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41 Big Trouble in Little China
42 Requiem for a Dream

I think the opposite is more accurate. This movie is too overrated as one of the best drug-movies when it's just a moral seeking movie with false unrealistic over the top facts.

Amazing acting, kids if your thinking about taking drugs watch this films, it's a great story about a group of people who's lives become even better after taking drugs!

I think the theme song was more well known than the movie.

43 Malcolm X
44 American Gangster
45 Monty Python's Life of Brian
46 Ted
47 Heat

Has good gangsters scenes mixed with poor love scenario - dubbelvla

48 Johnny Dangerously
49 This is England
50 Back to the Future: Part II
51 Blast From the Past
52 American Psycho
53 The Italian Job

Is a very enjoyable heist movie with wit, action, and humor and very tiny cars.


I like this movie. It had a decent soundtrack and good animation. I even own the video game for Wii and the movie on dvd.

It should be adapted into a T.V. show one day

I really liked this1990 movie as a kid - Ajkloth

55 The Great Mouse Detective
56 Gone With the Wind

This is only underrated within the Milenial Generation. They are the only ones who can't appreciate this film.

Every 30 year old person or older loves this movie. - Szonana

57 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I know this movie had things that didn't work, but, did it really deserve the hate it got, I'm mean I'll give people a free pass to hate Lex Luther, but by all standards I don't think this movie is awful

Ben Affleck is best Bruce Wayne; directors cut version of movie is very good - dubbelvla

Batman vs superman wasn't really that bad of a film, don't get me wrong, it had it's problems but it didn't really deserve all the hate it got

This should be much higher. It gets 8.5/10 stars from me. - NickWillems

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58 Penguins of Madagascar
59 Man on the Moon
60 Scream 3
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