Top 10 Reasons Why Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig Are the Worst Shows On Nickelodeon

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1 They have too much butt-humor in both of their shows

You Americans should really get a grip on reality. BUTTS ARE BUTTS, GET OVER IT! They're not inappropiate
Come to Britain and meet butt T.V. at it's greatest.

What's wrong with butt humor

Paw patrol is better

2 They rip-off each other and then they rip-off great shows like Regular show and Adventure Time

Don't forget SpongeBob! Sanjay and Craig ripped it off with the episode "Heightmare" which ripped off Roller Cowards, Breadwinners rips off SpongeBob with various episodes! The culprits are:

Thug Loaf (ripped off Born to Be Wild)
Mine All Mine (ripped off Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II)
Stank Breath (ripped off Something Smells)
Frog Day Afternoon (ripped off Rock-a-Bye Bivalve)
Brocrastination (ripped off Procrastination, right down to the title)
Employee of the Month (ripped off the episode of the exact same name)
Rocket Trouble (ripped off Imitation Krabs and Planet of the Jellyfish)
From Bad to Nurse (ripped off Squid Baby)
Quazy for Vanessa (ripped off That's No Lady)
Driver's Breaducation (ripped off Boat Smarts)
Switcheroo (ripped off SquidBob TentaclePants)
Insane in the Crane Game (ripped off Skill Crane)

A Fake Animation That makes Peppa Pig Pretty Good Work which is BAD.

What I think is :

Sanjay=total ripoff of Finn
SwaySway=total ripoff of Mordecai

3 SwaySway and Buhduece are green anthropomorphic frogs more than ducks

They don't look anything like ducks. They don't even look like frogs. I don't know what they look like. I still can't believe they're actually ducks.

Thy don't look like anything. They look like retards.

What species are they? Are they frogs or ducks?

They are to green

4 Both are retarded
5 Badly animated and ugly character designs

Sanjay and Craig's animation was fine but the character designs,humors, and the plots are very horrible. Meanwhile, Breadwinner's animation is terrible along with the 3 things (repeat at the first sentence).

Those animated series look like "tyrants" to most viewers making Fanboy and Chum-chum in much higher level without CGI.
(Fanboy and Chum-chum has terrible character design and animation/graphics).

The animation makes The Fairly OddParents look like Picasso's artwork.

Everyone is ugly in both shows, even Penny is kind of ugly too.

Both shows' animation is horrible!

6 They abuse butt-humor jokes in the wrong way
7 Ducks cannot eat bread they may get sick or die, basically the Breadwinners fly around in a ugly van abusing ducks with their horrid bread
8 The creators who created both shows

The people who created both shows are morons

9 They give bad names to American Cartoons and animation as a whole

Shows with too much toilet humor and retarded jokes like this give cartoons a bad name! It also makes Johnny Test look like Total Drama (my favorite cartoon). That's why I watch less cartoons and more dramatic live-actions such as Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf and The Tommorow People.

They also give a bad name to Canadian shows.

10 This show makes Uncle Grandpa look genius

I hate all 3 shows. They are terrible, and they seem like if Cartoon Network fired J.G Quintel and realized their mistake and couldn't get him back for Regular Show, so they had to make these disgusting shows.

More like it makes uncle grandpa look like the best show ever.

Yup, butt humor all over both shows.

I heart Uncle Grandpa

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11 These shows are not for children

Yeah no wonder you put that one on the way to much butt humor is not funny it's disturbing

,Love Loaf is super disturbing. Believe it or not, in Germany, Buhdeuce said Sway Sway wants to share his BED with Jenny Quackles.

12 Ketta and T-Midi are the only likable characters on Breadwinners

Ketta is Way Mature but SwaySway and Buhdeuce they are dumb and I THANK the PizzaWinners RUINING their BREAD DELIVERIES.

I hate all breadwinner characters

Yup. The only likable characters.

13 There are no likable characters on Sanjay and Craig

This show looks looks like Bob's Burgers.

Yeah, Uh Belle Pepper anyone

14 Twerking

At least only the boys do it.

15 A lot of potty jokes
16 Both are inappropriate

I Honestly Having A Hard Time Deciding Which Show Is The Most Inappropriate Out Of The Two Is It Breadwinners Or Sanjay & Craig?

More inappropriate than Regular Show's Swearing

Sanjay and Craig is more inappropriate

17 The voice acting is terrible on both shows
18 Both are disgusting
19 Character animation makes you feels sorry for ducks

Yeah lets not forget the animation is bad that swaysway and buduce don't even look like ducks they look like frogs

20 These shows make Teen Titans Go! like Citizen Kane!
21 Both are ugly
22 They're extremely stupid
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