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1 Holy Cow Entertainment

The best comics team in India right now and easily the most creative of them all. It's not only their stories and art work that have given me a good time, their customers are among the happiest lot when it comes to customer service & direct interaction with us. God bless Holy Cow Entertainment.

Very creative! Thought provoking concepts...definitely a true leader in comic book publishing in India. All the best!

Started - May 2011, over 10 titles published (including critically acclaimed series Ravanayan). Going monthly next year! - Trendster

Love the work they've done. Really happy for the entire team. Looking forward to lot more great books from them.

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2 Campfire Graphic Novels

Campfire is a graphic novel publisher, based in New Delhi, India. Specialization - Biographies, Teen, Moral Stories for kids, Mythology. First set published - December 2008 - Trendster

It took part in New York comic con.

3 Vimanika Comics

They are doing an awesome job to create awareness our mythological entities and stories with use of fantastic artwork.Some stories are great mixture of fictional characters and mythological stories. - sumitsinha2000

Founded on April 2008 in Mumbai. Vimanika Comics publishes Comics & Graphic Novels based on Indian Mythology. Few popular issues translated in various foreign languages. - Trendster

Awesome mix of mythology in new age stories.

Honestly I've read maximum comics of this publication only (out of all the publishers in the poll), that's why I'm voting for Vimanika.
Also, their comics are quite great

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4 Fenil Comics

Fenil comics is not only comic but it is great efforts of a comics lover and a good thinkers.

Officially started - 2011 with 4 Comics and few online mini Poetic Comics published till date and projects in pipeline including animation, T.V. series, Clothing line etc. - Trendster

Slow and steady wins the race, That is Fenilcomics.

5 Level 10 Comics

Multiple titles, a defunct magazine "Jump" the company now publishes in digital format only. (Founded - April 2010) - Trendster

6 Yali Dream Creations

One of the top comic book companies in India with original story telling.

Advent of something very promising that is Yali Dream Creations

First comic "Dynast:The Rise of Bherek White" published in December 2011, initially focused on digital platforms for distribution of Graphic Novels gradually expanding its network & titles. - Trendster

The Caravan first rocked, and we hear the news of Devi Chaudharani next. Can't wait.

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7 The Beast Legion

Great story and awesome artwork, everyone should be reading this!

Easily one of my favorite comics to keep track of!

Good story and sketches

Great work bro keep it up ^_^

8 World Comics India (Grassroots Comics)

Where is my author attached comment...anyways, WCI, a Movement started in late nineties but NGO registered almost after a decade later. A lot of hardwork done by volunteers in rural-remote areas to spread awareness with easy to understand comics. Grassroots Comics also publishes research based comics by Mr. Sharad Sharma and his team or guest artists. - Mohit Trendster - Trendster

Started in late 90s but registered as an NGO later. Comics focusing on social issues and simple pictorial instructions to reach out to rural-remote areas in an effective way. - Trendster

9 Pop Culture Publishing

Sister Concern company of Comic Con India. Founded - 2010 - Trendster

10 Chariot Comics

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11 Freelance Talents

This company is full of talented yet underrated creatives. Kudos to their capabilities.

- Karan Virk

12 Raj Comics

If you need a reason to know why this company should be voted, you are not eligible to vote here. Raj Comics or RC (as it is called) is a living legend among Indian publishing. It is a ship that has gone through the test of the storms thrown at it by the sea, and yet it emerged glorious as ever. RC is the name that gave birth to the most recognizable, iconic and inspiring Indian Superheroes. This, is the company that is making the country proud.

It's the best company on any list.

Awesome work has been done by anupam sir, manish sir and sanjay sir.

Raj Comics' best-known characters include Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Doga, Parmanu, Shakti, Inspector Steel and Tiranga

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13 ROVOLT Entertainment
14 Comix.India

Regularly published anthology of theme based Comics by various contributors. (Started - March 2010) - Trendster

15 Meta Desi Comics

Definitely one of the most innovative of the new publishers - should get more recognition and appreciation from real comic fans!

16 Yomics
17 Manta Ray Comics

An indie publisher of comics & graphic novels, Manta Ray is based out of Bangalore, India. (Started - June 2010) - Trendster

THE most well written and illustrated comics from India!

18 TBS Planet Comics

Indian Comics Studio. Home of Superheroes - Ved, Varun, Karma, Yug etc. Official Comics partners for Bollywood Movies like Shivaay and A Flying Jatt.

19 Muthu Comics

British & American Comics in Tamil since 1972

20 Red Streak Publication
21 Nogrej
22 Lotus of Saraswati
23 Liquid Comics
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