Most Well Thought Out Movies

The Top Ten Most Well Thought Out Movies

1 Inception

Clever script that is a breath of fresh air

2 Shutter Island

Amazing script that cleverly draws every viewer in and allows them to experience this roller coaster ride front seat with the lead character

Amazing acting by DiCaprio- he made it all so believable

3 Death at a Funeral (UK)

Got me rolling on the floor, crying my eye sockets out! There were times when I was still laughing at the previous joke and then a new one came in and I just laughed so hard that I didn't know what to do with myself #death by laughter

American version can never measure up. Nothing can.

4 Primal Fear
5 There Will Be Blood

Didn't know oil movies could be so much fun. Amazing stuff.

6 The Mist

Interesting horror movie where the people you are stuck with are more scary than the big man eating creatures outside. Clever and believable.

7 Slumdog Millionaire
8 Hide and Seek

The acting, the script- out of this world!

9 Crash

This movie is an example of the intertwining storyline formula done right. This film has such a big impact on its audience and I found myself thinking about it long after it was over. Some great supporting performances! It was awesome getting to see Sandra Bullock play a character like this (she is truly under-appreciated).

So many movies have tried the "several stories that are all related" scene- this one undoubtedly does it the best.

10 Memento

The Contenders

11 Back to the Future
12 Gladiator

Emotionally gripping with enough action to keep the guys entertained. Clinical.

13 Interstellar
14 Predestination
15 Saw (2004)
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