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Argentina, officially the Argentine Republic, is a federal republic located in southeastern South America.


After living for my entire life here I can assure anyone that this country is racist. Funny thing, the racism is there even between friends, using lots of racial slurs just to insult each other, like the use of the 'N' word between black people in USA, but between people of different colors and mostly to insult and make people mad than just using it in a friendly way (good friends, uh? ). The racism doesn't go too far (in most cases), but it's always everywhere, from low class to high class and etc. Not everybody is racist, but racism itself is all over the place. Race isn't the only thing getting discriminated all over the place though. - Mas150

As an argentinian I don't think this country is "racist" (as we're talking about skin color) but I do believe it's xenophobic. There's a huge hate to Bolivians, Paraguayans and other South American nationalities. Despite if you're white or dark skinned they would discriminate you because of your social class.

Argentina is not a poor country and it doesn't have a lack of public services. It is a country with a great history and present. Most of the comments that were written here have been done by envious neighbours that wish the were argentinians. No more to say, great country, talented and looking people, best natural scenery in South America and great PUBLIC and FREE universities (for all southamericans).

I'm Brazilian and I traveled to Buenos Aires last month and I totally disagree, I was very well received and treated by most people in Buenos Aires, the locals are bit more serious and shy than Brazilians, but that's not a problem, it is part of their culture and I actually like it, here in Brazil we have too many loud and annoying people on the streets playing radio music out loud and yelling, in Argentina I thought the people were much more polite, I was very well received by the hotel staff, in fact I was much more well received there than my last trip to Florianopolis in the state of Santa Catarina here in Brazil, I personally didn't feel any discrimination against me.

Just because they look white doesn't mean they're superior to the rest of Latin America.

I have friends from Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia. They totally don't know each other, and out of my curiousity, I tried to ask each and every one of them if which country do they hate the most, and they've all said the same thing which really left me in surprise. It was Argentina.

Argentina hates black people. We are always proud of our European grandparents, and we're afraid when we see Africans or others latin coming to live here. We want to keep white.

Their politics and history with people with darker pigmentation suggests Argentina has a lot of work to do.

They feel superior to the other countries but Argentina is poor and dangerous Country, what (? ) I'm from Chile. - Gorre17

I've met 4 argentinians in my life, they were all disgusting bullies, white-supremacists and one of them was a sociopath. The worst of the western world, in my opinion, and I've met a lot of nationalities.

They are hypocrites, they hate natives yet have like a few ancestors that are native.

Argentina is the best country in South America. Always was the most relevant and with a high international role. I think this country triggers envy among all neighbors. It is a prosper country with a lot of immigrants from Europe, this is the reason why argies' physical features is totally different to the rest of South Americans..

South America hates Argentina.

A country of poor immigrants with no social status that just want to be "want a be's.

Simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone that I ever met (Tina Turner said it)

Argentina is not a poor country and is not dangerous. Is a great country to live in and in my opinion is not racist just xenophobic. They don't like People from Paraguay, Bolivia and specially Chile after all the support this country gave to the UK in the Falkland Islands war.

Curiously the best countries lead this ranking!

What? Thhey are not at the top? They think they are white and everything!

I'm argentinian and I think that many people are xenophobic, rather than racist (although there are a lot of racists too) If you are from Chile/Paraguay/Bolivia (or another south american country) and you come here, get ready to be treated like thrash.
The worst thing is that being xenophobic and/or racist is very normalized here, like, if an argentinian discriminates someone from other country, no one will say anything (even if they disagree) and that sucks.

On reply of one of the comments that I'm reading here: First of all, Argentina is not a racist country could be xenphobic but not racist, secondly Argentina is not poor, violent and doesn't have a lack of public services. This is why we are having lots of inmigrants from the rest of southamerica that come to live and study( in our FREE to everyone and excellent public universities).

Yep, their superiority complex come from having more European ancestors such Italians
than other countries in South America, whom they refer to Indios (indians)...and let's not even talk about their big ego

Africans blooded people from any country they live are dumbest and most inferior people on earth. The reason I say this is simply because they love miscegenate with Europeans even if they know that they are extremely racist towards them. This shows Africans has no class, no character, no racial and ethnic pride and no shame. Yes many Africans are good in Entertainment, Music and Sports but still that does not make them appreciative as racial group since they hate their own kind and readily mix with non-blacks on a dime. - TheStand

I do not live in Argentina but I have seen clear racist act against Nigerians. Any way it was in 2008 Beijing Olympic games Nigeria vs Argentina one Argentinean player has fallen down by colliding with rival Nigerian. The Nigerian has tried to pull him up from falling But the so called Messi doesn't allow the Nigerian to touch him. Since then I hate Argentinians.