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61 This is England
62 Late Spring
63 The Human Centipede
64 Back to the Future: Part II
65 American Psycho
66 The Italian Job

Is a very enjoyable heist movie with wit, action, and humor and very tiny cars.


I like this movie. It had a decent soundtrack and good animation. I even own the video game for Wii and the movie on dvd.

It should be adapted into a T.V. show one day

I really liked this1990 movie as a kid - Ajkloth

68 The Great Mouse Detective
69 Gone With the Wind V 1 Comment
70 Jaws 2
71 Copycat
72 Man on the Moon
73 Grave of the Fireflies
74 Scream 3
75 Munich

Not good spy film by spielberg - dubbelvla

76 Ikiru
77 Antichrist
78 Cannibal Holocaust

Second best and most meaningfull for horror genre after exorcist - dubbelvla

79 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I know this movie had things that didn't work, but, did it really deserve the hate it got, I'm mean I'll give people a free pass to hate Lex Luther, but by all standards I don't think this movie is awful

Ben Affleck is best Bruce Wayne; directors cut version of movie is very good - dubbelvla

Batman vs superman wasn't really that bad of a film, don't get me wrong, it had it's problems but it didn't really deserve all the hate it got

This should be much higher. It gets 8.5/10 stars from me. - NickWillems

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80 Ultraviolet
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