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341 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Best spider movie from five released - dubbelvla

342 The Godfather

Movie isn't underrated wrong list - dubbelvla

343 Scarface V 1 Comment
344 My Neighbor Totoro
345 A Woman of Paris
346 The Transformers: The Movie
347 Sayonara
348 Schindler's List

In what way this movie is underrated? - dubbelvla

How is a masterpiece considered underrated?

349 Godzilla (2014)
350 Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom
351 Stalker (1979)
352 Andrei Rublev
353 Late Spring
354 Ikiru
355 Tokyo Story

Movie is not underrated; its number 1 movie of all times in many lists; its overrated - dubbelvla

356 Rashomon
357 Melancholie der Engel
358 The Mirror
359 The Shadow

Next to Christopher Reeve's turn as Superman, this is the greatest as well as most underrated of all superhero movies.
(especially worth looking into by Batman fans, since Bob Kane basically cloned The Shadow in many of not most ways. )

360 Gordy
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