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Russia, known as the "Russian Federation", was formed on Dec 25, 1991. It is located mainly in Asia, while a portion of it remains in Europe. The capital and largest city is Moscow, followed by Saint Petersburg in terms of population. The country primarily speaks Russian, a Slavic language. more.


You guys are wrong! Russia is so racist... you just haven't seen or experienced racism yet... and if you haven't seen anything or experienced racism in Russia let's just face it... I guarantee you there is a 98-100% chance you're a white person A survey was taken and 70% of Russians feel differently (in a bad way) towards other races. It's true! According to reports some places outside of Moscow is racist some way more racist than others.

A lot of people died in Russia because of the Nazi Germany an played an important role in taking then down, fact thousands of Russians died in the hands of the Nazis now some people are raising the swastika and worshipping it. Both racist and dumb

Actually not really. Nationalistic, overly so? Sure. But not racist. I guess it depends on where you are too. There are areas that have a rather large race problem. I guess I lied a little bit, because issues of race is a problem here, but not nearly as much as other nations. That definitely doesn't make it ok, but at least come here and you will likely be surprised at your misconception.

Russia is so racist. If you think they hate only non white people, it's not true, they hate more people - they hate all non Russians.

Russia is among the worst in terms of white nationalism and she is extremely xenophobic. Those who face the most hostility are immigrants from countries who were once part of the soviet union. such as the Kazakhs and Georgians and even those within in modern Russia such as the Chechens and the Siberians. fitting with the rest of the world there's hatred towards afro-Caribbean's simply because they don't like the colour of their skin and the way they look and of course scapegoating Muslims as a whole for terrorist attacks with in Russia. Russians have a simply ultranationalist belief, that if you are not from this land in terms of blood and soil, then you do not belong here.

I am Jewish and I live in Russia. I can say that it is hard to live here because the majority of people every day say that Hitler was cool and I must be in a gas chamber. It is offensively. - Alex_Sandra

Very racist country and very dangerous for foreigners in general

Russia should be number 1 Just look out how they fund all racist far-right parties throughout Europe.

I love Russia, but it by far the most racist country. I'll probably be branded as a racist even though Russians are Whiter than Americans, oh the irony.

Extremely racist should be number ine

Russia loves Argentina and both of them are racist!

I would never go to Russia because a lot of Black people get killed, sometimes kidnapped

I'm from Moscow but my origin is Volga German. It's an extremely racist country. Extremely! For example, when you read acommodation ads every other ad says "Slavs only." or "Slavic-looking people only". Same for ordering a taxi, once I was asked if I wanted to put a note "Slavic driver only" in my order. Or even job offers. It's totally normal and not illegal. My boyfriend is Asian and many of my "friends" think it's crazy because Russians rarely date other races.And they can call him "narrow-eyed" in my presence, they don't think it's anything wrong. My family also experienced some hate in the past for being Germans, but not as much anymore. But I had some classmates telling me the tI'm a Nazi and should go back to Germany etc. Also you can hardy get a regular job here if you don't speak perfect Russian without an accent, especially if you're Asian or another race. They hate it so much, I have never seen a waiter, shop assistant or any kind of higher position worker with an imperfect ...more

Russians absolutely look down upon their neighbors and former subjects of previous incarnations of their state. Hell, they even hate the closest ethnicity they have - the Ukrainians.

Russians are the most racist, xenophobic and homophobic people in the world. Russia is basically a pool of hate. - LucasMota

Russians are not really racist, there are over 100 native etnicities that live there and lots of Asian immigrants. They are more of nationalists but that's a little different path - temich85

Alexsandra is not a Jewish name and I know because I am Jewish and Putin invited Jews from Europe so I don't know what you are talking about.

I disagree. I am Russian, and, although we have a pretty racist president (Putin) not everyone is racist, you know!

Very racist country. and it's so dangerous. many foreigners die every day in Moscow by Nazi gangs random attacks. very aggressive people and has no respect for others. avoid please.

I agree strongly they are very racist and aggressive people who feel that they are superior than other. human races

Only against countries they have a beef with. And honestly only Zhirinovsky supporters (equivalent trump). They don't like Japanese. that's kind of it. Are usually very friendly to people from other parts. I'm from Kazakhstan.

My people share a border with them (Kazakhs). And most of the cleavages are based on Nationality. Examples being Chechnya, and some of the Black Sea areas. To be honest, they're not really racist. They're fairly misunderstood. Very nationalistic though, and the homophobia thing is getting way out of hand there. It's like the USA was in the 80s.

Russia is seriously the most racist country in the world. In the past, officially the non-Russians in Siberia (the natives) were called "inorodsi" meaning foreginers. To this day the Asian people are discriminated in Russia and in this country there are a lot of skinhead groups whose only job is to made lives horrible for these "foreigners". From the European part, perhaps Romanians and Polish people are the most hated in Russia (for trully stupid reasons).

Russo is not racist or white supremist. They are just Russo supremist.

I'm Russian. I know how racist Russian people are. We never show our racism,but every white Russian believes white people are the best. I used to think so, until went to Ireland, Canada. I met many different people so my attitude changed. In Russia you will never be "Russian" if you are not white.
Doesn't matter you were born in this country or speak perfect Russian.