Top Ten Nightmare Before Christmas Characters

I can not believe no one has made ​​this list that are wrong

The Top Ten

1 Jack Skellington Jack Skellington

Jack has a cool plasma knife or sword in the game version of the feature film of course 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. Found it cool! - iliescu

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Jack is the best! - Goku02

He’s a Disney icon. I see a lot of his merchendice come out around Christmas and Halloween. (Oogie has no merch).

2 Oogie Boogie Oogie Boogie

The most underrated Disney villain, really enjoyed the ong all the way through - iliekpiez

3 Santa Claus

Well, he is the essential element in any other movie, so respect

4 Sally Skellington
5 Zero

Ghost Dog is good to see

6 Monster Under The Bead

I am honestly baffled that the monster under the bed that was in literally not even a minute of the movie is this is higher than Sally.

7 Scary Teddy
8 Dr. Finkelstein
9 The Devil

Yes, yes, the devil appears here but people do not remember

10 Lock, Shock & Barrel

These three are my favourite characters! Kidnap the sandy claws was awesome, their reactions to each other's sometimes childish decisions, and just their personalities! Shock being a bossy boots, lock acting as if he's the leader, and barrel, the clever one to decide they're not following jack rule of NO OOGIE BOOGIE!

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