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Naruto x Hinata

Naruhina and Sasusaku is the perfect ending
Both Couples are cute and represent Sun and Moon contrast which is interesting. If we give basis on the Original naruto series instead of shippuden it is almost clear these both are gonna become canons.
It is good that both Girls who surpassed their every limit for the men they loved n who were always neglecting their feelings at the end finally get their happy ending and are not left heartbroken. Both Sakura and Hinata.
Naruto and Sasuke got the powers n more character development so it would be fair to see that at least the female characters never gave up n finally reached the hearts of the men they loved no matter what

I liked this pairing more in Naruto than Naruto Shippuden.

In Naruto, he motivates Hinata to move forward and start fighting for herself more; and she cares greatly for him, helping him out and being by his side. During the OG series, I was rooting for Hinata.

But in Shippuden, I really felt like the relationship became stale. Naruto had so many other things going on in his life (primarily chasing after Sasuke) and had goals, aspirations and dreams.
But what about Hinata? All I saw was her pining over Naruto. Yes, she had become much more strong and confident; but at the same time I felt like her character was reduced simply to 'LOVES NARUTO'.

This in my opinion, is a great shame. I would've preferred if she was an equal standing by Naruto's side, but instead she is chasing desperately after him; even using perilous situations as a means to get closer to him.

Hinata... You don't need to suffer this much for the guy you love. You can find someone who'll ...more

They are such a cute couple. SasuNaru was also my ship but that was not a possibility. Hinata understood Naruto from the beginning she was not just a fangirl. Naruto was also cutely dense about Hinata's feelings as someone who never experienced it before but he did have a soft spot for this cute and shy girl. The only thing lacking was more interactions but their romance was really good overall.

The best romance in Naruto! Hinata was able to see past the bad grades and the huge pranks and the fact Naruto almost had no friends to the person inside when nobody else could. A beautiful couple.

Sasuke x Naruto

SasuNaru is the best couple ever shown in the Naruto anime. There is no way Sakura could have a great relationship with either of the above-mentioned boys. Naruto was the one who continuously kept on trying to bring Sasuke back, but in case of Sakura, I can't really remember her doing anything other than crying for him. They have kissed twice, even though they were accidental kisses, but haven't you just noticed the duration of their kisses, specially the second one in the waterfall? Come on, their hands were connected, not their heads! They could have pulled away quickly, but they didn't! Sasuke also remembered in one of the episodes where Naruto was badly injured or something, he said : " I remember what he tastes like"! And anyone who asked or reminded Naruto of his first kiss, then what did he thought? Exactly, he remembered his first kiss was Sasuke! Aren't these hints enough to remind the SasuSaku lovers about how cannon the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke is? I ...more

I feel like Sasuke and Naruto have a really strong bond. There is repeated imagery of the two serving as parallels to one another (like in the Shippuden opening in which Naruto is flung out of water whilst Sasuke is drowining); and as they're both orphans they understand each other's suffering pretty well.

These two always seem to grow stronger both apart, and together. And I feel like especially in Boruto; despite Sasuke leaving again- they remain in regular contact! Sasuke barely even contacts his wife or kid, yet he contacts Naruto? Maybe this is because Naruto is Hokage, but I'm not sure...

Though there were times in which their rivalry became really negative and dangerous- especially when Sasuke's jealousy got the better of him in the later series- and Naruto's desperate attempts to reclaim Sasuke lead to really unhealthy encounters... I still really support this pairing.

There were times within Shippuden in which Sasuke didn't really seem to react to, or ...more

Sasusaku made no sense, he never showed any interest in her, and all she did was obsess and fangirl over him with a completely different image of what he was in her head to how he actually was in real life. Overall Sakura herself would have made a more relatable and likable character had they had her personality evolve and feelings for Sasuke leave along with her power boose. I'm half convinced they got married simply because Sasuke wanted to continue his clan and not because he actually had feelings for her. Also, multiple attempts at cold-blooded murder is not the basis for a happy OR healthy relationship.

Naruhina was sweet, and had overall better chemistry than Sasusaku, but it would have been better in the OG series where he motivated her and made her into a stronger character, instead of in Shippuden where she is stuck chasing after him, there's no communication between them, and Naruto somehow miraculously developed feelings for her overnight instead of continuing to not ...more

Naruto and Sasuke had more ship moments. Naruto and Hinata's love was cute but lacked communication in the beginning. Sakura just seemed like some persistent fan girl. She chased and chased him. She did not bring Sasuke back. Naruto fought to go get that boy. If he did the thing that his brother did to him, wouldn't that put her in a sister relationship? If it had been Naruto, people would say it was. The girls really have an unrealistic love. The only real thing I see is the guys marrying them just for their abilities to make children and the fact homosexuality isn't accept. They both don't seem to be truly in love with their wives.

Sasuke and Sakura

I've seen theories about the pair and I'm very much intrigued how well those play out. Everything starting from their Zodiac signs, behaviors, personalities, colors: leo and aries 100% compatibility, goth and barbie, cold and soft, black and pink/ blue and red. Sakura is the light in sasuke's life. She's shown endless love, passion, empathy, never ending support to him which all of these are exactly what Sasuke needs. She gives him the feeling of contentment.
Now I'm sure people contradict this into "Sasuke is a bastard for not showing any love towards Sakura" , "sakura deserves better blah blah" ...but if you look close enough you'll see the love in sasuke's eyes too. In the manga there are multiple panels of just them looking at each other's eyes. And we talking about a shonen manga by the way. They speak less but understand more. Sakura was the only one who knew sasuke is leaving konoha. Sakura tried to fill the hole inside his heart, desperately but as convincing as that ...more

...WHY!? This couple makes no sense. In the first part 1 they made more sense (even then there wasn't much besides Sakura's pre-teen obsession like he was an Emo Justin Bieber) but come part 2 there was nothing. Literally, anytime they were on screen together he was either ignoring her, insulting her or attacking her. They are not a healthy couple from either perspective. From Sasuke's he has this girl that he hasn't shown much romantic interest because he had only one thing important to him. She's been obsessed with him since they were pre-teens for only shallow reasons and excepts something more from him when he literally showed nothing towards her and there is no reason for her to lovehim. Sakura's part she hasbeen chasing this boy who has been emotionally and physically distant from her for years and when she's with him, he shows that he couldn't care less if she lives or not. How is this healthy? How is this romantic? Why because he gives one apology after all the stuff he put ...more

The best and the most interesting pairing, it's the type where you need to look at little details to understand the whole picture. Relationships don't always start full of sunshine and rainbows, they had hard pasts before becoming couple unlike other ones where they make it so simple and nothing wrong types which is not realistic. I like when there's a character with deeply troubled past and then there's someone who wants to help him, those types always have hard time at the beginning but the guy changed for the better now, no matter how much people hate them, they have both moved on and are happy, only the haters can't move on or understand them sadly. Its not a pairing which is easy to understand, those who have had difficulties in the past and more rational thinking people tend to understand more

Ok I just feel bad for this ship, at one point pt.1 everyone wanted it to happen so bad there was so much development but it all went down hill at shippuden, after they both tried to kill each other sakura suddenly reveals that she still likes sasuke. If only it was written better for example making sasuke have a flashback after he knocked out Sakura and make him remember the death of his clan and make him cry, that stuff makes the fans go crazy! But no you just make him smile which I guess is ok? But it could’ve been better at over times for example again, making Karin and other dude I don’t care about remind him of team 7 and make him remember the times they had but no! You just see a plain old boring team of one good character (sasuke) and the rest characters that nobody really cares about, That’s all I say.

Minato x Kushina

They were like, the PERFECT MATCH FOR EACH OTHER! They had a great chemistry, and their child Naruto was born out of love, not because of mere and forced reasons like reviving a clan like SasuSaku! Honestly, don't tell me you hate Minato x Kushina's chemistry, because I think, no, I BELIEVE, that Minato x Kushina's chemistry is just perfect!

They (Kushina) gave birth to Naruto. They gave him good advice in they're last moments, and still had a huge impact in the series in the short screen-time they had.

Even though we didn't see this ship too much, all the scenes were so ADORABLE. Not just that, but Minato was always nice to Kushina and in general it is an amazing ship.

This should be Top1 really. I love them, they're the most kawaii and makes the most sense!

Kushina loves Minato and so does he. According to Kushina, Minato was the only one(aside from Naruto later on) commending her red hair(if I was there I'd have told her that I want red hair like hers too! ) And he was her knight in shining armor. Since then she cared about her hair and became the most beautiful female of Naruto series. And about Minato, he's cool. He's so cool, handsome and funny he should've been alive! Both of them balance each other out. I loved how Kushina thanked Minato(both times when he got selected for 4th hokage when she was also the one wanting to be a hokage, and other when they both were dying)

It was so cute.

Temari x Shikamaru

I love the way when Temari and Shikamaru first met in the Chunin exams, Shikamaru said, "My opponent is a girl. Why do I always have to fight girls? And this one is punky. I hate punky." Then they get into a relasionship. A hilarious moment. A great couple.

I love those two together, because they look good together. Honestly, I have never paid attention to any other couple than SasuNaru in my life, but I Must admit, Temari x Shikamaru are great together!

This ship is pretty much undeniable. The chemistry was there from the very beginning. Temari, in my opinion one of the few truly bad-ass female characters (Why didn't she get more screen time! ) didn't fawn over or chase Shikamaru relentlessly when he so obviously rejected her (No offense SakuSasu), or dated him as a second-option (Looking at you, Ino, and yes, I do mean to offend you), and there relationship wasn't overly cliche, and quite frankly, it just fit. Of all the ships in this show, this one was done the best, since it was implied from the beginning. The sarcastic remarks, the mutual respect, everything is done so well in this ship. I only wish they got more screen time.

Personally, this relationship feels natural to me. Temari and Shikamaru acknowledge each others' talents, work well as a team and have really interesting dialouge.

They may have many petty debates, but I think that is just how they communicate and get to know one another.

Temari's spunky attitude paired with Shikamaru's calm logic is so nice, and they're both very smart and skilfull Ninja! I love this pairing!

Neji x Tenten

I'm going to give great points on both characters. Tenten is one of my favorite female characters. I absolutly hate Sakura, always puching Naruto and fawning over Sasuke and crying and being useless. Tenten DOES something. Tenten and Rock Lee...hmm. I think Lee is great, but him with Tenten? No. They're friends. Neji is crazy powerful, and it's terrifying watching him fight. With his eyeball thingy it's like he's attaching your organs (barf). Scary. But he lighted up, and if he didn't die, their relationship would've blossomed.

I don't know if it is just because I've never read the manga, but I've never seen these two together. Sure they spent time together but they were teammates. I feel like Neji and Tenten were more like friends and teammates.. The only solid evidence for this shipping is in the tsukuyomi dream she had, and that was AFTER Neji died. I don't know for sure though cause Tenten didn't get enough screen time, and what little she had honestly told us she could secretly love ANY character in the Naruto. But I do think tenten had so much potential as a character and I am sad that her only strong moments were in filler episodes.

All the other girls are way to clingy and annoying. I find NejiTen is a perfect couple.
Ino always ends up passing out in missions and ends up doing nothing
Sakura is always crying and was always trying to get Sasuke to like her even if he was a huge jerk
Hinata always gets held hostage and practically stalked Naruto
Tenten would actually fight and barely had to have people save her! The other girls try way to hard to get someone to like them but not Tenten. That's one of the reasons why I think there a perfect couple. There always found together and I find LeeTen a terrible couple. There more like brother and sister. Lee is a huge weirdo and Tenten always found him annoying. And Tenten did actually cry for Neji when he died it was in recent episodes. I bet if Neji didn't die then they would have ended up together

In my opinion I think Neji and Tenten are the CUTEST couple in Naruto. There always together. Wherever you turn you always find them next to each other. Tenten respects Neji a lot. When Neji was a jerk and always brought people down he didn't bring Tenten dreams down when she said she wanted to become like the Legendary Sannin, Tsundae. When Neji would always say women aren't as strong as men shonobi Tenten would always tell him he was wrong and he wouldn't fight back after she told him. I also don't think Hinata and Neji are a couple. Why? CAUSE THERE COUSINS that's WHY! ITS DISGUSTING. I also think Lee and Tenten aren't a couple because there like brother and sister. But Naruto and Tenten are not a couple. Just no. I also think Tenten deserves more screen time. She barely gets attention!

Kakashi x Iruka

This is my favorite ship in Naruto! Their chemistry is really cute, and I feel like they would be really good friends if they interacted more in the manga/show. I love the ship art and fanfic, and the prospect of them being a couple is super cute! I love this ship!

OMG! I'm like, the BIGGEST FAN of this pairing! No.1 yaoi pairing from Naruto is SasuNaru, but no.2 is this one! Kakashi x Iruka's chemistry was another reason why I ever decided to watch Naruto anime. I honestly love this pairing!

The arc in which Kakashi and Iruka argued over whether Team 7 should participate in the Chunin Exam or not gave me chills.
These two bond so well over the team, they're like Team 7's parents!

It'd be such a cool pairing...

This should be higher this is one of the cutest ships in my option

Asuma x Kurenai

I liked the mature nature of their relationship. It's subtle but there are scenes in which their care for each other is apparent.

It's a shame what happened, I would've loved to learn more about these two!

Well this was first canon relationship we saw in naruto. Even they don't get much screentime they are so czte and worth watching. Specially trough asumas death we seen so much feeling between them it just made me cry.

This could be the first pairing I've seen from the whole Naruto series I have watched

It's hilarious watching Asuma try to denied he loves Kurenai to his students.

Boruto x Sumire

Boruto deserves someone good, who likes him, who treats him well. Sumire is like that. She always treated him well and trusted him, even if he was a mess. They have everything to be a good couple. The Sumire arch created a great feeling and a great connection between them. I hope you stay together!

Ever since boruto had save sumire all of the fans had blow off and ship them as a couple and also sumire said to sarada that she likes boruto as in she is in love with boruto and I love the way that the had that relationship where when she see boruto and her other classmates together she would say boruto's name first same with boruto they tend to do this all the time with each other

I would like them to be together... They are cool!

I hope they finish together ❤️ So cute!

Gaara x Rock Lee

there contrast in personalitys make a cute ship. Rock lee can be very energetic at times but it might be good for Gaara to have someone who does not look down on him because of the demon inside him.

Hypothetically they are good for each other. There may be a lot of opposites in their characters, but these two can make for a really cute ship.

I actually really like this couple even though Gaara would be better with Sasuke

Was this really a ship? I can't breathe! I don't know why but I think I like this ship

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Naruto x Sasuke

They are made for each other! I have heard from many Naruto fans that even Masashi Kishimoto himself wanted to let Naruto and Sasuke to end up together! But because of those homophobic editors, it wasn't allowed! But now, in this era, homosexual relationships are very much common, so no need to fear about supporting this pairing. Come on NaruSasu/SasuNaru fans, voice your opinions! NaruSasu/SasuNaru makes more sense than SasuSaku, that's why more than half of the population still supports them even if we all know their future endings! There are many strong hints regarding this wonderful couple, but if I start typing them all, then it will take the whole day! Search about NaruSasu in Google and SasuNaru/NaruSasu proofs in YouTube, you'll all get your answers!

they just make a perfect match the chem is way higher than any other ship in naruto, they grew up together and they said always flirt as naruto said to Sasuke ''a world without Sasuke would be like a world without moonlight''. and they were flirting during Boruto, they were fighting together and it was like couple goals the whole time. they just make sense. they are the sun and the moon makes Sasuke have Menma, and cuteness and common sense.

Ha! I love how sasunaru is second most popular with a bunch of comments on it but when narusasu comes into play everyone's just like, 'nope.'

I love the pair together an I still don't see why they aren't together in the series

Konohamaru x Hanabi

I don't know why, but I ship it

They are soo Cute Together , I Wish That They Love Each Other Like Naruto and Hinata.

Sai x Ino

Sasuke belongs to Naruto, Sakura is an exception for Sasuke, so the ones left are Sai and Ino. That's why I ship them, but honestly, they are just the perfect match!

Haha! Its canon baby! They're just too sweet! Even they shipped Ino with Shikamaru... Ino doesn't have interest in Shikamaru nor Shikamaru doesn't have interest in her... I mean that Ino and Sai is so kawaii~! Ino and Sai may not have many moments but I can say that Ino had an interest on him since they met! Too perfect~! They even had a son, Inojin. So kawaii~!

The handsome and The beautiful

They get married!

Yahiko x Konan

YES, JUST YES! Even though there wasn't too much featuring in the series, every time it was featured, IT WAS SO FRICKIN ADORABLE. They both love each other,(even though they haven't really admitted it ;-;), and they've known each other since they were kids. I SHIP THIS SO HARD.

This is the most beautiful pairing in the entire series...why is it so down

Not much screentime but still beautiful

Love his so much

Naruto x Shikamaru

Upvote because any other ship with naruto is better than him with sakura. I hate the nice guy syndrome. People should be with who the like and truly understand as a person

Cute, because Naruto is so "troublesome! "

Ummm... What? Is this really a thing?

love it

Boruto x Sarada

Being Naruto and Sasuke's children, they are the perfect match for each other. I haven't seen any strong hints between Boruto and Sarada till now, but they will definitely end up together in the future. The main reason why they belong together is because of the fact that the chemistry between Naruto and Sasuke is very awesome and realistic, so, being their own children, they have their parent's characteristics and habits. If the bond between Naruto and Sasuke is such a stronger one than any other couples, then BoruSara will definitely work!

How are they not the perfect couple? They are a mixture between the top 3 pairs of the Naruto show! 1.The SasuNaru pairing- they have a relationship much like their fathers. Their different personalities cause them to clash and argue. Though just like with Naruto and Sasuke, the two protect each other and watch over each other. Their bond cannot be described with words. They bring out different sides to each other. The 2.NaruHina pairing- um, hello? Sarada actually did the whole watching over Boruto thing just like Hinata. She watches over him and when he accomplishes his goal, she gets really happy! That's what Hinata used to do. And in chapter 700, we see Sarada following Boruto once again.3. The SasuSaku pairing- when Sasuke was in the village, one thing you always saw, where there was Sasuke, there would be Sakura and vice versa. They were always at each other's side, fighting together and protecting each other. They stood together all the time. We see this with Boruto and Sarada ...more

I absolutely love this couple. They're my favorite so far. It's obvious they both like each other and their development so far is perfect. Also their characters are written well and their personalities actually go pretty well together. My favorite moment with them is when Boruto chases her on the ship. It's so cute. Like honestly so far it wouldn't make sense for them to not be together with all their moments and the little hints.

They really are the best ship so far in my opinion. I ship them more than shikamaru and temari and that's something because as for the original naruto (and shipudden) shikatema is the best couple

Wasabi x Namida
Pein x Konan

I love Konan. Being the only female akatsuki member she was bound to have lots of pairings, but I think Peins the best because he's so mysterious, yet they seem to get along fine, and it seems that she's the only one that understands him.

One of my favorites but it should be yahiko because pein is just corpse of yahiko n nagato is controlling it so technically it is nagato not yahiko n per the anime nagato n konan r just frnds but yahiko n konan have feelings 4 each other...

Konan is the best Naruto girl, and Pain is so handsome and amazing! They're perfect couple!

Uuumh.. Pain? He's none of them.. I like Yahiko and Konan together. Yahiko admitted that he loves Konan. Not Nagato.. they are more like siblings

Naruto x Ramen

Have you ever read that book "The Giving Tree"? I think of Naruto and his relationship with Ramen quite like this. Ramen has such a significant role in Naruto's characteristics and without ramen, I doubt the Naruto we know would be the same.

Ramen was there by Naruto's side when nobody else was. Ramen lead him to Ichiraku, the one restaurant that didn't discriminate against Naruto for his tailed beast.

Ramen provides comfort for Naruto on such a deep and profound level.

Throughout Naruto, no ship has been better developed.
Often times in long running shonun anime, the anime can loose direction because there isn’t one, truly solid goal/love throughout the entire series. One of the things that makes Naruto so great is that it does have this type of consistent, show long theme. There are actually two of them. The first is that right from the beginning, Naruto wants to become Hokage. The second is that Naruto loves ramen.
This ship is an integral part of the show. Naruto’s love for ramen is a subtle yet continuous driving force, and honestly, we all know that this show wouldn’t be the same without Naruto x Ramen.

Move out the way Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata we have the true ship

Shino x Kiba

My OTP in the series. They are just perfect for each other. Always beside one another. They should be higher on the list...

Tsunade x Dan

I think these two are just so perfect together. Tsunade was so sad after he died, and you can really tell they loved eachother.

I don't like this pairing. It feels like Dan was just there to die and make Tsunade's life harder. It sucks.

Obito x Rin

Out of everything that EVER HAPPENED in their lives. Even though Rin's was cut short and with what happened to Obito they both STILL came back to each other. Rin said she'd always watch over him. And she did it and only left to go to the afterlife with ONLY OBITO. Roughly 20 years waiting and for the both of them. For what they feel for each other it was well worth it!

Obito cared more about her than stupid kakashi who first caused obito to almost die and get saved by madara and have to go through rehab and not be able to protect rin from the hidden mist because obviously stupid kakashi can't even after having obitos sharingan so lets look at the facts whos a better guy for Rin
-doesn't care about saving comrades
-Killed obito by freezing up while boulder almost crushes him
-takes his sharingan
-and couldn't keep his promise to protect Rin
-cares about everyone including old people which is why he was always late because he was helping old ladies
-saved kakashis life and Rins
-gave kakashi his sharingan
-tried as hard as he could to get back to Rin and Kakashi but couldn't and devoted the rest of his life to creating a world with Rin in it.

I love the fact that Rin waited for Obito all this time and the fact that Obito never ceased to love Rin more than anything else and anyone else in the world! They are soulmates!. It's thanks to them that I still believe in love. I am so happy that they are together now and forever! I'm so happy that ObiRin is canon!
(Please excuse bad English and have a nice day.)

ObiRin is the most romantic ship in the whole series. Obito did everything, EVERYTHING, just to see Rin again, and I don't think enough people understand what that means. And what was even more beautiful, Rin forgave him without a second thought.

Neji x Naruto

I only support because Hayate and his Anbu girlfriend aren't on the list and because I've seen Episode 3 of Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals.

Was this because of Naruto SD ep40?

Naruto has a thing for the hyuugas

Kakashi x Rin

Kakashi needs someone his own age. If only he didn't kill Rin they could have at least dated. she liked him but he ended up friend zoning her then killing her.

I just love them... Who cares if you ship Rin with Obito and Kakashi with Mei? But I love them, Rin loved Kakashi, just like Sakura loved Sasuke! Obito loved Rin like Naruto loved Sakura before! Obito is overreacting of Rin's death! Kakashi shed tears for her! For the last time... KAKASHI didn't KILLED RIN! IT WAS RIN'S FAULT! IF YOU READ CHAPTER 629 YOU'LL UNDERSTAND! RIN WANTED TO DIE BY THE HANDS OF THE ONE SHE LOVED AND THAT IS KAKASHI! KakaRin forever <3!

If Rin was alive, Kakashi would be different.

I LOVE THESE TWO! I don’t think Obito’s love for Rin was true, it was more like an unhealthy obsession for her. While Obito went on to murder and destroy because of her death Kakashi began to have nightmares and actually canonically developed PTSD over her death. He unlocked the Mangekyō Sharingan when she died and cried for her! This was the first and only time we’ve seen Kakashi cry real tears throughout the entire series! It’s very obvious he cared deeply about her! OBIRIN IS ONESIDED ANYWAYS

Gaara x Ino

They would have made a great balanced couple. Would have loved to see this blossom. Sounds a bit odd, but I think this could have happened.

Honestly, I think this couple is one of those illogical couples where you're just like, "Whaaa?! "

HELL NO he gay or single end of story

Yes. They looks great together.

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