Top Ten Movies with the Worst Fanbases


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1 Twilight


2 Frozen

Even though I Do like This Movie Yah The fandom Was Awful But Now Its Old - VideoGamefan5 does their fans - SuperBABY

Honestly the frozen love has really died down

3 Fifty Shades of Grey

Yuck Why Do people Like this? - VideoGamefan5

4 Star Wars

Just for the fact that everyone, almost EVERY STAR WARS FAN, despises The Last Jedi and the rest of the Disney Star Wars series and will literally murder anyone who loves any of those films makes me furious.

Just for their hatred of The Last Jedi, to which in my opinion is one of the Top 5 Best Star Wars films (but not Top 3), is why I think the Star Wars fanbase should be #1. - OnyxDash

That defense is one of stupidest that I had ever read. By the dumb logic of that comment, you're pretty much implying that every movie( minus documentaries) is good.

How is this not number 1? The Star Wars fanbase is one of the whiniest and most insufferable groups of people out there. - SplashMoun10

This should be at number 1 - MegaSoulhero

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5 Scarface

Many fans of this movie literally became criminals because of this movie. That says a lot about the fans of this overrated garbage. The fans of this film would rival the twilight and Dark Knight fanatics for worst movie fanbase ever.

I don't believe that Frozen's fanbase is worse than Scarface's. At least Frozen did not inspire people to become killers.

6 The Dark Knight

Its fanbase would give out death threats to those that say anything short of perfection about it. That's just stupid, since this was just a dumb action film that pretended to be philosophical and intellectual.

7 Finding Dory

This fanbase Is So butthurt when someone says that they don't like this movie, grow up, Its Called Opinions, Its just A dumb kids movie - VideoGamefan5

8 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


My god those bvs dc fanboys are the worst - Triceratops

These Dc Fanboys Are So Annoying - VideoGamefan5

9 Fantastic Four

Why Do People Defend This Excuse For A Superhero Movie? - VideoGamefan5

This film sucks, worst marvel movie, makes Howard the Duck look like Avengers

This makes elektra and Howard the duck look like avengers

10 The Lego Movie

Even If I Like This Movie (I Used To Be Crazy Over It, But Know I Still Like It Just Not Crazy) The Fanbase Keeps Doing Stuff To Frozen Fanbase, Okay? Seriously? they don't Have Anything in Common Why Are People With A Lego Movie Against A Princess Movie? - VideoGamefan5

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? The Avengers: Infinity War

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11 Suicide Squad

I didn't watch the movie. From what I've heard, it seems like an awful film. But the fans went wild and petitioned to ban Rotten Tomatoes for giving it 28%? Crazy. - naFrovivuS

The Fanbase isn't Really The Problem The Problem Is the Hatebase Beacause of the Hype this Movie Had That The Negative Reviews Ruined It People Went Angry, Screw Rotten Tomatoes - VideoGamefan5

12 The Dark Knight Rises

Along with the twilight films, the deadpool films, and the jurassic world films, the dark knight rises is one of the worst movies that the fans think is great. These fans gave out death threats to people and even critics that said anything besides great about this stupid film. Same can be said about it's dumb, overrated predecessor. If it weren't for the overrated characters, and the hero had been some character played by jason statham or steven seagal, then the film would not be regarded highly by anyone. The dark knight rises sucks.

The fans of this terrible film thinks that it's one of the best films ever. Like they would think that if the main character was Steven Seagal.

You have to be ignorant if you think this was a great movie. 2004's Catwoman is better than this garbage.

It's weird that Nolanites think that his movies are of high intellect and philosophy. None of that described this stupid movie.

13 Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

Get this to number 1! The fanbase is always butthurt

14 Ghostbusters

Don't Get Me Wrong, I Do Like Ghostbusters, But They Just Won't Shut Up About The Reboot, And People Are Still Hating It Just Beacause They Were Hating It, But Seriously The Reboot Was Actually Pretty Good - VideoGamefan5

15 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

I haven't seen this movie, but I don't need to see this movie to know that its fanbase is terrible. The movie is about a singer that has one of the worst fanbases ever.

16 Hotel Transylvania
17 Jurassic World

This film sucked. Half decent poachers wouldn't of let the stupid things that happened in this movie happen.

That was so good

A stupid, over-praised b-movie. Most dinosaur movies on the Syfy channel are better than this stupid film.

18 Deadpool

People that like this film must have a crummy obsession.


19 Ice Age

They expect everyone to like it, and insults those who prefers the sequels!

You can get insulted for prefering the sequels over this one, it's ridicoulus! Check my list of best things about ice age sequels for proof if you don't believe me - darthvadern

20 High School Musical
21 Zootopia

They expect everyone to like it, and call the haters bandwagoners (like what? ) - darthvadern

22 The Hunger Games
23 The Secret Life of Pets

Since when did commercial success determine the quality of something? By the logic of those fans, Justin Bieber kicked ass. The way that fans of the stupid films on this list think about those films, that's basically how Bieber fans think about him.

Get this to number 1! People treat secret life of pets like a god! And whenever someone hates the movie, they'll say, your just jealous that secret life of pets kicked ass in box office!

24 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Fans always say this is the best thing in a history of everything. Don't get me wrong I love this movie but the fans overrate this film too much.

25 James and the Giant Peach

This Film Doesn't Have A Fanbase, Disney1994 Is Really Stupid - VideoGamefan5

26 Big Hero 6

Oh, crap. Some butthurt AniMat hater put this super-underrated, heartfelt, deep, action-packed, three-dimensional film here...

27 Shrek

I don't know why the fanbase is full of perverted people (and potentially child stalkers). Worst meme and fanbase of the decade. Worse than bronies.

This is a meme

28 My Little Pony: The Movie

I know right?
Don't call them bronies, call them "moviebronies". - alazeemrasaq2005

29 Fantasia

This movie Is Such A classic It's A Piece Of Art That Deserves Its Praise Disney1994 Can Shut Up - VideoGamefan5

30 Treasure Planet
31 The Nightmare Before Christmas
32 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
33 Dumb and Dumber

Whats Wrong With This Movie? It Doesn't Have that Much Of A Fanbase - VideoGamefan5

34 The Hangover
35 Camp Rock
36 Teen Beach Movie
37 Braveheart
38 Saving Private Ryan
39 Minions
40 The Godfather
41 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
42 Iron Man 3
43 Titanic
44 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
45 Monsters, Inc.
46 Monsters University
47 Toy Story
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