Top Ten Nightmare Before Christmas Characters

I can not believe no one has made ​​this list that are wrong

The Top Ten

1 Oogie Boogie Oogie Boogie

The most underrated Disney villain, really enjoyed the ong all the way through - iliekpiez

Honestly, I don't even consider him a Disney villain because if I did, he'd be my favorite Disney character overall. I consider him a Tim Burton character and those are all amazing compared to Disney people. The only "Disney" villain I adore is Clayton from Tarzan and Oogie Boogie is my other absolute favorite. - PrinceZarbon

2 Jack Skellington Jack Skellington

Jack has a cool plasma knife or sword in the game version of the feature film of course 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. Found it cool! - iliescu

He’s a Disney icon. I see a lot of his merchendice come out around Christmas and Halloween. (Oogie has no merch).

This result 3 as you want, if you want to upload

Jack is the best! - Goku02

3 Dr. Finkelstein
4 Santa Claus

Well, he is the essential element in any other movie, so respect

5 Sally Skellington
6 The Devil

Yes, yes, the devil appears here but people do not remember

7 Zero

Ghost Dog is good to see

8 Monster Under The Bead

I am honestly baffled that the monster under the bed that was in literally not even a minute of the movie is this is higher than Sally.

9 Mayor of Halloween Town

This boi doesn’t get enough love

10 Scary Teddy

The Contenders

11 Lock, Shock & Barrel

How is the wolfman and scary teddy in front of Lock Shock and Barrel? They are definitely the best characters. And kidnap the sandy claws was the best song.

These three are my favourite characters! Kidnap the sandy claws was awesome, their reactions to each other's sometimes childish decisions, and just their personalities! Shock being a bossy boots, lock acting as if he's the leader, and barrel, the clever one to decide they're not following jack rule of NO OOGIE BOOGIE!

12 Wolfman
13 Harlequin Demon
14 Behemoth
15 Clown with the Tear Away Face
16 Igor
17 Monster Under the Stairs
18 Easter Bunny


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