Top 10 Movies You Secretly Hate

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21 Alien
22 Ghostbusters
23 The Haunted Mansion
24 Dracula (1931)
25 Toy Story 3
26 Bridesmaids

There are way better movies like The Prestige and Casino that deserve a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even Gladiator & Forrest Gump deserve a better score than this! I don't think it's really the superhero movies that are plaguing Hollywood, some are pretty great. I think it's the rough comedies that are polluting it. And the majority of that crap comes from the people at Sony who make unfunny comedies that are only made to sell money.

This is very unfunny like the majority of rough comedies that flop at the box office like the movie #24.

27 Frozen
28 Kong: Skull Island
29 Rough Night
30 The Boss Baby
31 Mrs. Doubtfire
32 Avatar
33 Alien: Covenant

Nope. Perfectly fine film, and far more watchable than the turd known as Prometheus. - Mrveteran

34 The Mummy Returns
35 Kindergarten Cop
36 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

Never! SOz I'm a potterhead

37 The Jungle Book

The remake is amazing, but this one is not!

38 Captain America: The First Avenger
39 Jurassic World
40 Mean Girls

At least, it's better and funnier than Bridesmaids.

I love this movie

Though "hate" is an exaggeration, I secretly find it ridicously cringy to the point I'm unconfortable to watch it but I still claim to like it - Organ

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