Most Underrated Kylie Minogue Songs


The Top Ten

1 Get Outta My Way
2 On a Night Like This

Very beautiful song which deserved much higher recognition - Irina2932

Such an amazing song. It is great xx I love you Kylie and I love this song, especially the Aphrodite les folia tour version, just so good and deserves more recognition x

3 In My Arms

Favorite Kylie Song.

4 Red Blooded Woman
5 Come Into My World

To perform the best song from Fever as a gorgeous piano ballad was an amazing move. This is the best Abbey Road recording and deserves more recognition.

I voted this as my favourite Kylie song. Love It!

6 Love at First Sight
7 Please Stay
8 It's No Secret
9 Fever

It's a simple song with a simple melody and lyrics, but somehow it sticks to your mind. I love this song and it's so underrated. - mood333

10 Put Yourself in My Place

The Contenders

11 Light Years

It seems like most of the other songs on this list were already big hits for Kylie and remembered as her classics, so I don't really think that they are "under-rated. " This song is one of my favorites. It holds a special meaning for me and always thought this should have been a monster hit.

I think this song has a deeper hidden meaning. This one was way ahead of its time and should be ranked up there with her classics.

Probably my all-time favorite Kylie song! Love the innovative sound and the hidden inspirational message.

Often forgotten, this is my all-time favorite. Has a more desguised, deeper and inspirational meaning than most people realize.

12 Wouldn't Change a Thing
13 Did It Again
14 Breathe

Although it was one of Kylie's singles, Breathe was very underrated, despite it being one of her finest recordings to date. The fresh, trip-hop sound is unusual for Kylie, but amazing. Her breathy, beautiful vocals are standouts of her career. This may be "creative Kylie" but it can still be played alongside any of her other singles from "Slow" to "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" to "I Should Be So Lucky" to "Confide In Me" and even her new singles "Timebomb", "Flower" and "Whistle" - all also underrated.

15 Into the Blue
16 Chocolate
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