Top Ten Shows That Should Be Created for Nickelodeon

These are cartoons me and my friend had come up with. I wish these would be on Nick, as these could help that network get good again.
The Top Ten
1 John's World

A show about four boys named John, Seth, Tim Tim and Jack. It is the first T.V.-PG rated Nicktoon. - KalloFox34

2 The Fran Brothers

A sadistic, greedy pig; a dimwitted yet good-natured raccoon; and a hyperactive and psychotic cat live as brothers in Brooklyn. Rated T.V.-Y7 - KalloFox34

3 Teenagers

Not a bad idea, this reminds me of that old British comedy "The Young Ones" (with the exception of it taking place in 2028.) - Rocko

A group of young teenagers (four are 16 years old, one is 17 years old) go on adventures together, such as getting out of detention, cult summoning, intergalactic space war, and SO much more! The story takes place in 2028. Rated T.V.-PG - KalloFox34

4 Mythos

Mythos is a series involving a someone named Marshall, He has fallen into the Mythos Universe. what will become of him if he doesn't escape? Takes Place: 2012 ADDS (Advanced Dewey Decimal System). Rated T.V.-Y7-FV - KalloFox34

5 Friends Don't Let Friends

The wild and crazy antics of a stoic, sharp-tongued young man named Nate; his angry but sweet-natured friend Bill; the eccentric but intelligent Jerry; and the nice and sane one, named Carlos. Watch and laugh as they hang around places like fast food restaurants, casinos and get themselves into insane and hilarious situations in this hysterical Black Comedy slapstick workcom. Rated T.V.-PG - KalloFox34

6 Grim Weeper

After a high-school scientist named Cower Woodrow accidentally releases a depressed Grim Reaper onto Earth after reading a chant out loud on the internet (he didn't think it would work), it's up to him and his friend Nirvaga Ghoxt to stop the homicidal "Grim Weeper" from killing everyone. On a side note, he must stop the school bully/evil genius Gridson Billy, the Vista (a giant cantankerous lizard from across the universe) and the Mecha-Vista from encouraging him. Rated T.V.-Y7-FV - KalloFox34

7 Different Way

Why does the title make me think of that idea on that season 10 list about peeing into someones mouth? - PageEmperor

The adventures of four friends: Wes, Xavier, Krystal and Veena in their travels across the world as they visit various countries and check out their cultures. Rated T.V.-PG - KalloFox34

8 Battle to Magic World

The series follows Jeff Dreay, a 19 year old worker at Magick Corporation Unlimited, the lead producers of white magic. However, the deranged lunatic, Lord Pluto [AKA Sir Vinny Skullsmasher] attacks the company, Magick Corporation Unlimited. It's up to Jeff and his office mates to save the Land Of Qinestil by defeating all the magic takers that prowl the land. Takes place in an alternate reality where magic is real, in the year 2046. Rated T.V.-Y7-FV - KalloFox34

9 Watch to the Past

When a 15-year-old orphaned girl, Evelyn, gets ahold of an antique golden watch, she soon discovers more than she bargained for, trapped in the past. Can she get her parents back and save them from the monster who murdered them? Rated T.V.-PG - KalloFox34

10 Sketchy, Sketch Sketch!

A Nickelodeon sketch series in the vein of Robot Chicken, but for kids. Rated T.V.-Y7-FV - KalloFox34

The Contenders
11 A New Pokemon Show
12 Funny Fart Show

Uh no..we don't really need another show about farts and butts

Rename it, How Nick Failed and then we'll talk. - Drawbox

The main character is called farty and farts a lot and makes funny jokes about farts

13 Meet the Team!

11 people play soccer together, and all have different stories, not sure how this could work though.
Sebastian - Sebastian is the main goalkeeper who is the star of the team, in an episode, he gets injured, for a month and the team is forced to play without him. He is best friends with Aaron.
Dylan - Dylan is the Left-Back of the team, he always wants the ball to be passed to him, even if he’s in a terrible position.
Jesse and Michael - Jesse and Michael are both twins, who both play centre-back. Despite their similarities, they often argue.
Parker - Parker is the Right Back of the team, he is quick, but very clumsy.
Phillip - Phillip is a midfielder, who has a long boot, but not an accurate one.
Walter - Walter is another midfielder, who is always getting distracted.
Marcus - Marcus is also a midfielder, who is shy to call for the ball, even though he’s a good positioner.
Mike - Mike is a winger who tries hard to stay away from ...more - FremantleDockers

14 Wolverine and the X-Men Wolverine and the X-Men is a 2009 American animated series by Marvel Animation. It is the fourth of five animated adaptations of the X-Men characters, the other four being Pryde of the X-Men, X-Men: The Animated Series, X-Men: Evolution, and an anime adaptation known simply as X-Men.
15 Power Rangers: The Animated Series
16 Sanjay and Craig the Explorers

Its just like dora the explorer but with sanjay and craig

17 Dreamy Genie

When a 15 year old boy's parents suddenly go missing after spending the night at a bar for New Year's, he unearths a lava lamp from their closet as a memento. He accidentally rubs it, and a genie comes out. But when he tries to wish for his parents to come back, it turns out that they are dead (the genie can't bring back the dead) and the two must go on a soul journey to find loopholes in the rules and revive them. - KalloFox34

18 Girly Cow
19 Space Trek Babies
20 Mario Kart the Show
21 Fortnite: The Show
22 Dora the Explorer Misadventures
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