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1 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Has there ever been an actor more perfectly cast than Jack Nicholson as McMurphy? He was BORN to play this part--and his performance is one of the greatest ever seen on the big screen! It really says something that this movie is even better than Chinatown--which is also one of the best films of all time. But Nicholson's brilliance in "Cuckoo's Nest" is unsurpassed!

Hilarious, touching and inspirational!
Jack played this so perfectly that Everything was natural and completely believable - including his influence on the other patients, his reaching the Chief, and McMurphys Spirit accompanying the Chief's escape!

My favourite actor and movie of all time. I absolutely love Jack Nicholson, I adore him. The Shining would be my second favourite, then Chinatown, then Five Easy Pieces, and then As Good As It Gets. He's also so sexy.

2 The Shining

This was a very tough decision to make! Every jack nicholson movie is amazing. This is my favorite jack nicholson movie but I think that this is his best movie and the departed is his second best. That's my favorite movie by Martin Scoursese and jack had a great supporting role in it. I will end this by saying that jack nicholson is one of the best actors of all time and he has turned just about every one of his acting roles into pure gold!

THE SHINING : An award winning performance by Jack Nicholson paired with an equally good actress. A suspense thriller that will leave you breathless from start to finish. This is one of Jack's movies that I have repeatedly watched. Awesome!

What a superb performance from a brilliant man. Jack makes acting look so easy & The Shining shows off his incredible talent. The scenes in The Gold Room with Joe Turkel are some of my favourite movie moments closely followed by the Red Bathroom scene with Delbert or Is it Charles Grady?
He works his magic throughout The Shining & to think Kubrick initially wanted Jon Voight to play Jack Torrance.
Jack Nicholson thank you, we salute you Sir.
Mark - Sutton Coldfield

3 Five Easy Pieces

Number 9? Democracy doesn't always work.

4 Chinatown

Here, Jack Nicholson gives such a smooth and sublime performance that he makes you forget his later roles in which he somewhat played a caricature of himself. This is easily one of his best roles and one of the few movies where you think to yourself that you're not watching Jack Nicholson but rather his character. Chinatown is a great movie from Roman Polanski that is complemented by Nicholson's fine acting as the slick, shark grinned private detective Jake Gittes.

Out of the 4 above this movie I saw 3. One flew over the cuckoos nest I gave 3.5 stars, the shining I gave 4.5, and the departed I gave 4 stars. This is one of the 12 total movies that I've given five stars and for a good reason.

Perfect cast, perfect story, understated but smart, complex and an ending that makes you go, "what, that just can't be the end". Only the French are usually brave enough to deliver an ending like Chinatown's.

5 Batman

Never is going to be another Joker like Jake!

6 The Departed

It was just one of those amazing movies. Jack Nicholson doesn't steal the show, but he definitely stars in a great film with a great cast of actors, with a good performance.

Awesome movie with an amazing performance from Jack Nicholson. He plays a very frightening character. This movie is a masterpiece from Martin Scorsese

Another great performance from one of the great actors of all time, and this movie makes him look frightening

7 The Last Detail

Amazing Performance from petty officer "badass" buddusky... Definitely not his best... But deserves a place in the top 10!

8 A Few Good Men

Is there anyone who doesn't remember his character, particularly his trial examination by Tom Cruise?


I am a Jack Nicholson fan - so anythng he does fals into the momorable category - But a Few Good Men" was his best.

Love this movie. Jack Nicholson played a great role. He did a fanominal job playing the Kernel. I enjoyed this movie very much and would watch it over and over again. It was great, and also, Tom cruse wasn't bad looking either

Probably the greatest script that I have ever experienced. The climax alone is worth watching, capable of chilling even the most bravest of souls.

9 As Good as it Gets

Incredible script, with inspiring character development. Nicholson plays the obsessive writer with such grace and nuance, dancing between humor and pathos.

I have seeing the movie a zillion time.
I don't ever get tired watching it.
Can you tell I just love that movie!

The funniest movie ever, bar none. Jack at his finest. Sharp, witty, sexy, and always classy.

10 About Schmidt

I go for About Schmitz 'cause he carries this glamorous movie on his own! Although we all know Payne is a top-rated director and writer but Nicholson himself in this picture is something really!

Excellent Movie! Still watch it at least 6 times per year. Deserved more attention when it came out. Wow!

This movie hit very close to home! I have been there done that!. I even own the same
Make & model Winnebago. Need I say more!

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11 Easy Rider

The ultimate road movie of the 60's and when Jack as George Hanson showed up, this film became twice as good as it was before. And it was great. George was funny and deep at the same time and it was made possible Mr. Nicholson with his outstandig performance.

One of my favorites. Jack played a great par in this movie.

Whaaat? Am I Seeing Right? My favorite movie of all time isn't even on the top 10?

12 Anger Management

This was a great movie. It has a lot of twists and turns in it. If you miss just a minute of it you will be lost. I like the way Jack manipulated Adam and got him and his girlfriend together again and even got him to kiss her in front of other people. One of my favorites.

"So Pretty oh so pretty" hahaha it's so good words can't explain.

13 The Bucket List

The bucket list was my favorite that I saw. He and Morgan just seemed to have agreat connection. It was a very touching movie, I cried, laughed, and loved Jack and Morgan together.

The bucket list should be No.4. It had 2 of my favorite actors Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman

Such a touching film. It inspired me so much.

14 Mars Attacks!

It was a great movie! Jack was brilliant as the president, and the eccentric casino owner. The combination of Tim Burton's directing, and Jack Nicholson's acting made the film a sci-fi marvel! It was a movie that was supposed to be bad! Aliens, green goop, skeletons, cows on fire, a senile old lady, and video game-this movie had everything!

This movie was panned and did not do well at the box office, but I absolutely Love it!

How isn't this on the list!?!?!

15 Something's Gotta Give

One of the finest movies ever made after Gone with the Wind, I could feel and share the romance and fun of the movie, brought hope to my life as a middle aged man that life can still be beautiful.
Michael A

Awesome movie with great acting and lines!

This is one perfect film with amazing actors. Personaly, I loved this type of comedy. Beautifull story about midlle aged people, specialy about midlle aged men.

16 Terms of Endearment

How can this be in the top 10? He won a very deserving Oscar for this

17 The Passenger

Another great movie and performance of Jack Nicholson's! & again, he's absolutely HOT.

18 Wolf

I like this movie a lot

19 Prizzi's Honor

This may not be his greatest, but its definitely up there with his best work.

20 The Pledge

Underrated but Excellent movie and role by Jack.

21 The Fortune
22 The Witches Of Eastwick
23 Ironweed

Should be on the top 30

24 The Two Jakes

Nicholson's character is emotional, sensitive and perspicacious while dealing with exquisitely bad people. He has every right to be cynical, but his anger is instead righteous. A great performance. This is a sequel to Chinatown. You must see Chinatown first or you won't understand it.

25 The Little Shop of Horrors
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