for 300 years, then return to life after the Foundry was taken. He was able to hold his own for a significant amount of time against some of the best force-users, plus some others at a time (satele, darth marr, HoT, etc.) He had mastered all 7 light saber forms, and created another one for himself. He could perform acrobatic feats impossible for normal humans. He had mastered the light side and multiple dark side powers (force choke, force storm, drain life, crush an organ, slow movement, telekinesis, etc.) and he was a master strategist. Revan definitely deserves to be at the top. Vitiate is powerful and all, but doesn't have the lightsaber skill and force powers that Revan does. And Bane? He learned ...more

Revan is the obvious choice for the number 1 spot. He was a genius, destroying everything in his path, and if you read everything you could, you would've noticed the part where it shows Revan's end. After he was saved from his torturous prison by a Jedi strike team, he continued his life with his companions. On his way to (I forget which planet), he was attacked by rouge Sith. Right before he was dealt the killing blow, Revan's body erupted in a column of light and he was teleported to an eternal planet where he lived forever. Also he understood both sides of the Force, the Light and the Dark. He simply was unstoppable.

We're not even sure he's dead. It's assumed he died of old age eventually, but we have no idea of how he died. Sure he was beaten a few times, but during those times, he always would either win the rematch (against Bastilla and Malak, most notably) or would plant the seeds for their destruction (if Revan and not made significant preparations, could Lord Vitiate have been stopped? Many argue Revan made considerable effort to prepare the Republic for invasion. ) So he's excellent in combat and even has the foresight to deal with opponents far into the future. No other Sith OR Jedi can replicate what he did.

He manages well with all skill, in jedi and sith required levels.
Spiritual/The Force
Good lucks (in face and the best looking sith Armour up to date... )
Physical Abilities
Mental Abilities (Manage to turn his girlfriend to the light side and avoid the dark side again)
Most powerful Jedi of his time, and as a sith, was on par with the sith emperor.
His apprentice (Lord Malek) failed to kill him
Got a chick with force bond...
Got respected by shit loads of Jedis who then turned to the dark side.
Got back into the Jedi order
Got respected again
Killed shit loads of mandorians

More... But he's too awesome, I can't explain more...

Revan was the most powerful as he had extreme control over both the light and dark sides.

Ironically he was only a Sith Lord so he could save the Republic; to save it, he had to conquer it.

A Jedi capable of knowing both the Light and Dark side of the force and use it to his best interest. He went beyond common Force knowledge besting all Force users. He was responsible for both major good and bad influences. However he managed to live for 300 years in imprisonment without resorting to Dark techniques such as The Sith Emperor that enslaved him.

Revan managed to survive for hundreds of years. He was kept in stasis and managed to keep himself alive while the Emperor fed off his essence. He was a master of both the Force and the Saber, and was the first to truly embody what it meant to be a force user, appointing himself to neither the light side, nor the dark side believing that emotions were a more powerful way to access the force then either anger or calm. His knowledge of the force inspired many sith for years to come.

Darth Revan was extremely good at force lightning being able to instantly kill people (similar to Darth Bane's ability), he was probably the best telekinesis user of all time, he definitely did not lack power in the force choke area. He was a master of all forms, though he seemed to be best at Niman, as he favored force use and showed that he could brilliantly combine all forms into one, being extremely unorthodox in his lightsaber movements. He was even able to kill off Vititate without reaching max potential like Vitiate and Sidious did. I believe this is the reason that people think that Revan is so powerful. Not to mention after practically being drugged for 300 years he was able to almost kill many of the best Jedi and Sith of the time (including Darth Nihilus) which is absolutely crazy! The only reason that we see Sidious as destroying planets like nothing is because the EU story line has lots of powerful characters that surpass Sidious in the movies, and people don't like that ...more

Darth Revan is the best HANDS DOWN! He mastered every single aspect of the Force. Every one. When he and his two buddies went to kill Darth Vitiate, he was the one to battle him while Lord Scourge and Meetra Surik spent their time on exterminating the guards protecting this dark lord. About 99.99% of Revan's solo battle with Vitiate was spent without a lightsaber. He had power over both light and dark sides of the Force. He was a Gray Jedi, and a wise one at that. He killed countless Jedi, Sith, and other terrible monters (like the Mandalorians). He possessed a strategic mind, one always ready to win the battle. He knew just about every Force power, light, dark, and universal. He kept Vitiate at bay as the Sith tried to capture his thoughts and dominate his mind. If he wanted to pull a Nihilus and destroy a planet, he would have. He just preferred not to. I just hope that Disney doesn't wipe this character out of existence. That's all I've got to say.

Kreia tells the Jedi exile that when she looked at Revan, it was like looking into the heart of the force itself.

Malak tells Revan that he is neither Jedi nor Sith, that he walks a different path.

Revan is by far one of the most powerful force using beings to ever have exsited if not the most. (I am aware that other Sith lords could bring people back from death, prolong their own lives into lich standards, consume planets with the force, and destroy planets with the force. ) But I still think Revan is the strongest Force sensitive being to have ever lived. And would he wanted to, I'm sure he could have learned to do all that other stuff with the force if he put his mind too it.

It's also noteable that he establishes his connection with the force twice in his life after the jedi order wiped his mind and turned him into a more average man.

As for Bane, where do you think he got those ideas for the sith?

Revan reborn vs. Darth Nyriss, enough said. Haha he is such a badass. Think about it, Revan not even fully himself defeats Darth Malak after fighting his way through the Star Forge and then fully regains his power and is 10 times stronger. If he wasn't betrayed by Scourge he would have defeated the emperor without a doubt.

Revan is the best sith lord because he's not a sith lord. He uses power from both the dark and light side. It's also possible Revan never truly died or rather that he'll live on as a spirit but the reason people love Revan is that he defies both light and dark. Not because of his skills but rather of him Revenge stands for something that shows that it's not all black and white and that we can choose our own path.

Darth Revan wasn't only a extremely powerful force user but he also was the best at lightsaber duals. He found the star forge, nearly destroyed the republic and he fought the sith emperor in exile and still survived 300 years under torture from the sith emperor. In the old republic he didn't even die he exploded into pure force lightning

The most powerful Jedi in terms of fighting prowess as well as being the main instigator of the near annihilation of the republic, followed by his victory over the empire he once served, whilst mastering both the dark and the light side of the force.

Not only was Revan capable of defeating the Mandalorians where the Republic had failed, but he also was both respected and feared by his allies and foes alike, during his time as a Jedi, and just as well during his time as Sith Lord. Revan takes this hands-down.

Not only did revan fall to the dark side and got redeemed back to the light he among a very few master both like and dark, if anyone read the book as soon as he rediscovered himself in the torture chamber he used sith lighting to kill of that sith to save his jedi companion and the sith scourge, vitiates mind was dominated by revan following revans capture, let alone he survive decades in torture of the emperor, a force user this long could easily over power in jedi or sith in the movie

Both jedi master and sith lord. Strategic genius(won several wars). Truly understood the force. Lived for hundreds of years(death still not confirmed). Incredibly powerful(killed sith councilor Nyriss in one blow).

We has the best sith lord because he accomplished a lot like: he fought the great sith emperor by himself, he defeated darth malak, he found the star forge and much more, and, he is probably the my favourite person in star wars

Complete mastery over both the light and dark side of the force. Which is the true essence of the force he conquered hundreds of worlds as both sith and jedi. Not just most powerful sith lord the most powerful character in all star wars history.

Revan is just revan and you can't top that.
He is just the one that no one can defeat.
Those who say Exar Kun deserve 1st well revan would kill him before he would even draw his saber

He could use every force power there was and he even destroyed the galaxy spanning empire he built single handedly, he was talked about millennia after

Raven was the most powerful, but Vader had the potential to be the most powerful force user ever. But revan was the most powerful