Top 10 Nintendo Entertainment System (Nes) Games You Would Most Like to Rate

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1 Super Mario Bros. 3

9/10, this game is overrated personally, but it is still one of the best games on NES. Great graphics, cool level-design, best Mario NES soundtrack, cool power-ups. The only reason why I find it overrated is because, people say the New Super Mario Bros games are worst, but actually, I think they are exactly the same thing but better. Sure they are not original, but they are in my opinion objectively better.

9/10, by far, this is the best Mario game on the NES, it has ton's of new features from the previous 2 games, like Dry Bones, the Tanooki Leaf, and the Koopalings. It has excellent replay value and very difficult compared to other games in the series, however, it is a bit overrated.

In my opinion a perfect 10 the first true sequel to the Super Mario Bros., though most of the levels are pretty sure they were really fun and at times frustrating.

9/10 Impressive considering the NES certainly had some limitations and the power-ups are pretty cool and SMB3 has great level design.

2 Super Mario Bros.

One of the best 2D platformers ever made along with some of the other Super Mario Bros. games. This game started it all. This game made Mario have his huge name in gaming history. If you've never played this game, it is an absolute must. There are many sequels to this game as well, like SMB2, SMB3 and the New Super Mario Bros. games). This game was 100% pure joy to play. Thanks Nintendo for this true classic that will never be forgotten.

I already did a review of that game, and my opinion is about the same. 4/10, I have big respect for it, but it didn't age well with limited continues, and bland level-design. At least it's playable.

9/10, like almost all of the Mario games, this is one of the best games in the NES, while it can be too hard for younger gamers, its an excellent choice to start of gaming.

Super Mario Bros. 1... Super Mario Bros. 1... For now maybe 8/10. I'll explain why in a post.

3 Mike Tyson's Punch -out!!

5/10; while the game is incredibly iconic, extremely innovative, surprisingly funny and also impressively good-looking for an NES game, it also is downright-stupidly easy up until its World Circuit segment and then suddenly becomes practically impossible to beat without save states from there (needless to say, its Nintendo Wii remake is a FAR better option to say the least)

6/10 It has a random massive difficulty spike but it was a good step for boxing games. The controls are pretty solid in this one and it looks good.

8/10, still a great classic, first it starts of easy, but later, it gets extremely hard.

4 Ghosts 'N Goblins

Ghosts 'n Goblins could've been a great early NES game. However, poor controls, advantages that enemies have, and sadistic game planning (when you make it through the game once, you're forced to go back to the beginning and do it again) bring the game down considerably. The interesting thing is... without the extreme difficulty of this game, it would probably be largely forgotten now. There's really nothing that stands out about Ghosts 'n Goblins except how hard it is, and that's why it continues to be played today. The difficulty that has driven countless gamers away from it has also managed to keep this game relevant, and even turn it into a classic, yet infamous, NES game.

5 The Legend of Zelda

3/10, I like the bosses (when you arrive at them with enough health at least), and some secrets are cool to discover, but discovering secrets is very hard, and in fact just progressing normally is too hard. Not to mention the game is way too hard, and healing is a pain in the b***. I respect this game a lot, but honestly it's one of my least favorite game of all time.

I rate it 7/10 it's way too hard and almost impossible to beat without using save states on an emulator. Also some of the secrets are very unfair because the game gives no clue where they are thus it's a matter of trial and error with using the bombs to find secret entrances. But it's still pretty fun to play and an iconic game.

This is definitely one of the best games for the NES and should be given a try by any fan of great games. Try to play it without a walkthrough and I guarantee you won't find everything. Oh, and a tip: When faced with the decision to get a heart container or a health potion: GET THE HEART CONTAINER! Trust me on this one.

9/10 Probably one of the best games for the NES. It let's you adventure all you want and it just has a refreshing feel to it. It controls pretty well too.

6 R.C. Pro-Am

8.5/10. I was hooked on this game for awhile during the late 80’s (88?). The sound effects (screeching tires when taking turns) use to drive my mom crazy so I had to play with the volume really low. Fun racing game for its time.

7 Tecmo Super Bowl
8 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Without the crazy difficulty, there's not much to Lost Levels that SMB1 didn't already do. It's still fun to jump, run and shoot fireballs, stomp goombas and kick koopa shells. But you'll have to wade through quite a bit of unfriendly design to get to the fun, and with there already being a game that offers the fun from the start, it's hard to say if it's all worth it.

6/10. The main problem of Super Mario Bros bland level design, and limited continues are gone, but having to restart from the beginning of the world after a game over while better than having to restart the game from the beginning is still a harsh punishment, and some levels are really hard. Still decent though.

5.5/10 The game is practically the same thing as the last but with different sprites and stuff but it's harder and it's just plain BS sometimes but I do have fun with some of the levels. Not that bad but it could be better.

5/10, outside of different graphics and (ugh, the poison mushroom), it's basically SMB1, expect much harder, not in a good way, however, the first few levels are actually quite fun.

9 Castlevania

Castlevania is, no doubt, a solid action game that deserves a place in everyone's collection. Truth be told, if it were a different game, I most likely would've given it a 7/10. However, as it has a huge historical significance, as well as displaying breakthrough aspect when viewed in context with the games of its age, it deserves that extra point.

10 Contra

Definitely the best non-Mario game on the NES.

Greatest NES game of all time

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11 Double Dragon
12 Super Mario Bros. 2

Great game that's a lot of fun if you can disassociate it from the other Mario games, not necessarily because it's so bad but you'll find yourself disappointed if you expect a similar game to those. A lot of Mario fans will likely cast this game off as too different which is a shame, and it really deserves a fair chance so you can see how fun the game really is. Sure you may not be stomping goombas, but tossing Shy Guys is still lots of fun.

7/10, this game really aged well on many aspects, especially the graphics, but it comes with limited continues, and where Super Mario Bros at least have the excuse of being a early NES games, Super Mario Bros 2 came out after games like Megaman, and Castlevania.

8/10, it may be a reskin of a Japan-only game, but its still fun, and for the first time Luigi isn't a palette swap, like other Mario games for the NES it is an important game, without, iconic Mario enemies like Shy Guys, Pokeys, and Bob-ombs, would not exist.

7/10 I mean I can't give it too high of a rating because it's just a reskin of another game but it's pretty fun to play and it's satisfying when you through that shy guy at the other baddies.

13 Ice Climber

3.0 Not really memorable as as the title implies you play as a climber as you move up the stage avoiding hazards as you reach the end by grabbing the bird, the game gets ridiculously hard as you progress as its super easy to die.

1/10; seriously, HOW did this game's mascot duo make it into Super Smash Bros (Melee, Brawl, and Ultimate) as a playable character team?

6/10 The controls are slippery and it's harder to jump than it needs to be but I still have fun with it.

6/10. The controls are pretty bad, but for what it is, Ice Climbers is cool, pun not intended.

14 Mega Man 3

8/10. All the Megaman games aged so well that it's almost ridiculous, and this game is no exception. This game is especially great in the robot master half of the game, with very good levels, the best pre Megaman 4 weapon selection, the best NES soundtrack I've heard. The second half however, is extremely flawed which prevents it to have a 10 or even 9.

15 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

I wouldn't really say Zelda II is comparable to games like Majora's Mask or A Link to the Past, but it's still not a bad game. The gameplay is nice, I like the RPG system of the game. However I think it could've been less difficult, and the controls are difficult to get used to.

7/10. Difficult game here. But from what I've heard, still very rewarding.

5/10 Too annoying to fight in this one.

16 Dr. Mario

7/10, amazing music, but otherwise it's just a little puzzle game. Simple but effective, just not my cup of tea.

7/10 Decent enough puzzle game.

17 Kid Niki
18 Batman (NES)
19 City Connection
20 Magic Jewelry
21 Track & Field
22 Donkey Kong Jr.

6/10. It is very short, but since it was made for the arcade originally, it's okay, and the level-design is well made.

23 Excitebike
24 Mega Man 2

8/10. The best pre Megaman 4 game of the series, because of how consistent it is compared to 1 and 3 with cool levels and music, but it's also the most overrated game I have ever played, with some pretty bad bosses, the worst weapon selection in the entire classic series, and I have never understood why it's this game, that is the most popular.

Fans of platforming action games will enjoy this one, and Mega Man fans are sure to love it. This game takes all the good parts from MM1 and shapes them into something even better without sacrificing the personality and unique identity that made the first game feel so serious and important compared to many other action games of the time.

9/10, a great game in the series, with great level design, unforgettable music, and pretty fun.

25 Battletoads
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