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Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying the Malaysian Peninsula and part of the island of Borneo. It's known for its beaches, rain forests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences. The sprawling capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts such more.


Until Now they didn't give a chance for Indians or Chinese to be leader of Malaysia.. Indians and Chinese so less get opportunity in job.. Education.. Even in sports.. Is all Malay race who in.. Chinese and Indians have talents and higher education also they still fight for opportunity.. Malays are lazy.. Even don't have education still work in government sector like police.. Teacher.. Many more...

Can't believe it's number 77 on the list. Many racist incidents happened here in Malaysia. Take the 23 may incident for example. What about the recent red shirt rally? The malays are fighting for more rights in this country. Even if they try to convince us that we're all one, we're obviously not.

No freedom of speech for people belonging to certain belief systems

Government denies some benefits depending on the race of people. Racism is baked in the culture, language and even the law.

Maltreatment of foreign maids is the problem

Am surprised to see Malaysia in 38 instead of 1 cause Malaysian are very rude to blacks and African's, racism run deep in Malaysia which is very bad.

Just let other person than Najib become prime minister and all this problem will be done! - P-ja

Worst thing is they ban Christmas :(

So racist and most of all are ignorant and dumb

Malays, Chinese, Indians always fighting everyday... Racism happens in avery aspect...

There is no warmness among Chinese, Indians and malay people... I simply hate this country.

Malaysia should be the number 1 in the list. Racism is widely accepted in that country. S

Malays always get the first priority to get something Chinese and India always last and malays is Muslim they scold Chinese pigs or India cows

The malay are very racist to Africans and primitive people. The people are illiterate/there is low level of education in the country. And they like fighting killing people. Is not a good country for education if not u=you guys will regret

Malaysian never racists against white people or other nationalities, in fact they treat them as well. But in the other hand, Malay treat Chinese and Indians who are Malaysian as they can. They only show racist with Chinese and Indian, but they keep nice with with white people, Malay made them self like faker at all. So for those who're not Malaysian but planning for a vacation in Malaysia, you're safe, you'll never facing racist problem in the whole time while tripping in Malaysia. This's why many white peoples said they feel nice and welcome in Malaysia.

Malaysia it's a country with a lot of issues,specially when they apply muslin rules to the government,they are very stupid and white slaves at the same time,if you are white everything will be good for you,they even suck your shoes

1. In where I stay, there are a Chinese race woman say, 'the Malays here really respect us Chinese.' They are nice.
2. I heard everybody saying Malays are stupid from whoever in school and work place.
3. There is a phone retail which employs only Chinese race, even a friend who is an Indian race that speaks fluent Chinese language, they do not want him.
4. In the Malaysian Institute of Art(a college), especially the Fine Art department we have the nearly most races here but least racist or 0% racist.

As long as you don't try to provoke others, Malaysia will be the "least racist country" among all heavily multi racial countries.

Be nice to others.

Dude it is a great surprise to see Malaysia at 38. As a Malaysian, yes I know and think that some Malaysians are racist, but I espect to see Malaysia out of 40. I am a Malaysian Chinese and I have friends of Malay. I like to eat kek lapis and roti canai. We respect each others' race and religion, and try not to talk about these issues, because we know we may fight. I believe that most racists are people of the government.

Malay Muslim are racist towards everyone that is non Muslim people, they put the article 59 so only malay people will have special privillege. Until now majority of malay living separate with other race after 13may incident. They put dayak people as 2nd class citizen.