Top 10 Movies You Don't Wanna See Being Played at Your School


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1 Justin Bieber Never Say Never

Definitely don't wanna see a movie about Justin Bieber at my school - christangrant

I never want to see this movie, and I Never will. - Metalfan2112

I don't know why people hate this. I mean, who doesn't love Justin Bieber - BeiberCraftFan167

2 High School Musical

Trust me...there are some girls in my class who love this movie and complains about the movie not being played at school, But I'm not surprised...As they like Beiber and Anaconda as well. - Ananya

I had the misfortune of watching this three times when I was at school despite every girl in the class hating it even more than the boys did! - Entranced98

Unfortunately, in my days of high school, it was. I want those two hours of my life back. - PositronWildhawk


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3 The Emoji Movie

Watching this at a cinema or at home would probably be very painful, but watching this at school would probably make you suicidal. - drdevil

Watching this all the way through is going to be suicide. - Entranced98

It's from the same company that brought us the Open Season sequels, The Smurfs duology, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 and the Hotel Transylvania trilogy. AniMat was right about Sony Pictures Animation from the childishly hyperactive animation to the child-pandering nature, but he hates it a little too much.

Emoji Movie but a 1000 degree knife slices everything.

That's a video on youtube.

*Hello darkness my old friend...* - mattstat716

4 Foodfight!

How to give a bunch of Kids Nightmares play this movie at school - christangrant

5 Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)

So disgusting definitely don't wanna see this being played at my school - christangrant

6 Fifty Shades of Grey

No school authority would be daft enough to allow this trash to be played...yay! - Ananya

Heck no I don't watch any of that crap - Ilovedolphins4b

Hold up there, this could be pretty informative when it comes to sex ed! - PositronWildhawk


7 Disaster Movie

It would be a Disaster to see this being played at a school - christangrant

This movie has the perfect title because it's a disaster - PeeledBanana

8 Where the Dead Go to Die
9 Norm of the North

This would cause global warming in an instant, because we need to murder the lemmings. Besides, Polar Bear's are to take care of the north; not us! - mattstat716

This should never be played in school, imagine the distress it would cause.

10 The Last Airbender

Children, today in retardation class, we'll be watching a movie that is so bad it kills off most of your existing brain functions! - TwilightKitsune

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11 Suicide Squad

I still feel bad for my brother who was forced to watch this at college. - Entranced98

Overrated Trash - VideoGamefan5

Why did this Go at The bottom of The list? - VideoGamefan5

Hell no this movie is overrated and it sucks because it ruined many Dc Characters Including the Joker - christangrant

12 One Direction: This is Us
13 The Nut Job

The movie's actually better than it seems. - mattstat716

Sounds so wrong... - Entranced98

14 Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie

Imagine if this was played in high school or university.

Unless if Barney appears to be Godzilla at the end, and destroys the earth. - Metalfan2112

That cover though...Barney is staring into my soul. - Cartoonfan202

TORTURE - mattstat716

15 Cool Cat Saves the Kids

A school might play this - unlike the other movies on this list - because this is an anti bullying movie - SpectralOwl

It sucks and it doesn't teach you good things. It teaches you to open unsolicited text messages. - Cartoonfan202

16 Godzilla (1998)
17 Battlefield Earth
18 Frozen

My school OVERplayed this movie to death and now I don't want want to see it be played at my school ever - christangrant

I did have a maths teacher who loved this movie. She was humming Let It Go while working. Fortunately, that's as far as it went. - PositronWildhawk

Who the hell likes this crappy movie anymore? It used to be shoved into everyone's faces and it's annoying! - LemonComputer

19 Fifty Shades of Black
20 Barnyard
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