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Italy, in italian Repubblica Italiana, is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe. more.


Italians are the most xenophobic people that I have ever seen. In any high positions in politics, industry etc... There are no foreigners or really few, but I have never seen one African, Asian with a high position there.

Things must change. Migrants and foreigners should go there and change the mentalities, it's a country (Italy) where there is a lot to do and to invest, but be careful never trust an Italian.

How people could be so xenophobe, only Italian people pretend to be the best in everything, what they are not, that demonstrates how much they are racist.

I am visiting here in Italy now (2013) and it is a very unfriendly country. Speaking with other Visitors here let's me know all jobs go to the Italians so remaining here is not feasible. Hail to America the land of opportunity for ALL people's.

The Italians at Sri Lankan embassy are very unprofessional and extremely racist. Also lots of Italians I met so far are racist.

Italy must be at least in the top 5.
People in Italy start hating you the minute you begin to talk
And they here an accent in your speaking.
I don't know why Germany is even in the top 10. I live in Germany
And I've never been discriminated by Germans.
It's quite the opposite. Germans get discriminated in their own country.

Italian hate African... Black and Muslim People... France should not be in this ranking.

Wherever they immigrate they create a small neighbor then it becomes Italia town, the only people in the planet who do not integrate with others. If you let them in your country, you are pretty much done in 50 years. All they think about is business and money. They are the least generous people on earth and most selfish at all.

Italians come from a bloodline of racism when they have black in their blood like it or not here in America and over there in Italy their racist.

We never expected such arrogant, racist people. They really believe they are superior, they are the center of the world, they are the best in everything, they invented everything. In fact, the reality is totally different, just try to talk with them about all those issues touching their culture, food, traditions and so. You will be surprised to discover them in the deep of the worst human mind.

And then the glaring contradiction is that they constantly butcher their own language with misused random English words! These days hardly any Italian can string a sentence without some weirdly used English word. - BrunoMunter

We are not racist we just want that migrants respect the Italian RULES AND ItalianS PEOPLE. We have the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD and this migrants they are DESTROYED our ITALIA. Also they come and want to eat their foods which are disgusting ItalianS WE HAVE THE BEST FOOD. Therfore we say stop to say here that we are racists. We have most migrants here in Italy and they must happy, they are full lucky to be here in the MOST BEUTIFUL COUNTRY OF THE WORLD. ITALIA ITA:LI ITALIA!

I'm Italian, although I left the country.

Italy has indeed a problem with racism since the big migration in the 2000s.

Despite some areas of the country like the North-East that has 15% of the inhabitants that are 1st generation foreigners, racism is diffused among unheducated young boys and villagers, but can be overt racists/xenophobics even political parties that are relevant in the nation (Lega Nord) and people in public jobs (policemen/carabinieri, bus ticket agents,...).

Also it didn't helped the fact that 99% of the migrants are uneducated labours that have few to none interest in integrating, in my life as an educated qualified worker in Italy I met really a bunch of engineers/teachers/... Coming from other countries, and all of them never experienced racism.

The north-est of Italy is really racist

Look at their comments how much they hate the other ones.
Good Italians left their own country.

I was two years in Italy as a student and at my university, no one would have made relations with international students. they don't care about foreigners even professors give the best mark to them because based on Italian job system priorities for getting a job with those who have perfect GPA that's why the afraid to give a good mark to international students to occupy the jobs by the. If you are an international boy you have less chance to get a girlfriend there, however they recognize you based on nationalities not your abilities

I am Italian and I'm surprised that my country is not in 1st place. Being racist in Italy means "be a defender of the motherland against the foreigners who want to impose their culture and stole our jobs", the figure of the "racist" is therefore accepted by the majority of the population and with the european migrant crisis in 2015 the situation worsened. Most discriminated people are Africans, Asians (especially Chinese and Muslims), Romanians and Albanians.

Certainly the most racists people, arrogant, not educated, minless.
They really believe that they are the best aand that Italy is the center of the world.

The social life in Italian universities regarding foreign students is despicable. If you are seen talking with a blakc student, your friends will ostracise you. This is most racist given that it is a university context.

My stepmom was Italian, and she hated the Mario games for having an Italian character. She literally would not let anyone say the word Mario, because that was her dad's name.

Only place in Europe (so far) I have been openly filthy looks and shouted at in the street. Northern Italians are racist against their own people of the south, also.

Italy is generally racist, though, on the positive side, they're able to preserve their beautiful culture for a longer time.

The only country who has professional sports players literally thrown bananas at..

Yes Italians are very racist, just because they aren't dumb monkeys who accept everyone who comes in their country, just because they don't have any utility in their society and are just cancerous extremists. I would gladly sign to remove Italy from the world because it won't bend down and take it in the ass as any left-progressist country,truly disgusting.Poor immigrants just want to go to Europe and make troubles but those evil Italians just won't help them.

Yet here, in Canada, we are doing the opposite. The Government is entering illegal immigrants and one day they'll be more of them than we are. I don't want to be racist, but... - MaxPap

Sorry, but this country should have been in the top 3.
One of the most racist countries in Europe ever, especially against blacks/Asians. Not in all areas of the country, but a lot especially in the villages. Fear almost everything that is different or strange. Sometimes display racism right onder your nose. Some people in villages think colored people still have blue blood and can be highly educated in 2015!
The legency of Musolini.

Because of the flag of Sardinia

Italians are racist? I've met them and they were really respectful. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ