Top 10 Movies That Are Incredibly Hard to Watch

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1 The Legend of the Titanic (Animated)

What makes this film really hard to watch is that the giant octopus puts the titanic back together and nobody in the movie dies at all. This movie is so insulting to not just history and the kid's intelligence, but to the people who died on the titanic.

Or not to scare little kids, so instead they should have got a horrible histories version.

2 A Serbian Film

Could you believe that a critic paired this movie with Fred: The Movie as his least favorite viewing experiences of the year?

3 Cannibal Holocaust

Truly grotesque parts in this movie

4 The Human Centipede

I think what makes it hardest to watch is that someone was sick enough to think of this laugh out loud - xpixie

To answer that question zpixie, it was made when the people who worked on the movie were talking about ways to punish child molesters - SuperHyperdude

5 The Exorcist

That's what happened to me once. I had to go through 8 months thinking that the movie's cursed.

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6 Kids
7 I Spit On Your Grave
8 A Clockwork Orange
9 Rubber

I laughed for the first half of this movie... Then I realized I was literally just watching a tire roll around and kill people

10 Titanic (1997)

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11 Someone's Knocking at the Door
12 Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Those poor, poor children. :(

13 Antichrist
14 Requiem for a Dream
15 Titanic: The Legend Goes On

That rapping dog... I refuse to believe this ever happened.

16 Tentacolino
17 Saw
18 Schindler's List
19 Frozen

If anyone gets this movie mixed up with the Disney version you'd be in for quite a nasty surprise.

20 Where the Dead Go to Die
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