Top Ten Myths About Britain

Time to put these myths to bed (with a nice hot cup of tea).

The Top Ten

1 We Have Bad Teeth

I only had buckteeth and it was in the family but I had braces, and bedtime headgear.

You have been watching the Jeremy Kyle show too much.

Who said anything about us having bad teeth?!?! And, if that theory exists, is that the biggest stereotype there is of Britain? I think not. - PositronWildhawk

Not so. Everyone I speak to has a lovely white smile

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2 We Are All Posh

No we're not ALL blessed with being able to speak the Queen's English darling, just us chosen few. Now go away, pleb! - Britgirl

There are so many different accents, we can't possibly all be posh.

3 All We Do Is Drink Tea

Obviously not or why are we known for liking our beer a little too much?

4 We Are All Royalists

Not all of us are in favour of the monarchy

5 We All Hate Each Other

Only Scotland hates everyone

Only scotland truly hates everyone else, England, Wales and N. Ireland all have rivalries in sport (and sometimes the sports fans take it too far) but we all get along just fine. DESTROY SCOTLAND!

6 We Hate Americans

I haven't met anyone who hates Americans. I certainly don't.

We actually quite like you lot.

Disney is American, and we like Disney. And most of us have Apple too...

7 We Love Crumpets

Can't stand them. Much prefer croissants, the tasty French alternative. Which goes to show we don't hate France either. - PositronWildhawk

Untrue. I have never put a one of those yuk things in my mouth

Crumpets are nothinig like croissants.

8 We All Love Football

I hate football as much as a football fan is generally stupid. And stats show that almost half of Brits hate it. - PositronWildhawk


9 We Have a Dry Sense of Humour

I cannot possibly concur. The British SOH is dryer than a shepherd's sandal! Or some other dry thing! - Britgirl

Agree. Lee Evans is the funniest man on the planet! - Britgirl

In fact it's a bit wet around the edges.

My favorite comic, Lee Evans, is British - Danielsun182

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10 We Are Not Patriotic

Just because we don't yell UK UK UK! like Americans yell USA USA USA! Does not mean we are not patriotic.

I absolutely LOVE Britain/England with a severe passion. I'm so proud of what this tiny nation has achieved. Have you seen the many thousands of proud, flag-waving, people who come together on special occasions? I am also a devout royalist. I could be here all day talking about this but my tea and crumpets are getting cold. - Britgirl

Yes we are. Every single household has something with the British flag on it.

The Contenders

11 We Hate the French
12 London Buses and Cabs Are Unique

I see hundreds of tourists in London rushing up to buses and saying to them selves, "Wow, it's a London bus! " It's like any other bus, as they soon find out. Duh. - PositronWildhawk

Are they?

13 We Live a Downton Abbey Lifestyle
14 We All Live in Thatched Cottages
15 We All Read Jane Austen Novels
16 Northern England is Grim

Not at all. Some of the most beautiful places are in the north. It may not be as 'rich' as the south but this doesn't stop the people being the friendliest in the whole of England. You can sit next to a stranger on the bus, get talking and by the end of the journey, you've swapped names and number and you find yourself being invited 'for a brew'. So no, the north of England is not 'grim' at all. - Britgirl

17 We Say 'Bloody' All the Time

No we bloody don't! This is so bloody untrue. Who bloody told you this? Well take it from me, they're bloody wrong. BLOODY CHEEK! - Britgirl

18 We All Have "Keep Calm and Carry On" Posters

Ha! Who put this? I hold my hand up to being the typical Brit (minus the 'bad teeth') without shame. I have this as a fridge magnet and as poster on my bedroom wall. It makes me smile. Every time I look at it. - Britgirl

19 We All Have "Keep Calm and Drink Tea" Posters
20 United Kingdom is Not United

As previously stated; it's only Scotland who hates everyone. - Britgirl

21 We Have a Stiff Upper Lip
22 The Men Wear Bowler Hats

The men wear...? There are myths and there are MYTHS! Haha! Bowler hats indeed! - Britgirl

23 We Are Nice
24 We all have a crush on Prince William or Harry
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