Top Ten Names for a New Pokémon Region

I'm making a new Pokémon region and it needs a name! Please suggest your ideas, and the name in first will win.

The Top Ten

1 Westling

It's not a nonsense word, it sounds like a relaxing place to live, and most of all, it actually sounds like a real name for a region.

Yeah, I like it, it has a peaceful serene feel to it. - moonwolf

What? westling? this is the funniest word/meme in the world

2 Verlik

I like this one. Wow your much better at making up names for regions than I am! - itz_izzy

3 Ontoe
4 Xefdaser
5 Yellkedhi
6 Zaclop
7 Resweft

This one is very creative, and it doesn't look like it has any base words in it, like Tewtwonow.

8 Tewtwonow
9 Deefgollyu
10 Torrez

The Contenders

11 Amare

It means "Love" in Latin. (Pronounced: Uh-Mar-Ay) - moonwolf

12 Quiklij
13 Darth Lugar
14 Baboo
15 Atlantlas


16 Puerto Oro
17 Buena Terra
18 Poppo City
19 Luminezio
20 Pyntor
21 Lindo
22 Singa
23 Metha
24 Biiho
25 Jaaed
26 Todonomos
27 ElectricFire

A Pokemon who does electric and fire at the same time. Cool isn't it? - JaysTop10List

28 Zarmla
29 Staten Island
30 Rick Ross William Leonard Roberts II, better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper and entrepreneur.
31 Anti-Pac
32 Noaliyah

No aaliyah. Kind of an awesome name. Eh?

33 Sremmurd
34 No Flex Zone
35 Forexxia

It sounds cool don't you think? - RiverClanRocks

36 Arleos
37 Herifyu
38 Elementure
39 Vilue
40 Digronz
41 Haidar
42 Galindo
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