Top 10 Underrated Episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

This is a list of the Friendship is Magic episodes that you feel deserve more attention or receive too much hate. These do not necessarily have to be your favorite episodes but they should be episodes that you believe are underrated.
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1 A Bird in the Hoof

Celestia was the best part of this episode.

Nobody ever talks about this episode. It's really funny!

The Yakety Sax chase scene is the best part!

I love how celestia was just trying to have fun and be a normal pony even though the cakes we're out sround her

2 To Where And Back Again

Very underrated finale in my opinion. Trixie was amazing in this episode, yea she was being a little salty in this but she was great. Starlight was great also.

How the hell is this even near the top 10 of worst episodes? This was a million times better than the season 5 finale. It may not have been as good as Twilight's Kingdom or The Cutie Map, but it was thoroughly entertaining to watch throughout, despite a few flaws. I loved the way Starlight was handled in this finale, and her conflict here made sense. The lack of explanation for how everyone got captured and the changelings new looks were my only major complaints about this finale. Loved everything else. I'm also glad they didn't reform Chrysalis. Starlight haters, watch Starlight episodes with an open mind before writing them off next time. It helped me overcome my initial indifference towards Starlight going into season 6.

Not really sure why the finale has such mixed feelings. I personally thought it was one of the best, if not the best, finales of the series. The mane 6 getting captured rather easily and the changelings new forms were my only complaints about it. Loved everything else.

I don't even care if our main characters got worfed! The secondary characters were awesome, especially Discord and Trixie!

3 Fluttershy Leans In

Realmente me gusto que le dieran un conclusiĆ³n al personaje de Fluttershy

4 A Matter Of Principals

I don't get why people criticize Discord's portrayal when chaos is in his nature and he often can't help himself - unlike the cocky condescending jerk he was in What About Discord?... - TylertheTitan

5 Equestria Games

Spike's singing of the Cloudsdale anthem is among the best instances of cringe comedy that I have ever seen. The episode as a whole is very good showing of Spike's character.

I love how it shows a pony version of the Olympic games. Truly brilliant episode, deserves more praise.

Just because the episode was focused on Spike doesn't actually make it bad.

I have to admit though, spike singing the anthem was physically painful.

6 Appleoosa's Most Wanted

This Is Probably One Of The Most Divisive Episodes Of The Whole Show While It Isn't Like Putting Your Hoof Down Where People Either Love It, Like It, Find It Okay Or The Most Commune Thought The Worst Episode Of The Whole Show. But With Appaloosa's Most Wanted I Seem To Be The Only One Who Really Loves This Episode Sear The Grown Up's Are Morns But It Isn't As Aggravating Rainbow Dash's Behaviour In 28 Pranks Later Or As Petty As The Cart Before The Ponies. But Other Then That It's Got A Really Soled Plot Some Likeable Main Characters And A Very Good Moral It Has A Lot More Good To Offer Then Princess Spike Or What About Disocord

Once I watch this episode, I was like what...this is so boring than the other episodes. The thing that only makes me funny is when Troubleshoe makes a problem...I just wait until someone changes my channel and their own channel...It is so long though...

It was such a good episode! People acted like it was nothing! Same with Princess Spike.

This episode is the foreshadowing of the CMC's true talent.

7 The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows

This is actually one of Pinkie's best episodes.

Very funny episode.

8 Made in Manehattan

It's pretty boring, but it was nice to see a Rarity and Applejack episode where they don't spend the entire 22 minutes arguing.

This episode has one of the best morals in the show.

9 Hard to Say Anything
10 No Second Prances

This episode made up for all the idiocy of "Boast Busters". Love the connection (and bonding) between Starlight and Trixie. Those two becoming friends is very believable, not something pulled out of someone's butt just for convenience's sake. Later episodes are proof of that. Twilight may be out of character, but maybe not. She's may be overly protective. She sees it as her duty to teach Starlight the ways of friendship. She's simply afraid that Trixie might lead Starlight down the wrong path.

A pretty good episode if you can forgive how out of character Twilight was.

This made me love trixie's character, willing o commit sucide because her and starlight had one fight. Love trixie.

My favourite episode since I hate Trixie

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11 A Hearth's Warming Tail

Yes, I know! It's another interpretation of "A Christmas Carol", but I loved this one. The songs here are fantastic. A must watch during the holidays.

Best Season Six episode EVER (party cannon)!

12 The Times They Are a Changeling

Nice thing that they added the first voice of a changeling (or Queen Chrysalis). And also they showed the changeling nest for the first time in the show (first appearance in the comics). I didn't know why this belonged to the list

Oh come on! Spike sang at this episode!

13 Magical Mystery Cure

This is one of the best episodes of the entire series. People overreacted to this episode and are often way too harsh on it.

This episode is the best of the season. I didn't hate that Twilight became a princess, in fact, I think it shows how much she has grown as a character. I liked most of the songs, specially "A True, True friend" and "I've got to find a way." I even cried a bit at the end :')

People went wwway to overboard on hating on this episode I look back and am so happy Twily became a alicorn princess

14 Celestial Advice

This episode is already underrated. I'm starting to trust IMDb less and less everyday. This episode gave Celestia the character development she has desperately needed. - TexasBro93

This is coming out with season 7,and I KNOW it will be underrated.

Yeah,I love Cele a lot,best pony in my opinion. I'm sorry,but Luna is so overrated. I couldn't wait for this episode,and MORE GOOD NEWS(Spoilers! ) A Royal Probelm 7:10 is a LUNA AND CELE EPISODE! Eek! Can't wait!

15 It Ain't Easy Being Breezies

This episode is by far one of the best of the whole series and yet it's over looken almost entirely. Why is it so great you ask? Because it teaches an important lesson: don't be too kind. Fluttershy's element of kindness always makes a character who is very open to helping others and yet here constantly pampering the breezies puts them in more danger than it does good. A lot of "kid's shows" teach kids to be nice, overly nice, this is where the fine line of being a push over and being a true helper, a balance that Fluttershy has struggled withsince day one. In this episode Fluttershy finally makes good on her development that's not played up for laughs. Fluttershy being firm with the breezies is not only a huge step forward in her development (given that true character growth didn't appear until season 4 for fluttershy) but it also shows that doing the truthfully kind thing for someone is neither easy or pretty sometimes. Fluttershy standing here grown and getting the breezies to ...more

This episode may not be the most interesting episode, but I still find it quite enjoyable. Fluttershy also has good character development in this episode.

16 Mysterious Mare Do Well

The episode has a lot of funny moments. I don't think it is as bad as people say it is. Even though it is one of the weaker episodes, there have been worse episodes.

I'm sorry but number 9 cannot do this episode justice! The Mysterious Mare Do Well isn't an underrated episode. It's the best episode of the entire series.

This episode was awesome! Massively underrated and there are much worse episodes, meriweather williams gets to much hate she's actually a really good writer- Gary badmen

LOL. I don't know why many people hated this ep. I kinda enjoyed seeing egotistical rainbow dash LOL.

17 Boast Busters

It did introduce Trixie (and I'm really glad for that), but it handled her and the entire showpony attitude completely wrong. It also gives a bad taste when our heroines step on the stage to 1up Trixie. It just feels wrong and could have (should have) been handled a lot better. But yes, seeing how Trixie is good now and in a lot of awesome episodes of Seasons 6 and 7, I think Boast Busters deserved a least a little bit of credit.

I don't get why so many people hate this episode. It did introduce Trixie after all.

18 Friendship University

Rarity is so funny In this episode

19 Crystal Empire Parts 1 and 2

I thought this episode was awesome! It's also one of the darker episodes of the series. Spike also has a really awesome moment towards the end of the episode.

One of my favorite episodes.

20 All Bottled Up

The guys on IMDb hate it for some reason, but whatever. This episode was fun to watch. Starlight and Trixie together just might be one of the best duos in the entire show. - TexasBro93

21 Brotherhooves Social

Some people take things way too seriously. I don't think Orchard Blossom was intended to be a hateful jab at transgender people.

I hate this episode! And to person who just commented everybody seems to have like it. I don't!

Why do some people dislike this episode? It had one of the best endings in the whole series!

Has the most heartwarming ending ever and actually makes crossdressers seem acceptable.

22 The Show Stoppers

I don't know why this episode gets hate? Loved the cmc's silliness in this. Like hellllooo there kids/fillies.

23 Hearts and Hooves Day

This episode was funny and SELF-AWARE of how annoying Big Mac and Cheerilee were

I watch this episode all of the time! CheeriMac furevah!

24 Testing Testing 1, 2, 3
25 Friendship is Magic Parts 1 and 2

These first two episodes are hardly ever talked about anymore. While not as good as the rest of the series, these episodes are very enjoyable and do a good job of introducing the characters.

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