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1 Sasuke x Naruto

Naruto and Sasuke had more ship moments. Naruto and Hinata's love was cute but lacked communication in the beginning. Sakura just seemed like some persistent fan girl. She chased and chased him. She did not bring Sasuke back. Naruto fought to go get that boy. If he did the thing that his brother did to him, wouldn't that put her in a sister relationship? If it had been Naruto, people would say it was. The girls really have an unrealistic love. The only real thing I see is the guys marrying them just for their abilities to make children and the fact homosexuality isn't accept. They both don't seem to be truly in love with their wives.

Come on people it obvious from episode one that this show is about them and their relationship. I mean those two, care for each other more than anyone else in the show... like seriously people half the show is about one chasing the other come hell or whatever. No one will go through that far for a pure platonic best friends and don't try to said otherwise because the amount of pains both physical and mentally that Naruto when through for Sasuke can only be justify by love, and not just any love because normal everyday love would have given up a long time ago, I'm talking about the delusional kind of love that thinks it can change a person. Plus the only name that comes out Naruto mouth more often than not is you guest it Sasuke. The only reason that they are not together is because the Author need to keep on milking the cash cow and needed Naruto to spawn in order to do it nothing more and nothing less. In reality Hinata is an easily replaceable character and the only reason they ...more

I seriously never thought that I would ship these two as romantically but after the final fight you cannot possibly look at me and tell me you don't see the love between them. First of all Sasuke never broke his connection to Naruto he told the sage of six path that he has to cut Naruto down because he still considered him to be his closest friend and rewatching the fight after you see Sasuke feelings it's not hard to put the connection together I mean if some people consider Naruto to be in love with Sasuke what do you think now especially since you know that he felt the same way towards Naruto ever since they were young kids I mean really think about it without Naruto, Sasuke literally had no one else that he cares about, Naruto is the only one that stands in his path of being alone for eternity, He even told Naruto during the fight that he had to fight him because he had to cut him out of his life, Naruto is the one he couldn't stop thinking about when they were little and felt ...more

Just love it man

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2 Naruto x Hinata

Lets see here, we have a girl who was not noticed/ really accepted by her father, almost got killed by her cousin, yet she is smart, strong, shy, kind, sweet, quiet, and pretty but has little screen time with her lover (but the relationship is still pretty clear) or to prove she is all of these things and a boy where he loves ramen, loud, super strong, went through a sad childhood with him having no parents, he is also cute, sweet and pretty funny. I think opposites attract and in this case they did! Hinata and Naruto are really meant to be here; I mean the creator of Naruto even said himself Hinata is one of his favourite female characters in the series(as well as mine! ). And Naruto is obviously going to end up with the creators fave female character; it's just commons sense. Plus I think if people got to see more screen time with them they would see that they are just really cute together! And Hinata is not a stalker- she is just super shy, you can't possibly mistake that for being ...more

They were meant to be together from day one and now they are married with kids!

Come on guys Naruto and hinata are awesome together!

Love them so much! - Naruhina_Lovers

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3 Sasuke and Sakura

...WHY!? This couple makes no sense. In the first part 1 they made more sense (even then there wasn't much besides Sakura's pre-teen obsession like he was an Emo Justin Bieber) but come part 2 there was nothing. Literally, anytime they were on screen together he was either ignoring her, insulting her or attacking her. They are not a healthy couple from either perspective. From Sasuke's he has this girl that he hasn't shown much romantic interest because he had only one thing important to him. She's been obsessed with him since they were pre-teens for only shallow reasons and excepts something more from him when he literally showed nothing towards her and there is no reason for her to lovehim. Sakura's part she hasbeen chasing this boy who has been emotionally and physically distant from her for years and when she's with him, he shows that he couldn't care less if she lives or not. How is this healthy? How is this romantic? Why because he gives one apology after all the stuff he put ...more

This is one of the worst anime shippings ever. - Goku02

Sakura never loved Sasuke. She was obsessed with him. That's why when he left she talked about how SHE would be affected. How SHE would feel. How SHE would cope. She never considered Sasuke's feelings. Her bond was never as strong with Sasuke's like Sasuke's was with Naruto's. It's just a horrible ship altogether.

Naruto noticed Hinata in the chunnin exams. His thoughts on her went from ‘plain, dark weirdo,’ to ‘nice, amazing, people he really likes.” And no. Sasuke never had a soft spot for Sakura. He never cared. Not when she tried to talk to sasuke by picking on Naruto, not when she asked to train with him in the zabuza arc, not when she was worrying about the curse mark he got, not when she bagged him & Naruto not fight, not when she confessed to him, not when she bagged him not to go, not when she bagged him to take her with, not when he knocked her out so she wouldn’t scream & left her on a cold hard bench in the middle of the night, & not when he was chocking, stabbing, calling her so annoying & telling Naruto to let her die. In fact, he showed more attraction to Naruto than he ever did to Sakura. I’ll admit, naruhina was c***pily written in Shippuden, but in the end there was way more development on their relationship than sasusaku.

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4 Minato x Kushina

How is this not higher on the list! They're absolutely beautiful together! And just think, without them there would be nothing!

How can you not love this couple?!?!

Their story is just so moving, beautiful, and strong. Oh the fact that they didn't get to live with their son. *sobbing*

Only pairing that makes sense

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5 Temari x Shikamaru

The only Canon couple that made sense.

These two are the only couple that made proper sense. They are like made for each other. Their relationship is so mutual and they also have really good chemistry. Another good thing is that the two of them are very good strategists and they can understand each other's ideas very well. Shikamaru hidden clearly brings out how well the couple are matched. They are AWESOME!

They're the only couple that actually make sense. Naruto never noticed hinata until later on, sakura was in a abusive relationship with sasuke ( he almost killer her twice or more times), karui never once talked to choji in the manga or anime, sai and ino only talked a couple times( I guess theirs make alittle sense). Shikamaru and temari are the only pairing that you can tell would end up together.


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6 Neji x Tenten

In my opinion I think Neji and Tenten are the CUTEST couple in Naruto. There always together. Wherever you turn you always find them next to each other. Tenten respects Neji a lot. When Neji was a jerk and always brought people down he didn't bring Tenten dreams down when she said she wanted to become like the Legendary Sannin, Tsundae. When Neji would always say women aren't as strong as men shonobi Tenten would always tell him he was wrong and he wouldn't fight back after she told him. I also don't think Hinata and Neji are a couple. Why? CAUSE THERE COUSINS that's WHY! ITS DISGUSTING. I also think Lee and Tenten aren't a couple because there like brother and sister. But Naruto and Tenten are not a couple. Just no. I also think Tenten deserves more screen time. She barely gets attention!

I don't know if it is just because I've never read the manga, but I've never seen these two together. Sure they spent time together but they were teammates. I feel like Neji and Tenten were more like friends and teammates.. The only solid evidence for this shipping is in the tsukuyomi dream she had, and that was AFTER Neji died. I don't know for sure though cause Tenten didn't get enough screen time, and what little she had honestly told us she could secretly love ANY character in the Naruto. But I do think tenten had so much potential as a character and I am sad that her only strong moments were in filler episodes.

YUCK. I hate this pairing. They have a strictly obvious friends-only relationship and they don't even look good together. The only girl for Neji is Hinata. Tenten is a strong girl but pairing her with Neji is just NO in my head.

Cause they are cute lol

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7 Kakashi x Iruka

This should be higher this is one of the cutest ships in my option

They have about as much sexual tension as Sasuke and Naruto - GoldenGoddess51299

Perfect for each other...

People kakashi’s straight he like reads the manga version of playboy magazine like where the h311 do u yaoi obsessed wakos get this from 😕

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8 Naruto x Sasuke

I love the pair together an I still don't see why they aren't together in the series

Ha! I love how sasunaru is second most popular with a bunch of comments on it but when narusasu comes into play everyone's just like, 'nope.'

It would be sooo cute. They were were each others first kiss after all.

I love SasuNaru

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9 Gaara x Rock Lee

I actually really like this couple even though Gaara would be better with Sasuke

Hypothetically they are good for each other. There may be a lot of opposites in their characters, but these two can make for a really cute ship.

Was this really a ship? I can't breathe! I don't know why but I think I like this ship

Lee is straight he got a huge crush on suckura & never showed romantical interest in Gaara. And in any case, gaanaru makes a lot more sense in the end than this.

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10 Naruto x Shikamaru

Ummm... What? Is this really a thing?

Why, just why?

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11 Asuma x Kurenai

This could be the first pairing I've seen from the whole Naruto series I have watched

They should be higher

This is so adorable.


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12 Naruto x Sakura

I really hate how people are saying Naruto deserves better... what Sakura doesn't, Sakura was annoying and not too strong at first and was obsessed with Sasuke. Though she then became strong mentally and physically, in the end Sasuke and Sakura ended up together but don't you think she deserves better Naruto... Naruto was always there for her If she would have opened her eyes she would have realized it before it was to late. I feel Sakura x Naruto is better than Sakura x Sasuke because she also deserves better Sakura is the same as many girls not perfect. Besides whenever Naruto and Sakura fought it was funny. Though I argue with all this they are NOT my number one ship.

This ship has a lot more chemistry than Naruto and Hinata (which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever) though less than Naruto and Sasuke.

Naruto is much better either Hinata. But Sakura is great too. You can tell, Sakura really likes Naruto and Naruto was a huge role model for her. She wouldn't be where she is without him. - LordKeravrium

Here're more NH fans with the same complaints arghh so annoying. I'm tired of "Hinata loves him that's why NaruHina is better than NaruSaku". They never care about Naruto. I saw so much dirt from them about Naruto. He's idiot because he didn't saw how much Hinata loved him. He has bad taste because he called Sakura cute. They protect The Last where he doesn't understand difference between love to ramen and love. This is not my Naruto. My Naruto is the one who found powers to protect the girl he loves from Gaara and Sasuke. Who blushes around her. Who understand why he loves her. Who developed his love to her through all manga not through one genjutsu. And Sakura who always was next to him, believed in his dream, who saved him. Here're my Naruto and my Sakura!

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13 Shino x Kiba
14 Obito x Rin

First of all, Kakashi is not stupid. Rin asked him to kill her. He was only doing what he was asked to do. He was heartbroken too so don't go blamin him. Blame the ninjas who surrounded them. Anyone BUT Kakashi-Sensei

Yes yes yes! So awesome!

I love the fact that Rin waited for Obito all this time and the fact that Obito never ceased to love Rin more than anything else and anyone else in the world! They are soulmates!. It's thanks to them that I still believe in love. I am so happy that they are together now and forever! I'm so happy that ObiRin is canon!
(Please excuse bad English and have a nice day.)

Obito is the most powerful

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15 Sasuke x Hinata

Nah Sasuke is just cold for such a sweet girl. Hinata x Naruto is better!

Never said a word to each other. And Hinata was one of the few girls who took no interest in him. Girls like Ino, Sakura, Tenten, and Karin all spent too much time fangirling over his 'mighty good looks'.

What. NO. Hinata loves Naruto and Sasuke loves Sakura

I love SasuHina! I think they would be so perfect. While, it is true they didn't talk. She's so calm and peaceful, she compliments him so well, and they would have strong and goodlooking kids. Imagine a kid with half byakugan and sharingan. Or since the Uchiha descend from the Hyuga... all the way back to Otsutsuki... if they were to mix they could have something simliar to Kaguya/Hagoromo/Hamura... I'd think closer to an imperfect version of Kaguya then their kid could marry NaruSaku's kid... and get the Uzumaki blood which is a far relative of the Senju... all that power anyway... I think SasuHina would be really perfect... #SasuHina

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16 Neji x Naruto

Was this because of Naruto SD ep40?

17 Shikamaru x Ino

Nah ino better with gaara

Nah Ino's better with Sasuke

This would make sense

They gay for cok

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18 Gaara x Ino

Gaara is a boy who never knew what love is and ino is a girl who has a crush on sasuke they are completely different but they look so good together this is my favorite couple

This is the best couple ever because gaara don't know what love is and ino is in love, they are completely opposite of each other yet they make such a good looking couple

They would have made a great balanced couple. Would have loved to see this blossom. Sounds a bit odd, but I think this could have happened.


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19 Pein x Konan

I love Konan. Being the only female akatsuki member she was bound to have lots of pairings, but I think Peins the best because he's so mysterious, yet they seem to get along fine, and it seems that she's the only one that understands him.

They should be higher too, I mean they're connection was real powerful and cute I mean I cried when they all died

Konan is the best Naruto girl, and Pain is so handsome and amazing! They're perfect couple!

I find this pairing one of the best Naruto couples,Because Pein and Konan are meant to be together ❤!
And since Pein is just Yahiko's body,Konan would feel more near Yahiko! 😉

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20 Kakashi Hatake x Mei Terumi

Both of them would be a better couple. Hope both have feeling to each other.

They would be hot couple

Aw I wish this was cannon

The Mizukage dreams of marrying a powerful shinobi if I remember well.

They have the same age.

I'm sure they'd look cute together.

And we saw international couples wasn't a problem (Shika/Tema ; Chouji/Karui) so why the hell not? - irismatidia

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