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61 Man on the Moon
62 Scream 3
63 Munich

Not good spy film by spielberg - dubbelvla

64 SpongeBob SquarePants: Atlantis Squarepantis
65 Grave of the Fireflies
66 Moonraker
67 Cape Fear

This movie is very disapointing - dubbelvla

68 Empire of the Sun

Another disappionting long and boring movie by spielberg - dubbelvla

69 Moonrise Kingdom
70 Return to Oz
71 Buried
72 Romeo and Juliet (1968)
73 X-Men: The Last Stand
74 Back to the Future: Part II
75 White Chicks V 1 Comment
76 Veggietales: Celery Night Fever

VeggieTales is universally underrated. VeggieTales In the House needs more hate, though. I was quite disappointed by The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, with a gigantic contemporary reference (which is Rock Monster). And VeggieTales: Celery Night Fever is not an exception. It had Terry crews, and VeggieTales usually had much better animation than Penis With a Chance of Meatballs 2.

77 Copycat
78 Daylight
79 Robin Hood

Is this the rustle crow one

80 Enemy
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